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Note: These suggestions may seem to be bordering on paranoia, but it doesn't cost anything to be cautious. Don't take chances when your mental, physical and emotional health could be at risk.

Do what's right for you, but consider these or similar suggestions very seriously before agreeing to meet someone for BDSM activity for the first time. Any Dom/me or sub who is reputable and trustworthy should have no problems with these or similar procedures, and if they do, perhaps that should be a warning signal that they are not what they appear to be.

The following information should be given to the person(s) receiving your safe calls:
  • Your full name
  • Your home address and phone number
  • Make, model, color, and license plate number of your car if you are driving yourself, or
  • Detailed information (flight numbers and times, rental car information, etc.) if you are using other transportation
ALL the information you have on person you are meeting, including:
  • Their full name and screenname(s) or logon ID(s)
  • Their address and phone number(s)
  • Their age, description, any and all information you have on the person you are meeting.
Pass on to your safe call person(s):
  • Where you are meeting
  • The name of place you are meeting
  • The address of the meeting place, including room number (if applicable) and phone number (if you do not have it ahead of time, give it during first phone call)
  • When you are meeting - time and date
  • The phone number for the local police in the town you are meeting
Be sure to have agreed and understood codewords for your safe call, one indicating that everything is ok, and one indicating that you need help.
  • The first phone call should be made within 15 minutes of the established meeting time.
  • The second phone call should be made within 30 minutes after the first.
  • The third phone call should be made within 2 hours after that or before leaving the place of the meeting, whichever comes first.
  • The fourth phone call should be made within 30 minutes of leaving the meeting.
  • If the meeting lasts longer than 3 hours, phone calls should be made no less than every 2 hours apart until you part company... then proceed with the departing call and the last call.

These files are presented for general information only and are not meant to be a "how-to" guide.
As with anything, what works for someone else may or may not work for you.
Use common sense when exploring new relationships of any type.

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