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Mountain Hideaway

By Anonymous

Finally, after driving for more than three hours I arrive at my destination, a secluded holiday resort up in the mountains.

Gathering my bag from the boot, I walk up the pathway. I am about to knock on the door, when the handle turns and you are suddenly standing before me. You move to one side and silently gesture me in. The room is dimly lit, but I begin scanning the room my eyes adjusting to the lighting as I take in the lit fireplace and the comfortable furnishings, and hear the soft music playing in the background.

You take my bag and place it on the floor, just inside the doorway, then close the door behind me. As trained, I bow my head and with downcast eyes I kneel at your feet with my hands resting lightly on my knees, palms upward. You stand in front of me, and then slowly walk around me looking me over before raising me to my feet. You note that I am trembling slightly and smile softly.

You lift my chin so that I look into your eyes. You suggest that it has been a long drive and that I may enjoy a shower to freshen up before dinner. Eagerly, I agree feeling the need for some time to gather my thoughts and rein in the emotions that have started besieging me. You lead me to the bathroom explaining that everything I need is there waiting for me, before closing the door and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I turn on the water allowing it to heat up as I remove my clothing, then step into the cubicle sighing in pleasure as the hot water removes some of the tension from my body. Noticing the shampoo on the holder in front of me, I start to wash my hair and have my head submerged under the hot stream of water when, unknown to me, you silently enter the room. I do not hear you enter or even notice you quietly watching me, as I stand naked before you for the very first time. You then leave as silently as you entered, closing the door softly behind you.

Stepping out of the shower, I go to grab the towel that had been hanging on the rack. It is gone. Looking around the room I notice that my clothes have been taken also. Your voice suddenly cracks through the doorway, asking me what is taking so long. My nervousness returns a hundred-fold. I realize you have planned this. That I have no choice; that you expect me to walk out of the safety of this small warm room and start my adventure with you, completely bare.

Slowly, my hand reaches out for the doorknob and turns it. I feel as if I am moving in slow motion. I watch the door open silently on its hinges and then there you are standing in the living room in front of the fire, holding the towel out for me, a crooked smile playing on your lips. I walk towards you, feeling like a toddler taking her first steps. The metaphor is not lost on me, as I take my first steps towards you as my Master.

Suddenly, time speeds up again and I am standing before you shivering. Not from the cold! You hand me the towel and I dry myself off as you watch me. A blush creeps over my cheeks as my scent wafts between us. I am wet, I realize. Dripping wet and not from the shower.

You take the towel from me and place it on the stand next to the fireplace. Taking my hand you lead you me down the hallway to the bedroom. I hesitate as we reach the doorway and I see the four-poster bed in the middle of the room with all sorts of chains and contraptions hanging from it. You tug gently at my hand, urging me onwards. Following you to the side of the bed I let you position me on it, face down, arms extended above my head.

You bind my wrists together and tie them to the headboard. Then you tenderly caress my buttocks before pushing your hand gently between my legs and moving my left leg towards the edge of the bed, your hand moving down my leg to my ankle as you move it. You then secure my ankle to the post at the end of the bed, before spreading my right leg outwards in the same way and securing it also.

I feel so vulnerable; so excited. I look at you nervously, reassured by your gentle smile and the approval in your eyes as you look back at me. I settle, knowing that by my total submission I am pleasing you and just hoping I can continue to submit so willingly!

I moan softly as you run both hands over my body up towards my shoulders. Then, you reach past my right shoulder and from underneath the pillow you pull out a blindfold. You secure it over my eyes. I hear the sound of wood sliding against wood and realize you are opening the bedside drawer. You gently raise my face from the bed and supporting my chin with your right hand you use your left hand to secure a strong piece of tape over my mouth.

Gently you rest my head back on the bed, my left cheek against the mattress. Slowly you move towards my waist, and then reaching down under the bed you pull out a wide black waist-belt. Sliding it under my tummy and fastening it behind my back, you attach it to the complicated system of ropes and pullies hanging from the top frame of the four-poster bed. You pull one of the ropes and I feel my waist being lifted off the bed. The ties on my ankles give just enough leeway for me to be suspended about 25cm off the bed. Quickly you secure the rope and place two firm pillows beneath my mound.

I start to tremble now. With my rear suspended in the air I feel so totally exposed and scared. Wondering what you will do next. Trying not to panic.

You leave. I hear the door close behind you, as I am left to consider all that has happened and all that is still to come. It seems like an eternity that I am left waiting for you. Straining my hearing I hope for some sound behind the closed door to tell me that you are still there. The sign suddenly comes as I hear footsteps in the hallway. I tense as the door opens.

Without speaking several people enter the room. I don't know if it is two or three, but can tell from the footsteps that it is more than one person. I don't even know if you are one of the people. My heart begins to pound rapidly in my chest. I smell perfume, sweet and flowery. My heart freezes. My breath stops. I want to scream out "Nooooooooooooooooo," but the tape over my mouth only lets me give a muffled "nnnnnnnmmmmmmfffffff" sound.

I hear giggles. Two separate female giggles. I groan. There is movement at the end of the bed, I feel the depression of the mattress as someone crawls up between my legs. A small hand starts to play with my clit, teasing it at first. Flicking it at first and then circling it gently. I whimper. "I don't like women!!!!" my mind yells at me, but my traitorous body is starting to say differently.

I hear a chair being placed beside the bed, and then someone sits in it. There is a small clicking sound in my left ear, like someone turning on an electrical switch. I wonder what is happening. Just as my brain starts to come a conclusion the buzz of the clippers confirms my half formed suspicions. Straining and struggling uselessly against the bonds, I try to free myself, but to no avail. The clippers are gently placed on my nape and are slowly, so very slowly, moved up my hairline. Just then the fingers that had been working so expertly on my clit dart into my ever-so-wet pussy.

My body convulses. I feel my orgasm overwhelming me. I try to resist, but I can't. It is all too much. I am gagged, blindfolded and bound. My hair is being clipped while another woman is finger-fucking me and I can sense you sitting near me watching the whole scene evolve. I scream through the tape as I climax uncontrollably. My body jerking and twitching as it succumbs totally to the pleasures being assaulted upon it. Then everything goes black.

Slowly, I become aware of voices. Someone is running his or her fingers through my hair. I realize that it has been shaved really short all over. Instead of feeling sick inside as I had imagined I would, I feel strangely excited. I remember your fetish for clipped hair and know instinctively that it is your hand that I can feel on my head. The gentleness of your caress lets me know how pleased you are. Again I feel my wetness growing, as I feel comforted knowing that I have pleased you in this small way. My comfort suddenly turns to fear as I realize that I came. I came and I came and I came. And not once did I have permission!

continued in Part 2

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