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Hearth & Home

By Sir Harley

As I sit here at work, I think about how the snow is falling ever so quickly but lightly on the ground. I think about how much longer it will take for Me to get home tonight. I just called you, little one, to let you know that I will be late. But being the good sub that you are, you are already prepared. You tell your Master that you are taking a bath -- readying yourself for My return. You tell Me that you are hungry, and I know that you crave a taste of My cock. I tell you that I am stroking Myself for you. I hear a whimper, and I hang up leaving you with that thought.

Finally, after much delay, I arrive home. You greet Me at the door in a black silk robe with a glass of wine in your hand. Ever so gracefully, you curtsey and kneel before your Master's feet. I bend over, place a kiss on your forehead, and pull your face close to feel the hardness that awaits you. "Would you like some, little girl?" You dare not to speak, but I can see the glimmer in your eyes. I motion you up and take you by your leash to My chair in front of the fireplace. "Good girl, I see you have built a roaring fire for your Master." "Thank you, Master," you respond.

"Take your robe off and kneel before Me, My pet." You obey without hesitation since all you know is to obey and serve. I lean forward and take each of your nipples in My hands. I pinch and pull on them until they are hard and standing at attention. I place a pair of nipple clamps on them. You moan from the pain, but I know you feel the pleasure as well. I lean back in My chair and admire the view. "How gorgeous you look, little one." You smile. "Spread your legs apart wider, so that I may see that pussy of Mine better. Now take your little finger and trace your lips," I command. You obey and try very hard to concentrate with the task at hand. I can clearly see the wetness between your legs, and this brings a smirk to My face. "Rub your clit and make yourself hard for your Master." Again you obey. Every now and then, I hear you moan with pleasure. You watch as I unzip My pants and expose My hardness to you. I watch as your eyes grow bigger and sparkle. "Is this what you want, My pet?" You nod your head as you watch your Master stroke the cock in His hand.

"Turn around, little one, and get on your hands and knees," I command. Quickly, you obey with anticipation of what is to come. "Stay still and eyes forward," I order. I take My hand and spread your pussy lips to check your wetness. "All this is for Me, My pet?" "Yes, Sir, all for you, Sir" you pant. I tease and pinch your clit. I grab a feather and brush your back with it. The feather touches your nipples, your neck, your face, your ass, your thighs, and your pussy. I start to see the wetness drip down your thighs. And when you least expect it, I slap your ass with My hand. You sense the warmth and sting that overcomes your body, and all you can do is say "Thank you, Sir, may I have another, Sir?" "My pleasure, My pet," I respond. My hand alternates with slaps between your ass and your pussy. You are starting to become very vocal at this point.

I reach over, lubricate an anal plug, and during one of the smacks, I ram the plug in your ass. At first you are shocked, but then you feel the Xtreme pleasure I just delivered. I tease your ass by moving the plug in and out. You arch your back and push your ass into Me to accept more of the plug. "How does it feel, My slut?" I ask as I place My fingers in and out of your wet pussy. All you can manage to do is moan and groan with pleasure. I return to My chair.

I summon you over. I notice you are having a little difficulty maneuvering over to the chair with the plug and clamps in place. "Do you want My cock, little one?" All you do is lick your lips. "Go ahead then, My pet, I am sure you are hungry." I watch as you start by licking the tip and then work your way down the shaft. You continue as I reach for a breast to massage. You begin to moan as you start taking more of the cock in your mouth. "Does My pet want to cum tonight? Has she been good today?" I ask. You make an attempt to nod. I grab your hair and head and thrust you deeper onto My cock causing you to gag a little, but you quickly adapt to the new position. Faster and harder, I watch you swallow and suck. I pull you away.

"What does My little one want tonight, tell your Master," I say. "Sir, please fuck my ass." "Since you have been good, I will allow this. Turn around and get back on your hands and knees," I command. I take the wetness from your pussy and use it to lube My cock. I remove the plug, and you let out a small whimper. I tease your asshole with the tip of My cock, and then without warning, I thrust My entire cock into your ass. You scream and try not to fall forward, but quickly you arch back signifying you want more. First I am slow, and then I thrust harder and faster. I pull out and then ram back in with force. I watch as you have taken one of your hands and have starting rubbing your hard clit. I watch as you finger yourself. I will not stop you; I will allow you to feel the pleasure.

"Does My little slut want to cum tonight?" I inquire. "Please, Master, please," you beg. I quickly pull out of your ass and replace the plug. I slap both cheeks hard enough to leave a hand mark. I place My cock in your wet pussy -- juices spilling out as I enter you. "Very well, little one, I want you to cum for your Master when I say." I thrust in and out of your pussy. I grab your hips, and pull you close so that you can feel all the hardness in you. Harder and faster with each stroke. I can see your knees weakening. I know that you are close. "CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR YOUR MASTER," I order. And on cue, you explode. You scream with ecstasy as you orgasm. It is always a beautiful sight to watch. I pull out and return to My chair. I give you a few moments to compose yourself, and allow you to remove the plug and the clamps. Then, I motion you to come over and sit on My lap. I place your head on My shoulder. I can still feel your body twitching. You manage to get composed enough to look up and say, "Thank you, Sir." I return with a kiss on your forehead and reply, "You did good little one, I am proud of you."

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