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The Black Box

By Bella-Marie Devlin aka PureDevl
Excerpted from the CD book Black Velvet Gloves
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Reprinted with permission

She glanced at the bed and saw the note he had left. It sat atop a clothing box wrapped in black shiny paper with a red leather rose taped to the top. Her hands began to sweat a bit and her heart sped up as her excitement became almost over-whelming.

She picked up the note and sat on the corner of the four poster bed and carefully unfolded it. She began to read it slowly and carefully, not wanting to miss any of the details he had included.

It read...


Tonight is a special night for us and I want you to do as I tell you without thought or reservation. The trust we have built has all been toward this aim and this beginning for us.

Under this note you see a box wrapped in black. The red leather rose is a special gift for you. Smell its bouquet and sit and enjoy its beauty and aroma. I sprayed it with a mix of rare oils, biblical in their origin. Lie back on the bed and just hold it, feel its softness and also its strength. It reminds me so much of you: Your outer softness, and your inner strength, which has allowed you to submit to me totally.

The perfume is as I said a mix of rare oils. The aroma is pungent but sweet and very alluring. Again it reminds me of you. Your sharp and clever tongue and wit being the pungent over-coating that once penetrated is followed by a sweetness underneath that few can forget. Both parts of you mixed together giving you that alluring quality that I've never experienced before....

She lay back on the bed, putting the note beside her and held the rose in her hands. She touched the petals, felt their softness, pulled at the petals and realized their strength. She brought the rose to her nose and inhaled deeply, devouring the pungent fragrance and immediately she began to ache for his touch, her body responding along with her mind.

She closed her eyes and thought of him: The time they had spent together getting to know each other, the closeness they shared, the trust they had built. She opened her eyes and looked at the rose one last time, got out of the bed, lay the rose down and picked up the note again.

Now that you know why I treasure you so, I want you to open the box. Inside you will find the items I want you to wear tonight and also you will find the rest of the directions.

Before you open the box I want you to think though. Think of all that we have been through, how long we waited to find each other and I want you to think of what you have given me. How proud I am to own you and how I treasure every moment we spend together. I know I don't tell you this often but I Love You, Pet.

I want you to know how much your submission means to me. How much I know you had to overcome to give yourself to me completely and that is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Now go and open the box!!! I know you are dying to find out what lays ahead for you this beautiful night.

Your Master

She carefully refolded the note and held it loosely in her hand. She wanted to add it to all the little notes and cards he had given her. She kept them all as treasures in a small wooden box with a heart shaped lock.

She first looked at the box then slowly picked it up and shook it lightly. Not a sound, nothing. The black shiny paper that covered it was folded perfectly and she looked around for something to slit the tape with so it wouldn't tear. She spotted a letter opener on the desk and began to dissect it carefully: first one end of the paper, then the other. She cut the bottom of the wrapping and the black paper fell away from the box, almost as if it were on a spring. She picked it up, folded it carefully, and placed it under the note.

Her heart began to beat faster as she reached to lift the lid from the box. It was still a while before she would see him, but they both loved to begin an intense session hours before. He knew this box would begin it for her and she in a way knew that he was sitting in his office thinking about her at this moment opening the box, so for him it had begun as well.

Sitting on top of rose-colored tissue paper was a note card, this one with a yellow rose etched on its cover. Her hands trembled as she lifted the cover and began once more to read what he had written.

Hello again My Pet:

I know by now you are almost out of control wanting to reach inside this box and see what it holds, but not yet. I want you to do something for me first. I know you are smiling now and I know what you are thinking, "he is going to torture me!!!" You are right My Pet I AM!!!

First I want you to turn on the stereo, find some nice relaxing music. Then I want you to run a bath, nice and warm, as warm as you can stand it Pet. Put some bath oils in it, vanilla would be nice, you know how I love when you smell like vanilla.

Then I want you to slowly submerge yourself in the warm water, lay your head back against your bath pillow and think of each part of your body, beginning with your neck and working your way down to your toes. Think of it as my body, belonging to me and that I can do anything I want with it. When you get to your nipples think of me sucking, pulling, and twisting them. When you get to your pussy, think of me torturing it with clamps, electricity, and my tongue. Don't rush, go slowly, and take your time. You know what I enjoy to do with you. Think about all of that and think about things yet to come.

So go now My Pet and do as I say, then come back and maybe I will allow you to pull back the rose tissue and see what awaits you.

She lay the note card down and moved to the stereo. He was right the tension was great and she knew the next few minutes would be torture. What made it worse is that she also knew she couldn't cum. If it had been allowed he would have said it and there was no mention. He had designed this to torture her and to take her as close to the edge as she could get.

She moved to the bathroom and turned on the water, touching it, as it flowed down, until it was almost too hot to stand. She leaned down and pushed the plug in and watched the tub begin to fill, mesmerized by the tranquil sound and movement of the water. She reached for the bath oils and poured a dash of vanilla into the water, and watched as it dispersed in the water and inhaled deeply as the aroma wafted up with the water's steam.

Giving the large garden tub time to fill, she got up and went to the stereo, carefully picking out a CD that would hopefully help her relax out of her already aroused state. She could hardly concentrate thinking about what was to come this evening. She knew once she stepped foot in that bath that in reality the evening would begin.

She went back into the bathroom and turned the faucets off, tested the water once more and stepped in slowly. The temperature was almost unbearable, but she began to lower her body into it anyway, the heat sending chills through the parts of her body that weren't covered.

She lay down in the tub and submerged her whole body, up to her neck in the near scalding water and let out a breath of air as her body temperature adjusted. She laid her head back and closed her eyes letting the heat totally engulf her.

Picking up the soap her body began to tingle with anticipation and excitement. She closed her eyes and began washing herself at her neck. As she did she pictured each part of her body and thought of him and how each part belonged to him. The thought of him owning her body excited her. The thoughts of him being able to do whatever he wanted or needed to her almost drove her beyond control.

She moved slowly down to the center of her chest, running the cloth between her breasts and over each one: The cloth touching her nipples made her moan loudly and she wiggled in the tub. She moved it away before something happened that she couldnít repress.

Traveling down her stomach and between her legs the warm, soapy water felt better than it had in a long time. Her hips lifted automatically into the cloth and she didnít know if she would be able to stand much more of this torture.

She quickly sat up and moved it down her legs and to her feet, stopping at each joint and reminding herself that each part of her was his: Each knee, each ankle, each toe, all his for as long as he wanted them.

Upon finishing she laid the cloth aside, got up and turned on the shower to rinse her body off.

The pulsating of the water of the shower head running the soap down her now clean body and preparing her for him and what was to come. She moved it between her legs, drew in a breath, she moved it away quickly and turned the water off.

Stepping out of the shower and toweling herself off she thought about the box on the bed. She didnít remember any more notes. She knew she had read the one on top of the paper in its entirety and wondered how she was supposed to know when she could open it.

She went back into the bedroom still naked with some droplets of water still on her back and legs. She sat on the bed and looked at the box: Nothing but the rose-colored tissue paper covering his gift to her.

She sighed out of frustration more than anything and she waited. She began to fidget and had trouble not thinking about what lay beneath the tissue paper. She was obsessed with knowing and opening it. She lay back in the bed and tried to not think about it, nothing worked, not even thoughts of him.

The ringing phone jerked her away from her thoughts and she grabbed it on its second ring, almost breathless with anticipation.

"Hello," the word came out quietly and slowly.

"Hello Pet." His deep voice came from the other end.

"Master!!!" Her excitement was overwhelming and she felt new moisture forming between her legs.

"Pet did you follow my instructions so far?"

"Yes Master, exactly as you told me to." The excitement continued to make her wetter and wetter. She looked down and saw her nipples stretching and getting harder.

"Good Pet, now I want you to do what I tell you exactly, okay?"

"Yes Sir, always."

"When I hang up the phone I want you to move the tissue paper back and you can see your gift. On top of the gift, but under the tissue there is another note, follow that to the letter and I will be home in twenty minutes."

"Yes Sir."

"Okay, bye Pet and remember I love and adore you."

"Bye Sir." She replied to a dial tone.

She gently moved the paper aside and looked into the box. A smile took over her entire face and her body trembled with a different kind of excitement. She looked inside and saw a black silk and velvet piece of cloth. She knew it was a dress, before she even removed it from the box and had to fight her urge to grab it and put it on before reading the last note lying on top of the fabric.

Her shaking hand reached into the shallow box and lifted the note. It was black but its matte finish had stood out on top of the shiny silk of the dress. She continued to shake as she opened the small note card and began to read the last note written in white ink.


I know you are about to die to remove what lays in this box. I know you so well!!! Now is the time and after you take the items out I want you to put them on and I want you to be waiting for me facing the ocean and looking out at the rocks and surf in front of the large windows in the bedroom.

Hurry now. I will be home in about fifteen minutes so you donít have too much time to caress the items and enjoy them. We will both enjoy them later.

Love Your Master

She moved closely and pulled out the dress. It was even more beautiful than she could imagine. Long, flowing and sensual in its feel. Sheer silk completely but for the round low cut collar and cap sleeves made out of velvet. She held it in front of her and spun around letting the material flow and twist around her body. She stopped after almost falling over from dizziness and the realization she was running out of time.

She began to put on the dress, glanced down into the box again and noticed there was more. She reached in and grabbed 3 more objects: black silk French Cut panties, black bra and a pair of black velvet gloves.

Her mouth fell open as she felt the fabric. She stood there ohing and ahing over it. She glanced at the clock and looked ten minutes until he would be here. She felt the panic begin to take over, removed the portion of the dress she had begun to put on and slipped into the bra, panties, and gloves. The smoothness and chill of the fabric gave her goose bumps and she shivered. It was almost time. She slipped the dress over her head and let it fall over her body as she wiggled around a bit.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She knew her Master had good taste but even he had outdone himself this time. She couldnít wait to see what else he had in mind for her. She glanced back at the clock and saw that her time was almost up. She moved toward the large windows he had instructed her to be in front of and stood as told. She soon heard the door knob turn, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and waited to experience the next phase of this so far perfect evening....

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