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By Mistress Northern Beauty

The telephone rang at exactly 7:00 a.m. as it did everyday. Hearing the sound that awakens me daily, my hand lifting to my tired eyes, rubbing them quickly as my other hand reaches for the telephone. Just as my hand sets on the phone the click that She does not want to hear happens, "hello, you have reached 555-7789," my heart racing knowing She will not be pleased and oh how it hurt my heart to hear Her voice with that disappointment shrilling through and down my spine. Ripping the phone from the receiver, trying to catch my breath as I quickly say, "Good Morning Mistress, your girl hopes You slept well." Silence the dreaded Silence is thundering as I hear Her breathing into the phone. In a whimpering voice, "please Mistress your slave is sorry for not getting to the phone faster, I know that it does not please You my Mistress and it was not done intentionally, but the cat knocked the receiver off onto the floor." More Silence it was deafening, the one thing that makes my ears ring.

Suddenly "slave!!" Her voice echoing throughout my entire body. Hearing Her knowing she is not happy and thinking it was one ring of the phone and it could not be helped. In a curt voice answering Her slave saying, "yes Mistress, I am listening." CLICK!! empty air, no more breathing sounds, no more anything, She is gone!! Trying to catch my breath setting the phone down laying my cheek down on the pillow as tear drops begin to fall softly off my cheeks.

Time passes and still nothing, oh what shall I do, will She call back? will she call me at work? should I get ready for work? should I kneel and wait for Her? oh dear what should I do? Confused, so many things running through my mind unsure what to do. Holding my hands tightly to my chest looking to the floor as my mind prays and wishes She would contact me somehow.

SLAM!!!!! SLAM again!!!!!!

Leaning down as My hand finds My slaves head of blonde tresses, closing My long fingers feeling her silken hair as My forearm tenses pulling upward rising My slut to her feet. Feeling her breath quicken as it drifts to My bared shoulders. Looking in her eyes I cannot see the ocean blue color as they are cast to My feet. Moving My long fingernails to her chin lifting her eyes to Mine. Before she knew what was going on the blindfold was on and her darkness began.

"slave put your hands up in the air." A soft whisper, "yes Mistress." Reaching taking, binding her wrists in the cold steel as My hands reach upward taking the chain firmly in Mine as I pull her towards the wall. Pressing her firmly against the wall a soft yelp is heard as the coldness of the wall presses against the heated flesh of her wanton flesh. Pulling her upward attaching the chain to the hook in the wall just high enough that it keeps her on the tips of her toes.

Walking away to My bag reaching in getting the spreader bar turning back to My slave wrapping the leather around her ankles ensuring its placement to keep her legs extremely wide apart. Taking a step back as I stop to look at My property spread and bound to the wall. Wickedly chuckling as I take the clover clamps placing them on her erect nipples, letting the chain go it falls softly between her full breasts. Walking forward pulling the weight open attaching it to the clamps watching her nipples stretching downward. Reaching back into My bag and turning bending slightly downward as My hand spreads her glistening lips pulling them taunt as My other hand presses the silver apart and closing it against her swollen clit. Looking up watching her reaction, seeing her white sparkling teeth quickly dart from her pink lips softly biting her bottom lip. Taking the silver chain from My belt running it through My fingers as I run it through the nipple clamps one at a time and downward to the chain dangling between her sweet pussy. "Click" as the chain is attached forming a circle holding all clamps together in the "pulley" action of the chains and her every movement.

Pressing My body firmly against My slut's body I whisper, "be careful how you move girl and I hope this is a reminder to move when it is important."

Time goes on... returning to the bedroom her eyes meet Mine instantly. My eyes meeting hers as I survey her body seeing her purple nipples as the chain has been pulled along her body making scratches from her nipples to her swollen wet clit. The wetness along the chain and clamp her body trembling from the imprisonment. Slowly seeing her tongue linger tracing her lips moistening them a soft sound emits from them, "Mistress, your girl begs for your forgivemess." Looking deeply into her eyes, "In the future, whose voice is it I wish to hear when I call?" Whimpering as the chain is yanked tightly upwards by My hand, "mine Mistress, your slave's voice, your slut's voice, oh Mistress your property's voice." Letting go of the chain seeing her body soften and begin to relax her breathing slowing.

Moving towards her as My knee lifts, My high heel sets down between her open legs. Raising My hand as I begin to flick her wanton swollen clit as it peeks from the clamp. Finding the chain pulling on it slightly, a deep cry from within her throat is heard, back arches, eyes closing, pressed together, gasping for air as the pain rushes from her clit to each nipple. "Mistress oh my Mistress, oh good gawd, Mistress." A soft chuckles escapes My ruby red lips, "Oh My slave I just love when you answer Me with such speech." Spinning on My heels, clicking as I leave her once again. Looking back to her, "We will have to try that again and see how well you do. For now My slave you will wait and I am sure when I ring, you shall Answer."

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