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Domina Weekend, part 4

By Wolfkri

She leads him to the middle of the room and tells him to stand still and not to move, that she will be right back. She walks over to the bag with the things she'd bought on the way home. He can't see her or what she's doing; he can barely hear her. She walks back over to him, slaps his ass and then grabs it, and tells him that it's her ass and no one else's. Running her hands through his hair and looking him in the eyes she smiles, and then places a blindfold over his eyes so that he can't see anything at all. She is about to take him into the enigma and take his mind to another level.

She then takes his hands behind his back and cuffs them with stainless steel cuffs, locks and latches them together. Running her hands down his arms and pulling on the cuffs, she makes sure he can't slip out of them. She then leans over and says, "Now my dear, get ready 'cause you are going to the edge for the rest of the night." She runs her hands all over his chest and across his nipples, pinching at them, and then she reaches for something, though he doesn't know what she's getting because she's taken his sight away.

Taking what she wants out of the bag, she's about to use it on him but she stops and just looks at him. She takes a few steps back, making him wait, making him wonder more. After a few minutes she walks back to him with three pieces of fur. All three are different: one is white and very soft, one is a thin piece of black fur, and the third is red and shaggy. She rubs the red shaggy one down his chest, and he takes a deep breath as soon as he feels it on his flesh. Rubbing it up and down and all over his chest, she notices how it sends chills through his body. She walks behind him and runs it down his back, down to his ass, running it down his legs and back up his inner thighs, just stopping at his crotch. He wishes she would keep going, and she knows this, and that is why she stops. By now he is getting so excited it's starting to show through the thong he is wearing.

She takes his hand and sees how excited he is, and grabbing his cock gently, she again reminds him that it belongs to her. "This cock is mine, correct slut?" He responds, "Yes Mistress," and she tells him that he's a good slut. She kisses him softly on the lips and tells him he belongs to her, that he is her property and every part of him belongs to her. As he listens he gets more and more excited, and she knows this very well. She'll use this knowledge against him; she'll use it for her pleasure.

Next she takes the shaggy and the thin pieces of fur and runs them along his inner thighs. The only thing he's aware of is her touch. His cock grows even harder and she does her best not to touch what is now her cock, making him even crazier. She knows this, but she doesn't stop. She moves behind him, rubbing the fur up both of his legs at the same time, then she rubs it against his ass, sending more chills through his body. He starts to sway back and forth a little; his breathing gets deeper and his moans and sighs continue to get louder.

Reaching into the bag again, she places two of the fur pieces back inside it and pulls out a black leather paddle. Again he has no idea what items or toys she is getting. She runs her hand down his face again, and again he sighs deeply from her touch. Walking behind him again, she takes the soft white fur and runs it across his ass, making him almost melt from the feel of it. She's decided that it's time for a change of feel for him, and without warning she reaches back with the paddle and delivers a sharp swat, sending a sting through his body. He wasn't expecting it, and he moves forward a little and lets out a deep long moan. Grabbing his arms and pulling him back to her, she reaches back again and delivers another sting to his ass, and a third, a fourth, and a fifth, now holding on to him so he cannot move. All he does is take it as he lets out deep moans.

The pain is stinging but very pleasurable to him; he can feel the cheeks of his ass turning a light pink from the whacks. Taking the soft fur and again running it over his ass, she takes him by the hair and tells him that this ass belongs to her, that it's hers, for her pleasure only. Barely able to stand, he remains as still as he can and she continues to rub the fur on what is now her ass. She whispers in his ear, "How are you my sweetness, are you ok? Would like for this to stop?" He responds, "No Mistress," but she hears from the tone of his voice that he's not really liking it. "I think you want me to stop - it sure sounds that way in your voice, my sweetness." Again he responds, but this time with more desire in his voice, "No Mistress, please don't stop, please." She really likes the way that sounds, but she wants to hear still more desire from him: she wants to hear him beg. And so she says, "Beg, slut. Beg for more of my touch, more of my pleasure." Without waiting he starts to beg for it, "Please don't stop! I want more of your touch, my body is all yours, all for your pleasure, but please don't stop." This time it really turns her on; she really enjoys hearing the way his desire sounds, and his begging pleases her most.

Now she says, "Come with me my sweetness," and she pulls on the leash, leading him to the other side of the room where there are two hooks in the wall. She attaches him to the hooks, looking at him, caressing him, and his heart races, not knowing what is to come next. She pulls on his hair again, telling him softly how much she loves him and how much she is cherishing him for this gift she is giving him. She walks over and gets another item, this time something more intense for him; something she is new at using but she's gotten very good with: a black leather flogger.

Gently she starts to strike what is now her ass with it, not hard but just enough for him to get a good feeling from it, and after a few strikes she rubs the area with the soft white fur. His body is taking all of this in, enjoying every moment of it: the feel of the leather on his flesh makes his mind rush and his heart race. Again she strikes him, this time just a little harder, sending more sting through his body. Hearing his moans turns her on even more. As she continues to use the flogger on him, his mind starts to really drift to the edge and his body begins to melt at her every touch. Even though it's the flogger touching his flesh, to him it's her touch. She stops after awhile, when his body has turned a light color of red from his back to his ass. She rubs him very gently with her hand and she can feel the heat of his flesh.

Many wouldn't stop until the flesh was a deep red or until the one taking it was screaming in pain, but she and he are not like that. They like it more sensual and erotic. But there is one thing that she knows will send him to the edge and she's ready to do that, so she goes to the ice box and grabs a few pieces of ice. She comes back and rubs the ice up and down his back, all along her ass, and that sends him into space. Only the hooks are holding him up, and as he hangs she rubs the ice all over him.

Finally she removes him from the hooks, turns him around and holds him in her arms. She gives him soft kisses and asks if he's ok. He responds in a weak voice, "Yes Mistress, thank you, I am fine." But she doesn't remove his blindfold yet, because she isn't done with him. Even though she has taken him to the edge, she wants to play more with him - tease him and play with his body more - she hungers for it. Her desire is not even close to being pleasured just yet.

She leads him to the couch where she takes a seat. He sits down by her feet and rests his head on her lap. She runs her hands through his hair and looks at him with her beautiful shiny eyes. If only he could see her eyes, and the rest of her, but this time of darkness and unknowing feels more and more intense for him. Pulling on his leash, she orders him closer to the couch and between her legs. Slowly he moves between her legs but doesn't touch them at all. She takes a vibrator from the bag, turns it on and begins running it over her breasts. He can hear the buzzing and knows it's a vibrator but he doesn't have a clue what she's doing with it.

She asks him, "Would my slut like to taste my juices?" He replies, "Yes Mistress, please! Please may I?" and at the same time she places the vibrator under her panties. She pulls him by his hair and moves him closer between her legs, and he can smell her sweet scent. "Slut, don't you wish you could taste me and feel my juices on your lips and tongue?" Again he responds, "Yes Mistress!" Teasing him more and more, she removes the vibrator from under her panties and now it has some of her juices on it. She runs it over his mouth, smearing her juices on his lips, and then she gently places it into his mouth and tells him, "Suck on it slut, suck on it like I suck your cock every night. I know you enjoy me sucking that cock - now it's time for you to suck on something hard. Now suck and lick that vibrator." Without hesitation he begins sucking and licking it, and watching him she can do nothing but smile.

She is enjoy every moment of this. Finally seeing him worship her and doing everything she wants him to do, she begins to think deeply about it all, how much she really likes it and how much it turns her on. She wouldn't force it or make it their lives, but having the control really excites her. Just knowing that he must obey everything she says if she takes that collar and slaps it around his neck excites her. Snapping out of her thoughts, she continues sliding the vibrator in and out of his mouth and asks him if he enjoys the taste of her juices, if he enjoys sucking them off the vibrator. He responds by saying, "Yes Mistress, very much." Looking at him she says, "Good, I'm glad you like it. I'm glad you like sucking it, 'cause maybe later tonight and tomorrow night you might be doing some more sucking."

She removes the vibrator from his mouth, but he wishes he could suck some more, he knows there are still some of her juices on it. She pulls him by the leash, pulling his head between her legs again, this time even closer to her pussy and says, "My slut, you want to taste my pussy don't you?" "Yes Mistress," he responds. "Not yet my sweetness... maybe later if you beg good enough."

continued in Part 5

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