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A Familiar Ring (excerpt), a bonus short story
included in the new edition of The Slave
By Laura Antoniou
Published by Mystic Rose Books
Reprinted with permission

Available from

Each dribble of wax from the candles awakened the nerves pressed at the base of each clamp, and then spread out. The little glowing points were like bites -- tiny, hot bites, everywhere from her shoulders down to the balls of her feet. Different colored candles made little splashes of color in between the ropes, covering her small breasts. The line of clamps in between and on top of her thighs were repeated targets because the skin there seemed extra sensitive and made her twitch and shudder.

Robin felt her arousal grow, that steady progression that started high and spiraled up from there. It was so wonderful to bottom to two women! Oh, what a dream of hers this had been, and how wonderful the reality was! It was one thing to bottom to Monica and her friend of the moment, always fun and sometimes surprising. But two women who knew each other so well -- two women who had planned this, not one woman who was leading while another watched or followed... oh, it was heaven!

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