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Domina Weekend, part 7

By Wolfkri

The next morning he wakes before she does. He leans over and places a kiss on her cheek. She feels the kiss and smiles without even opening her eyes. He gets out of the bed and walks to the bathroom like every male does when he wakes up. Turning to take a look at her, he sees that she has rolled over to the middle of the bed. Not wanting to wake her he goes downstairs and starts a pot of coffee. Looking around for something to make them for breakfast, he's unable to find anything but a few boxes of cereal.

Not wanting to give her just a bowl of cereal, he goes into the laundry room to find something to wear. Grabbing a pair of sweat pants, a tee shirt and a pair of socks, he goes into the bathroom to get dressed. Looking into the mirror he sees that he's still wearing the collar she placed around his neck the night before, and he remembers that only she can remove it. Without bothering to wake her up and ask her to remove it, he grabs his keys and leaves for the store even with the leather collar around his neck. He really doesn't care what people think. His love for her is so strong that he would do just about anything for her, especially after last night.

Going through the store no one really notices it. He gets everything he needs and goes to the checkout to pay. The girl at the checkout notices his collar and looks at it, then looks at him, and smiles. As she gives him his change she remarks, "Nice collar, Did it come with a leash?" He looks at her and says, "Yes, she holds it at all times."

Walking out of the store holding his bag and smiling, he places his hand on the collar and then over his heart. Back at the house he puts the bag down and walks upstairs to look in on her to see if she is still sleeping. She is. He places a long-stemmed rose on the table next to the bed and heads back downstairs to start cooking breakfast.

He starts making his special French toast that she's always loved, though he would never tell her how he makes it taste so good. After a few minutes he hears her walking around upstairs and hears the bathroom door close. Knowing that she'll be coming down soon, he pours her a cup of coffee and puts it on the table next to the newspaper. She only ever reads the comics, which always make her laugh; he always reads nothing but the sports section.

Walking down the stairs she can smell the French toast and she says to herself, "Hmmm, yummy" with a wide smile on her face. Standing behind him as he cooks she thanks him for the beautiful rose and kisses him very sensually on the lips. Turning him around, she removes the collar from his neck and places it in a special box which is lined with fur to make sure that no damage comes to it. Now they both understand how special it really is.

They both sit down and eat, and read their sections of the newspapers. She laughs at the comics and he looks up at her shaking his head and smiling. Seeing her smile and laugh always bought a smile to his face in turn.

Looking up from the paper she reminds him that they're both going to her mom's today to help her around the house. He almost gags on his French toast, jokingly, but she gives him a slap across the arm and smiling, tells him it's not funny. She reminds him that it was his idea to help out her mom, and he looks at her strangely thinking he would never do such a thing. He asks, "When did I say that?"

She looks at him, smiles and puts her cup down, and says, "I see that we have loss of memory now. My sweetness, last week at the theater." He still looks at her strangely and she continues. "The theater my sweetness, last week, after I gave you a blowjob, I told you that my mom needed some help, and you said we should help." Now his memory comes back to him and he agrees with her, "Yes my love, now I remember." She shakes her head and then gently slaps the back of his head.

As soon as they finish eating, they both get dressed and head out for the day.

About 20 minutes later they arrive at her mom's, both still a little drawn down from the night before. Her mom notices it and asks if they are ok. They both smile and answer at the same time, "Yes, we're fine." Like all moms, she asks if they would like something to eat. She says "No mom, we ate already. He cooked a wonderful breakfast for us."

He says, "Ok what needs to be done? Let's get this over with," and she again slaps his arm. "Stop rushing," she says. "I'd like to sit down and spend time with my mom." "Yes my dear, whatever you'd like."

Looking at him, she realizes that this power she has over him is not only in the bedroom but also outside of it a little, but she also understands it's not to be taken for granted nor is he to be taken for granted. Both of them know that he has a side to him that isn't submissive and is more dominant.

After a few hours of working around the house, they sit down on the couch and her mom brings out some food and drinks. They all sit around eating and talking, but mostly it's her and her mom talking. As he helps clean up, she tells her mom they must be going. They had a late night last night and would like to go home and get some rest. Her mom smiles at her daughter and says, "That's fine dear. Get some rest - you both look very tired. Thank you both for helping."

Arriving home they both head into the bedroom and fall down onto the bed in total exhaustion. Lying side-by-side and staring up at the ceiling with no more energy to give at the moment, they both roll over and fall asleep.

This time she wakes up first, and realizing what time it is, she wakes him up. He doesn't want to get up and she shouts, "Baby, get up!" Rolling over and looking up at her, he asks her what time it is. "9pm." He's surprised and says, "No shit, huh?"

Not only did they sleep through the afternoon but also the evening. "Damn," he says, "can't believe how long we slept." Getting out of bed they try to catch their thoughts, try to shake themselves awake. Looking at each other and laughing, she asks him if he's hungry. "Hell yes" he says. "How about we order a pizza and have them deliver it, and we can watch a movie?" she asks.

"Sounds like a plan," he responds, and grabbing the phone he orders the pizza. Of course she always wants the works on it, and like always he has to repeat himself because they don't understand English well down at the pizzeria.

By 10pm they're both eating pizza and watching a movie. Neither of them knows the name of the movie, it's just one of those B-movies - sexual, strong language, etc. Not really paying attention to it, he sits there eating and looking up every now and then. It seems every time he looks up it's some man and woman getting ready to do it. Noticing this she shakes her head and says, "Boy, all you care about seeing is some guy doing some woman." "No it's not," he responds. "Not always," and he lets out a laugh.

She gets up from the couch and, picking up the plates and glasses, she tells him she's going to take a shower and then head to bed. Looking down at him with an evil smile she adds, "After I'm done I want you to take a shower also. A good shower. I want you nice and clean before you come to bed. We've both been working and sweating all day." He nods up at her.

Stopping in the kitchen to place the plates into the sink, she makes her way to the bathroom. Downstairs he can hear the shower going. He looks up at ceiling and just shaking his head.

continued in Part 8

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