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Mind Games

By Daphne

The girl stirs at hearing her Master's heavy footsteps on the stairs. She rises fast from her prone position to stand as tall as her 5'5" will allow her, waiting, her breath held before him. Hands behind her head, fingers clutching in her dark auburn hair, checking without thinking, the French braid her Master loves her to wear, her large breasts displayed for his viewing, nipples instantly erect, a light mauve against her milky skin, her tummy tight, her back arching slightly, her small feet, shoulder width apart, her yellow-green gaze following him down the stairs, soft pink lips invitingly parted, each breath catching in her throat.

He walks to her, standing in front of her, meeting her eyes, his gray gaze noting everything about her. He smiles, enjoying the fact that she must crane her neck to look up and meet his look. He is not a small man, standing 6'1" and weighing much more then her 130 lbs. He begins to walk around her, running a soft finger over her side, stopping to lean close to her ear, she shivers when she hears him take a slow deep breath. She knows he can smell her scent, her cleanly shaved cunt already beginning to throb and swell, to leak onto her outer lips. He slides his large hand along her side, fingers pinching lightly, causing her to gasp. He then places a blindfold over her eyes and a ball gag in her mouth, buckling it behind her head, stifling the gasp of surprise from her. He chuckles, knowing he has already shocked her, for he never covers her eyes, preferring to see every emotion in them; never gags her, loving each scream that he brings forth from her.

He leaves her side, after leaning close and whispering in her ear, "Mmm... What shall Master do with his pet today?" She hears him moving around the room, hears the zing of rope being pulled from its place, hears the rush of air as a flogger is swung close to her, not touching, but fanning her tummy, making her jump. He chuckles close to her ear, making her gasp and shake.

He slides a finger along her slit, testing, knowing that he will find wetness there. He grins at her, standing there, shaking and nervous, but already her cunt is ready to accept him without any trouble. He continues to taunt her flesh with the brush of the flogger, making her wait, anticipation building.

She knows that this is just a build up, foreplay, but can feel herself already close to begging for the thudding sting of the flogger, her hips moving slowly without her realizing it. He smiles at this slight movement, his hand wrapped around the one thing guaranteed to make his pet scream and beg, sliding it into his back pocket.

He walks back to her, running a light finger down her spine, enjoying the way her skin shakes under his touch. He presses a hand into the middle of her back, this being her signal to bend at the waist, her hands move to grab her ankles as her legs spread further, her thighs burning. He goes down to one knee and wraps the rope around her right wrist several times, loving the way the scarlet rope looks against her pale skin. Skin that never feels the sun unless protected against its tanning effects. He wraps her right ankle the same, covering her ankle with scarlet, then moves to her left wrist and ankle.

He steps back to look at the lovely picture his princess makes. Her hands and ankles bound together, her back gracefully arched, her auburn hair secured in a French twist, curls escaping to rest on her neck, her ass in the air, cunt exposed. He again runs a finger up the inside of her creamy thigh and finds a trail of juices. His grin becomes wider as he picks up the thing that he knows his pet loves and dreads in equal measure.

He kicks a large pillow from the corner until it is resting in front of her, his smile widening as his plan forms. His pet loves a good mind fuck and no one can fuck his toy's mind better then he can.

Stepping behind her, he hears her breath catch as he rubs a palm over her ass. He knows she is aching inside and will soon beg with her body for anything as long as he is the one giving it to her. Stepping to her left side, he continues to rub her smooth skin, from her ass to her back, listening to her soft mewling.

He raises his arm high and without warning, while still rubbing her back, brings the 18" wooden ruler down across her right ass cheek. She screams as the fire in her right ass cheek surprises her, his hand on her back steadying her. His hand rises again, crashing onto her left ass cheek, again she screams behind the gag.

He reaches up to remove the gag, wanting to savor each scream, each moan, and whimper. He continues to ravage her once pale ass with the ruler, painting it a lovely shade of first pink then angry red, his hand still on her back holding her steady.

She sobs as the pain turns into something else, something that with each new stroke brings her closer to orgasm. He lifts his hand from her back and again brings the ruler down, this time crossing both cheeks at once, she screams out as she tenses her legs to keep from falling forward, fear coming to the surface, for the floor here is not soft by any means and to go down without the aid of her hands could cause damage to her face and as much as he likes to mark her body, he could never bring himself to mark her pure face.

With each stroke she comes that much closer to falling, her cries now begging him to hold her up. He continues to strike her now welted and bruised ass then moves to the backs of her thighs, landing with precision against the pale skin just below her ass. Her knees begin to buckle with each crack of the ruler; she is sobbing loudly, fear warring with the wish to please.

Her breath freezes in her lungs when the strokes stop and she feels his warm breath on her neck, "Wouldn't fall if I were you, slut." His voice taunting her, her skin shaking with dread. She tries to remember any move that might help protect her face from the concrete but can think of nothing the way she is bound. Tears soaking the blindfold, she begs him to please not make her fall, please no more. He smiles again, this time the kind of smile that would and could make a grown man shake in fear. He has not heard her safe word yet, and without that... there is no mercy.

She doesn't see his smile as he picks up the yardstick from the corner. He stands back from her, grips the stick as if it were a baseball bat and swings with his entire body. The yardstick splinters as her piercing scream rips through the house. Her knees buckling, she comes so hard that she falls forward, the waves of the orgasm mixed with the dread of the impact with the floor. She doesn't even fully realize that she has hit the floor until she feels his gentle touch on her forehead, the blindfold gone, bringing her back to him slowly, telling her he has her, he adores her, he is so very pleased with her. It is then she begins to feel the pillow under her. Her teary eyes go to his, seeing his devilish grin. She feels a laugh begin to bubble inside, knowing that she has been had; she remembers joking with him a few days ago that a mind fuck was a terrible thing to waste. They laugh for a while, holding each other.

When she looks at him after he has gone quiet, she sees a new look in his eyes, one she knows very well. Her mouth begins to water, her cunt and ass to clench. She rises to her knees, her ass still burning. "Master, please allow your bitch to serve You." Again, he smiles saying, "My pet, don't you know yet, that you already are?" She can feel heat rising from her skin, nods, and smiles back, rephrasing her question. "Master, please, may your pet taste the gift of your cock and cum?"

In answer he simply rises to his full height and goes to sit in his chair. She crawls fast to kneel between his legs and reaching for him, removes his cock from his jeans. She leans forward to take him into her mouth, but his hand in her hair stops her; she feels her head jerking back as she looks into his face. "As much as I would love to fuck your pretty little mouth, bitch, I want your ass even more, present it to your Master."

Her eyes widen as she scrambles to turn, and lowering her face to the floor, she reaches back, grabs her ass cheeks and spreads her ass for him. He kneels behind her, gripping both hips in his hands, pinching into her, and rams his hard cock into her cunt without warning, causing a short scream to escape her. He pumps hard a few times then sticks first one then the other thumb into her ass, spreading the tight hole while ramming into her cunt.

He withdraws his cock and presses against his thumbs at the opening of her ass, then leaning forward to press against her back, he places his hands on top of hers, curling his fingers around her smaller ones, bites hard in the middle of her back and rams his full length into her tight ass at the same time. Her low moan is nearly drowned out by his feral growls as he continues to take her ass and bite her back.

She presses against his cock, fucking his cock with her ass. Feeling his balls slapping her cunt, she begins to cum again on him, riding his cock with wild abandon.

He lets her finish cumming then leans back up and removes his cock from her ass, then tells her to clean him. She knows he loves to have his load swallowed after fucking so always makes sure her ass is completely clean inside. She moves to kneel once again in front of him, and then sees from the corner of her eyes a black glass plate. She reaches for the plate and places it under her chin as she sucks his cock into her mouth and deep into her throat, milking his cock.

She feels his balls flatten out and tighten, signaling that he is cumming as he grunts and snarls. She raises her head, something she normally wouldn't do, and catches his cum on the black plate. He watches as she lays the plate on the floor between them, leans onto all fours and laps his cum from the plate.

Rising, she smiles at him and thanks him for the lovely lunch. He chuckles, saying, "You are welcome, pet, now go finish your nap. Tonight, I have plans for that lovely body of yours. I am thinking you will look very good in red stripes." With that, he leaves the room, a sadistic grin on his face, thinking about the knives he still needs to pick up, mumbling to himself, "Yes, indeed, princess, your mind begs to be fucked almost as much as your body does and you haven't even seen the end of the foreplay yet."

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