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First Meeting

By Ms D

She drove slowly around the parking lot, looking for a particular car. Idly humming along with the music playing, smoking a cigarette, taking her time. She was five minutes late for her meeting, but that was part of the plan. Finally spying the car, she pulls in next to it, gets out and heads to the door of the restaurant. She stops at the front door, taking a moment to relish the thought of the girl waiting nervously for her inside. With a secretive half smile, she stubs out her cigarette and enters. She gives the hostess her name, and follows her toward a table. She sees the girl sitting there, fingers idly playing with her glass, her napkin... nervously fidgeting. Just then the girl realizes someone is approaching and looks up. Seeing the nervous delight in the girl's eyes as the hostess indicates the table, her smile deepens. "I am D" she says, her delight deepening as the girl blushes, breathlessly whispering "Yes Ma'am. Please, won't you join me?"

As they look through the menu and order, she makes polite conversation asking about the girl's drive and did everything go well. The girl answers hesitatingly, feeling nervous and shy. They talk of this and that, their conversation weaving a mixture of what had been shared with written words and the wonderment of finally meeting. She watches the girl keenly, smiling at her warmly, seeing the girl slowly begin to relax. By the end of the meal, they are as comfortable with each other as they had been together online. She relaxes in her chair and pulls out a cigarette. She sits, smiling, holding the cigarette between her fingers. The girl, startled, realizes she is waiting on her... she blushes and quickly reaching, she lights her cigarette. "I do believe it's time for some privacy" D states. Blushing furiously, the girl rises quickly after She does and follows her. D pays for their meal and holds the door open for the girl. As they reach their cars, she comes close to the girl, speaking quietly next to her ear, "Follow me in your car, baby." The girl's heart suddenly beating hard, she stammers out "yes Ma'am." "And don't lose me" D grins and winks at the girl, turning and settling herself into her car. The girl is frozen for a moment, then scrambles into her own car.

As they make the short drive, each is lost in their feelings of excitement and anticipation. D is delighted, as the girl has turned out to be as charming and pleasing as she expected. Grinning to herself, she relishes the excitement and electricity between them at dinner. The girl, following her closely, is grinning from ear to ear, feeling a bit giddy from her nearness and warmth at dinner. Suddenly, they pull into a driveway and park. Before the girl can gather her things from the front seat, D is there opening her door, extending a hand to her. The girl takes her hand and rises, finding her standing close, their bodies barely touching. "Welcome to my home, girl," her breath hot against her lips. She bends her head down, kissing the girl's lips gently but firmly. "Come, let's get your things into the house," she grabs a bag and walks away, the girl quickly following.

As the girl walks into the house, she is greeted by her husband. He is friendly and offers her something to drink, trying to make her feel comfortable and welcome. Coming out of a room, D indicates that is where the girl should take the rest of her things. Remembering the expectations given to her, the girl enters the room. Finding herself in her bedroom, the girl shivers with eagerness, sets her things down and prepares herself for her. The girl quickly changes into a loose fitting short gown made of silk. Then she quickly freshens up, nervously making last-minute touch-ups, wanting to present herself at her absolute best. As she reaches for the door, she takes one last deep breath. Entering the room quietly, walking gracefully to her... she kneels at her feet, facing her, eyes lowered, head held high, hands resting lightly on her thighs.

She watches the girl come to her, smiling warmly to her. She reaches out to the girl after she kneels... head to one side, fingers moving a stray strand of hair out of the girl's face. Quietly she murmurs to her how pleased she is that the girl has remembered and followed her instructions well. She touches her shoulder, traces a finger down the girl's arm, stopping at her elbow. Her fingers lightly brush the girl's nipple, then make their way under her chin, lifting her face. She bends down and kisses the girl... a firm kiss... her hand moves to the back of the girl's head... in a flash, her mouth covers hers, her tongue taking possession, tangling with the girl's tongue... making the girl breathless. Just as suddenly, she releases the girl... traces a finger down the girl's face and speaks to her in a low warm voice "I am very pleased, girl."

As she sits back in her chair, the girl presents her with a cigarette, placing an ashtray within easy reach, and lights her cigarette. The girl offers to fetch her a drink and makes her way to the kitchen to fix it. The husband offers the drink he has prepared for the girl and they return to the livingroom together. The man takes his seat in his chair and the girl kneels to her, presenting her drink. She sips, smiles, nods. Knowing she has pleased, the girl turns and snuggles against her legs. The three sit and relax in conversation... D absently stroking and playing with the girl's soft hair... running a finger over her shoulder... hand softly cupping a breast. It is clear she likes touching the girl... and seems to take pleasure in the girl's slight embarrassment at being touched in these small intimate ways in front of the husband. After a time, D turns to the man, "Isn't she a pleasant find?" He agrees and the girl blushes with their compliments. "If you will excuse us?" D rises and bids the girl to follow.

Once in the bedroom, the girl goes to the middle of the room and stops, waiting as D closes the door and walks up behind her. "Disrobe" she says in the girl's ear. Blushing deeply, the girl pulls her shift over her head and drops it to the floor. D runs her fingernails up the girl's back, making her shiver, and murmurs how beautiful the girl is. She walks around the girl, lifting her arms; her hands roaming the girl's body, touching, feeling, examining her. Her fingers trace circles around the girl's nipples; she grins wickedly noticing how they protrude, understanding the conflicts of the embarrassing examination and the growing excitement of the girl's body. She reaches down and POPS! one of the belts on the girl's garter. The girl jumps and giggles out a "thank You Ma'am." She POPS another belt... and another... and another... each leaving a red stripe against the girl's tender skin. She slides around in back of her, slipping a finger into the girl, and croons as she discovers how wet the girl is. A second finger joins the first, moving deep inside the girl. Her fingers moving slowly in and out, she licks and nibbles the girl's neck, her arm holding the girl against her.

Her fingers continue to slide in and out in a slow rhythm... Her fingers working one of the girl's nipples, squeezing, pulling, twisting... feeling the girl getting ever wetter, soft moans escaping, her knees weakening. She continues with the girl... gauging her reactions... talking to her... murmuring what a wet little slut she is. Feeling the girl beginning to grind back against her fingers, she SHOVES them in deep!, brings her hand around and SMACKS the girl on the ass. "You will not cum yet, slut" she says in a deep voice. Indicating a bag on the floor, she says "Fetch it to me." The girl drops on all fours and fetches the bag, dropping it at her feet. D reaches in and pulls out a strap-on. She grins as the girl's eyes widen.

Fingers wrap in the girl's hair, pulling her head back, opening her mouth. She slides the dildo in the girl's mouth, chuckling. "Hold this for me" she says, and steps into the straps, the girl sucking the cock in her mouth, hands holding the straps for her, sliding them up her body. She croons to the girl, fingers twisting tighter in her hair, she draws the cock out of the girl's mouth... then shoves it in, chuckling softly as the girl tries not to choke... moaning softly as she watches the girl sucking her cock in earnest now, taking it in deep, pulling slowly back. "Get up girl" as she pulls the girl up. She spins her around, facing the bed... SMACKS her ass sharply. "Bend over." She reaches down, spreading and lifting the girl's ass... the head of her cock against the girl's wet lips, she pushes it allllll the way inside her... kneading her ass as the girl moans. "Remember my precious little slut... you cannot cum... until I say you can." Whimpering a bit, she pants "Yes Ma'am."

Fucking her now, she SHOVES the cock deep inside the girl, grinding against her, IN and out... IN and out... SMACKS the girl's ass as she moans, making her greedy for more... SMACKS the girls ass as she grinds against her... fucking the girl harder... and HARDER... the girl moaning that she's "ready to cum." Smacking her ass again "Not yet you don't" she growls, fucking the girl ever harder, faster... the girl whimpering with each stroke... crying out with each smack... her wet cunt squishing as her cock POUNDS... her juices splashing them both. "Please Mistress" the girl begins to beg, "please may I cum?" SMACK on her ass... the cock POUNDING the girl's wet cunt... louder she begs... desperate now... "CUM!!!" She finally commands! The girl at long last given her release, screams out... her cock buried so deep inside... she cums hard... D feels the wetness running down her cock, her legs... murmuring and cooing to the girl as she shakes with the power of her release... She pulls out of the girl, gently turns her around... "Taste yourself on me girl." She quickly drops to her knees, eagerly sucking her cock, knowing she has never cum so hard for any other. D slips the straps down her body, the girl's mouth still licking and sucking, steps out of the straps and sits in her chair, watching as the girl finishes... the girl making sure to lap every drop. They smile at each other and she bids the girl to come sit in her lap. Wrapping her arms around her, she cuddles and nuzzles the girl. "What a good little slut you are for me" she murmurs and growls... nuzzling and licking the girl... feeling the girl calm and settle... cuddling the girl's head on her cushy breasts.

She takes one of her breasts and teases her nipple against the girl's mouth... the girl's tongue flickering out. "Now, time to teach you the difference in sucking a breast... and suckling." She chuckles softly as the girl squirms and whimpers...

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