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Domina Weekend

By Wolfkri

Sitting in his chair he takes a moment to think, spinning the chair around to face the window so he can look out and watch as the sun begins to set. He admires the beauty of it because it reminds him of his love, his only love. As he looks out the window his thoughts go wandering: he thinks of the feeling he gets when she caresses his flesh, the feeling he gets when he feels her touch upon him. He thinks deep about her kisses, about when she runs her fingers through his hair. His heart has nothing but love for her. What she has given to him, and what she continues to give to him, is nothing that he has ever felt before. The more he thinks about her the more love he wants to give to her.

Across the hall in the other office she sits there thinking about him also, not really able to work because she knows that he is her thoughts and heart. There is not a moment that goes by that she doesn't think about him. He also fills her with love she has never felt before: he is everything to her, and she cherishes his love very close to her heart. People can see it in their eyes; they see it when they see them together. They see them smiling with a sparkle in their eyes.

As he sits there still staring out the window, the sun sets deeper beyond the city skyline, and his mind starts to wander about something different. Like any other couple they both have desires, physical and mental desires that need to be fed. The past few weeks he has been turning her on to a different type of desire - a desire that he has always had, and one she never knew about until they started exploring it. At first she was a little nervous about it, not knowing much about it, but he made it easy and very comforting since he had explored it before they met. In some ways he got very deep into it, but after some time he thought it wasn't for him to be that deep with it and living it. When he first explained it to her they both understood and agreed that they wouldn't live it and make it the center of their lives. They used it as a tool, a role-play for their inner desires, to let loose. This weekend would be another step of the inner desires to live out, even though they have been exploring in it every few weekends.

What they do is let themselves explore into the desires of D/s, Domination and submission, with a little BDSM. A lot of people involved in the life of D/s live it out in their everyday life in one way or another, but these two had been using it more as erotic desires in role-playing. This weekend would be a little different - it won't be just a few hours or just some playing - they both plan to make it a weekend thing, starting from Friday night until Sunday morning. Once they wake Sunday the role play will end. This weekend they will play it out, with her being the Dominant, the Top, and he being the submissive, the bottom. They have gone over all the ground rules and all the boundaries, and how far to the edge they will go. If there is one thing besides love they have for each other it's respect, and they will respect each other's desires and limits.

As he still sits there thinking about it he is getting somewhat turned on by it all. He knows that this weekend he must follow all her commands and wishes. Knowing that no matter what she wishes for he must follow it, as long as it's within the limits. The one thing they did agree on was that though they are doing this for the weekend, it wouldn't be every second of the weekend. So she came up with the idea that they will use a collar when they are in that realm. She will place around his neck when she is ready to go back into it, and only she can remove it; he cannot take it upon himself to remove it. He can request, ask for it to be removed, but only she can remove it. Thinking about that really is starting to get him all excited about wearing it. To know he is going to be at her every whim. If she wants him to kneel before her he must. If she wants him to prepare her something to eat, if she wishes to tie him up and just tease the life out of him - calling him her slut, her bitch, to keep going until he is begging her to stop; then if she wants to flog him, bend him over her knee and spank him. The bottom line is that he will belong to her in a way he never has before, he has only dreamed about giving himself to her in this way.

Sitting there his mind starts to drift even deeper just staring out the window like he is staring into space. The phone rings and he jumps, grabbing his attention away from his thoughts. He picks up the phone and it's her. He smiles when he hears her voice. He says, "Hello sweetie, what's going on over by you?" She responds, "Hello baby, nothing much," and then a short pause between them.

She comes back and says, "Baby, are you ready for this weekend?" He responds "Yes I am." She says, "Good, 'cause you will be taken to the edge, you will be mine, my slut, my bitch, whatever I want you to be." "Yes I know, my love."

She reminds him that they will be leaving in ten minutes so he should be ready to go. He hangs up the phone and starts to close shop, though his mind is racing even more now after hearing her talk the way she did to him. He shuts everything down, grabs his coat and waits for her in the hallway by the elevators like he always does.

Finally she comes out and they leave for home. Going down in the elevator she teases him a little, rubbing her hand along his ass and up between his legs, gently rubbing along his cock. She grabs it gently, feeling it getting hard, and she whispers in his ear, "This cock is mine, correct?" He responds, "Yes." She squeezes it, and rubs it some more. Finally down at the lobby they head out of the building and to the car.

continued in Part 2

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