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A Midsummer Night's Treat

By kitten

Hot. Hot afternoon at home reading. All is sticky, I feel the clothes cling to me heavily like an armour, it is sssoooo hard to turn the pages.

I had made the decision to sit on the floor for some relief from the heat but now I realize it's not working and I have already been under cold water three times already today; besides I don't feel like getting up at all.

So I slowly set the book aside to step out of my pants and shirt and here I am trying to study this "extremely interesting" thing in panties and bra, sitting on the floor with my back against the wall, glasses midway down my nose and pencil loose in my hand.

Minutes go by and nothing seems to stick to my mind.. eh, funny, everything else is way too sticky around me now.

More minutes pass by and I'm tiring quickly, I'm living in slow motion; snorting repeatedly I get up and walk to the fridge to get some ice tea and go back to my little corner to improve my knowledge. Snort, frowning as I smile to myself.

I sit there holding the cool glass to my forehead, sipping now and then, the book forgotten a long time ago now.. when Master comes home.

I realize he has walked in only when I see his shadow near me, I look up and he towers over me, lifting a brow, he scolds me for my laziness.

I'm about to mumble some excuse or apology when he lifts me up, well, better, he taps my chin with his fingers and I get up, slowly, head held high, eyes down in mock consternation.

He says: "Now I'll make you study, slut" and my cheerfulness subsides a bit, replaced by a curious mix of excitement, fear, expectation, hunger.. and all of a sudden the heat I feel doesn't annoy me.

Time stands still, as I do, while Master walks to the drawer and comes back with the spiky pads of the tack bra; I shudder when he touches me to place them in the cups of the bra I'm wearing now, ever so gently.

Then he orders me on my knees and I obey, leaning on my elbows, hands flat on the floor, ass up and legs quite wide apart.

As I kneel there with my head down I can see Master's feet as he fetches the book I had discarded before and places it between my hands; I move to kiss his boots and quickly return to my position after I have kissed them both and Master has petted my head in approval. He walks around me a couple of times before sitting behind me with his legs crossed and a grin on his face.. (I don't see it but sure it's there!)

All I have to do is read and learn.. while he strokes and teases my pussy through the panties.

And I read and try to understand what I read, and I try to remember what I understand and he just teases and probes my sopping cunt, now and then he slips a finger or two under the cloth to gather up some juices and smears them all over my already soaked panties.

Despite my moaning and squirming I read on, brave.

My breathing becomes uneven and I start to pant a little, hence it's getting hard to focus on the line I'm reading, but it seems to work quite well because the more I get hot the more I have to put will and strength into what I read.

Well.. maybe it'll work, though I don't know if I can stand the teasing more, Master's now also fingering me, teasing my ass too, making me wiggle my hips and whimper and sweat 'cause I know I must concentrate.

At one point he stops and teases me with his voice, reminding me that I'd better study 'cause he's gonna "examine" me.. evil laughing.. afterwards.

Then he gives a smaller chuckle and slaps my ass hard after my answer "Yes Master."

And I'm back to my reading and he to his teasing; when I moan he chuckles, when I whimper he comments amused about how soaked my panties are; he never tires, he brings me to the edge more than once but I keep reading, not wanting to disappoint him.. surprisingly I realize that I'm starting to understand and remember things, go figure.

Amazing! After some more time of this torture I manage to mutter a couple of words to let him that I'm ready for the test, so he pulls me to himself, making me turn to face him; he kisses me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth demandingly, then he places me on the floor, spreading my legs wide as he kneels between them.

His luscious cock hard and ready, I hadn't noticed before.

I look into his eyes while I feel the head of his cock push against my swollen folds, as he places his hands on my breasts, lightly pressing down on them increasing the sensation there caused by the many little staples.

He grins. Tells me to please start speaking, tell him what I've learned so far. I moan feeling the head of his cock slide further in, I hesitate, then start off; just then he thrusts forward, burying his cock into my wet cleft with one single fast stroke, pushing a gasp out of me and I stop.

He stops too, his cock still and hard in me, he grins.. "Go on slut.."

I breath in deep and we both resume; I try to speak between moans, panting; he pounds into me, slowly but effectively.

He squeezes my breasts hard when I say something wrong, or rewards me stroking my clit when I answer correctly to one of his questions. He fucks me hard and I really have to work for my treat, by now almost permanently close to climax.

Last question he says, "Answered well."

He smiles and stops, painfully taking his cock away from me.

"Good girl, I think you deserve a B."

I pout, smiling as I fake disappointment; he chuckles.

"Well slut, could have been an A if it wasn't for all those moans."

He laughs now and I smile, trembling as he pets my thigh, pressing his body against me, grinding his cock into me again.

I'm high from the pleasure, high from the delicious pain in my breasts, high from the heat of the place, of the air, of his body on top of me, and when he finally whispers those words in my ear, "Cum for Master, slut" I let go, I cum screaming and bucking, satiated by his hot cum flowing into me, taming my hunger and my spirit.

Considering everything I think I'm gonna pass the exam!

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