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Are you a writer? Send in your story if you'd like it to be seen on the web!


  • Bondage, BDSM, D/s or fetish stories only, please. Explicit is fine, but please keep the action within a plot or storyline
  • Please do not use full names of real people
  • Stories should be around 10-20k filesize. Please separate into multiple parts if longer and include together in a .zip file
  • Stories can be pasted into email, or attached to email in .txt or .doc file formats only
  • .exe or any file format other than .txt or .doc (or .zip containing only .txt or .doc files) will NOT be opened - do not send them. Viruses or other spam will be forwarded to your ISP
  • Submit one story only. If you have more, please give a brief description of what else you have in your email.. we'll get back to you if interested

  • You MUST include with your story the following statement:

    ------------- cut and paste the following section -------------
  • All information is confidential

  • I certify that I am the writer of and that I hold the copyright for the attached story, filename: __________________ (fill in)

  • I certify that I am at least 18 years of age (and at least the age of consent where I live), and that I can and will provide proof of age if requested

  • I understand that if this story is included in the Wizdomme Pages it may be edited at the sole discretion of Wizdomme Pages, but I will have approval over edits made

  • If this story is used in the Wizdomme Pages, I would like my email address (as entered below) to be included with the story
    Yes _______     No _______ (check one)

  • If this story is used in the Wizdomme Pages, I would like my name to be included as "Submitted by" with the story
    Yes _______     No _______ (check one)

    If yes, show name as: (fill in) _____________________________
    (Your first name, full name, nickname or screenname. Sorry, no URLs at this time. If name is not filled in, or is obviously false, "Anonymous" will be used)

  • I understand that submission of this story does not guarantee that it will appear in the Wizdomme Pages

  • Whether or not this story is used in the Wizdomme Pages, I understand that it will not be returned to me; but that it will not be sold, published on any site other than Wizdomme Pages, or otherwise distributed by Wizdomme Pages without my express permission

  • I understand that if this story is used in the Wizdomme Pages that it may be downloaded, reproduced or distributed by anyone reading it, and that I will not hold Wizdomme Pages responsible for any damages that may result from any unauthorized reproduction or distribution

  • If anyone else claims and proves that they hold the copyright for this story, I will be responsible for any legal costs, criminal proceedings, or other actions incurred as a result of my false claims

  • I will not hold Wizdomme Pages responsible for any false claims made by me in this statement

    Signed: (type your full legal name)


    My Email address: (must be the same email used to submit your story)

    ----------------- cut and paste to here -----------------

Complete the above statement and email with your story to submit@wizdomme.com

If your story is used, you'll be notified by email with its URL


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