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Domina Weekend, part 6

By Wolfkri

Now straddling over him, running her hands up and down his chest and smiling down upon him, she again leans down next to his ear and whispers, "I want you to taste me. I know that's what you want my slut, I know you want it, don't you bitch?" A moan slips out from him as he is responds, "Yes Mistress, please let me taste you." She looks down and smiles. She holds the toy that she took from the bag just moments before: it's a 5-inch dildo, with balls, not too long or thick, but just right. She slides it across her pussy, getting it wetter, then she slowly inserts it. He can't see what she's doing; he can only lay there and wonder, almost in a state of insanity.

She works the dildo inside her pussy, further arousing and pleasuring herself. As she lets out a soft moan, he can hear that she's doing something to herself, he knows she is pleasuring herself. He wants so much to do it for her but he can only wait until she's ready for him. He doesn't know that he'll have to do something before he can touch her.

She removes the dildo, all wet with her juices and the scent of her pussy is on it. Again she whispers to him, "Are you ready to taste me? Are you ready to have my juices on your lips and tongue? This is what you want, this is what you've been begging for. This is what your hunger wants. You desire it, you little slut." Taking the dildo she slowly places it near his lips. He can't see that it's a dildo, but he knows it's not her pussy.

Sliding it along his lips, he can feel the wetness and he can smell it. The scent rises up, and taking it in, he moans with pleasure, knowing it's her that he smells and feels on his lips. Finally she tells him to open up, to take it, to suck her wetness. He wraps his lips around it and starts sucking on it, sliding his lips up and down on it. She tells him to use his tongue, to lick it, and he slowly starts licking it up and down, like the slut that he is, learning what it's like to suck on something. She's enjoying every moment of what she's doing as she watches him suck her wetness off the dildo, She feels a power over him like she has never felt before. She takes it all in - all the power, all the control she now has.

Watching him suck on the dildo, she tells him what a wonderful job he's doing. The more he does it, the more he enjoys it also, tasting her on the dildo. She hears the slight moans coming from him and wonders if it's her juices or the sucking making him moan. Running her hand through his hair she looks down smiling, listening to him to suck, watching him suck. She asks, "Do you enjoy it? Do you enjoy tasting my juices, licking and sucking my juices off of this dildo?"

His mouth full, he nods his head yes and moans all at the same time. Taking the dildo out of his mouth slowly she watches him, and then removes his blindfold. She sees a sad look in his eyes as she removes it, and noticing that, she whispers, "You want more slut? Does my slut want to taste more of me?" He responds with a deep "Yes Mistress.. please." She just smiles and says "Then my sweet one, you shall, since you did such a good job licking and sucking that dildo."

Grabbing his hair and looking straight into his eyes, with a soft yet firm voice she tells him, "Now my slut, you are going to lick my pussy, since you desire so much to, and I want to feel that desire you have when you do. Make me feel like I have never felt before, understand?" "Yes Mistress," he replies. Smiling down at him, she kisses him gently on the cheek and places the blindfold back over his eyes, taking one last look at the desire in them. Seeing that is really making her crazy: it's building little by little inside her, and she now feels mentally and physically what it's like to be dominant, to be the one in control and leading the way.

Slowly she slides her body upward, sliding her pussy across his chest, and he feels the wetness, the juices he so much desires. Finally her pussy is over his lips, just barely touching them, giving him just a small taste and touch of it on his lips. She leans back, spreading her legs wider, and asks, "My dear, do you want to lick me now?" "Yes please! May I please taste you, may I please feel you?" Finally she lowers herself down upon his lips, and finally feeling her, he slowly slides his tongue up and down, feeling the wetness on his lips, feeling her pussy against his lips, and he moans softly. Enjoying her taste, he moves his tongue slowly and gently up and down the lips of her pussy, then licks her clit.

It's harder for him not being able to use his hands like he normally does. He's never used just his mouth on her pussy, but this time he has no choice. Nevertheless, he seems to be doing it very well - with each lick he hears the moans coming from his loved one. She's now getting more aroused, and the more he licks the more aroused she becomes. Sending his tongue barely inside her and using his lips to press against her clit, she lets out a moan. He presses her clit between his lips and against the tip of his tongue, and licks with short gentle strokes.

No longer able to hold herself up, she drops down with her head between his thighs, and she begins gently kissing his inner thighs. At the same time he's licking her like he's never done before. Both of them are doing things, feeling things, unlike anything before. Inside both of them their hearts race, their insides feeling like they are going to explode. He continues to lick her pussy and its wetness drips down on his lips. Sliding his tongue along his lips he makes sure he gets every drop of her wetness to fill his hunger for it.

Moaning even louder now, she tries to control herself and her desire, knowing full well that she wants to explode. But she knows that she shouldn't, she is learning how to control both herself and her lover this way. As he sends his tongue once again inside her, she feels a jolt through her body, and again he takes her clit between his lips and gently presses it between them. Her body begins to grind her pussy against his lips.

Slowly she slides her hand along his hard cock, grabbing it and whispering softly, "This is my cock, it belongs to me." Though she tries to torment him some more, she can't seem to do so with him licking her pussy the way he is. It feels so good to her. In some ways she wants more and more, not wanting him to stop. She wants to feel his warm wet tongue pressing against her pussy and to feel his soft wet lips pressing against her clit. But she knows that it must stop for her to hold on to the control.

Moving herself down his body, he takes a deep breath. Knowing that something else is coming but not knowing what it is, all he can do is wait, take it, and enjoy it. Her body is still shaking; her insides are racing as she tries to catch her own breath. Once she has after a few minutes, he still lays there still breathing deeply, his heart racing. He wants it, whatever she has in store for him. He knows that it will only take him more to the edge of his desires.

Rubbing her hands gently up and down his thighs, she slides her fingertips across his hard throbbing cock. When he feels that, his body bucks. Sliding her hand up and down his cock more and more, his moans become louder. Then before he can let out another moan, she grabs it and asks, "Who does this cock belong to?" as she squeezes it in her hand. "Yours, yours," he responds. Leaning down she gently kisses it on the tip. "That's right, it's mine. All mine. Just like you are mine."

Reaching for the KY gel, she squeezes some out into her hand and slides it up the crack of his ass. He bucking slightly again from the feel of the cold gel. Then she squeezes more KY into her hands and rubs it on the dildo. He doesn't realize it yet, but she's going to do something they've only spoken and read about.

Leaning down she slides her lips over his cock, placing just its head between her lips while she strokes it with her hand. With her other hand she takes the dildo and slides it up and down the crack of his ass. Feeling this he now knows, and he takes a deep breath readying himself for it. Slowly she slides it into his ass, just the head of it, and still sucking on his cock, she massages the inside of his ass with the dildo - turning it, sliding it in and out a little. She can feel his cock in her mouth, and she gets off even more knowing that she is in complete control.

Still just teasing his ass with the dildo, she knows she has to be careful because they've never done this and she doesn't want to hurt him. They both know it's not about pain for them - not to the extreme, but close to it. Sliding her mouth farther down his cock, she also slides the dildo deeper, bit by bit. Sliding her tongue up and down the shaft, then licking the tip of it, then once again sending her lips straight down that cock. Feeling her soft lips and warm tongue against his cock and the hard dildo inside his ass, he feels himself slipping out of it, like he is going to faint.

Now he is in a place he's never been before, and he just lets himself go with it, lets his body drift away. She asks him if he's ok, and though she only gets a soft moan from him, she knows he is ok. She takes her lips away from his cock but leaves the dildo in. She knows that he can't speak at this point, but she knows what he wants, and she wants it also.

She slowly mounts him with her back to his face and slowly grinds down on him. As she fucks him, she also fucks his ass with the dildo. She can hear his moans getting louder - it's the only they that can come from his lips now, and the more she hears them, the more excited she becomes. Fucking him harder, grinding up and down on his hard cock, her juices flow out and onto his thighs.

He's almost at the point of orgasm. She knows so well when he's ready to explode and she shouts out "Don't cum yet bitch!" because she isn't ready. Grinding her pussy down even harder and faster, the juices pouring out from her, and she slides the dildo in and out of him some more. She slams down hard on him, grinding down on him, and her pussy is like a water fall. The more she slams down on him, the more wetness pours out from her.

Up and down, side to side, slamming and grinding down, she fucks him like a wild beast. His moans become louder still, and again she tells him not to cum. All he can do is let out moans of pleasure as he feels the beast within her fuck him like never before. His mind can sense her desire and his body feels her total dominance now. He shouts out "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard!" Hearing that she goes wild, sending herself down hard on him, and sliding the dildo deep into his ass. The feelings send him totally over the edge to the point where he's just hanging there, waiting for the final step of orgasm not only for him but also for her.

She is close to orgasm and he's already at that point but doing his best to hold on. Both of them moan loudly and finally, after a few more grinds and pumps on his cock, she's ready to explode. They're both ready to explode. Their moans are louder than ever before, they sound like two wild beasts in heat. Knowing that this is going to be intense, she grabs his thighs and squeezes them tightly, and before another second passes, they both explode at the same time, both screaming and both moaning. The dildo comes shooting out from him just as they explode with a mighty passion.

Falling down between his legs she just lies there, rubbing and squeezing his legs. He's still not down from it. His body still shaking and his breathing deep, she moves down and unties his ankles. Though now able to move his feet he doesn't, he can't: it was that intense for him.

Moving up, she removes the cuffs from his wrists and lays next to him, taking him into her arms and cuddling him. He then wraps his arms around her, both needing to feel the warmth of each other's arms. He whispers to her, "I love you," and she can only smile and tell him, "I love you also my sweetness.", And that was the last thing both of them heard from each other before passing out, falling asleep in each other's arms.

continued in Part 7

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