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Mountain Hideaway, part 2

By Anonymous

Trying to turn my head in your direction, I realize I can't. My head and neck seem to be in some sort of brace that doesn't allow any movement. I am still bound in the same way as before. My bottom is still pointing up high, totally vulnerable and exposed.

I notice the silence. We are alone again. Just you and me. I hear you walk to the end of the bed and pick up something off the mattress. Without giving my mind any time to assimilate any information you suddenly bring it down hard against my left buttock. I scream!! Shocked by the sound of my own voice. You have removed the tape!

"Please Sir," I cry, "Pleassseee! Forgive me! I didn't mean to cum without permission. Please forgive me." WHACK! The strap crashes down onto my other buttock. I scream again, my body jerking. The pain is so intense. Then I feel warm oil gently applied to my rapidly forming welts. You massage them, tenderly as I cry over and over "I am sorry Sir".

"Ssshhhhh girl," you say. Your voice is soft and kind. "It is over now." For a long while you just continue to caress my buttocks, then your hands start to move down my thighs to the back of my knees and back up further towards my shoulders, then back down again.

A small sigh escapes my lips as my taut muscles start to relax. I feel you lean over and pick up something else from the end of the bed. I hear a swish in the air. I jump, but there is no impact. You laugh softly. Then I hear it again, "swish". This time it brushes against my shoulders, not hard, but with just enough force that I can feel the heat begin to grow pleasantly on my skin. With each stroke of the flogger the heat intensifies and so does my need for you.

Moaning softly I let the pain wash over me. Taking it and channelling it, letting it mix with the pleasure I am feeling as my arousal grows to new dizzying heights.

Then you stop. You lower the rope that suspends me up in the air and begin to unbind me.

I am bitterly disappointed. My inner thighs are soaked with my thick, sticky juices, as I am sure you have noticed. "Why then the stop in play?" I ask myself. "Was it something I did or didn't do?" I wonder.

You assist me from the bed. I am surprised at how wobbly I am on my feet. I glance at the clock and realize with a start that I have been here for over three hours. You gently support my elbow and guide me to the door. Reassuring yourself that I have regained my balance, you open the door and walk out, taking it for granted that I will follow you and, of course, I do.

As I turn from the hallway into the kitchen I stop dead in my tracks, my breath caught in my throat. There in the kitchen, serving up dinner are who I (correctly) assume to be the two girls who pleasured me and clipped my hair earlier. Sitting at the kitchen table, are two men. "Kneel," you command me. I take up the kneeling position again, right there in the entrance to the kitchen, my eyes downcast.

A chair scrapes the floor as you pull it out and sit on it, joining the other men at the table. I can feel their eyes on me. My face reddens, the heat on my cheeks almost unbearable. It is all I can do to stay still and not fidget under their scrutiny. I jump a little as one of them addresses you, complimenting you on the cottage and our surroundings. They continue talking to you about general things as the girls begin serving dinner to the three of you, before taking their places kneeling at the feet of their respective masters.

You say one word to me, "Come". I look at you and see you gesture me to your feet. Getting onto all fours I crawl towards you, then resume my kneeling position at your side, while you absent-mindedly stroke my shaved head as you resume your conversation and meal, placing small pieces of food into my mouth now and then as you do so.

When the meal is over, the other girls get up to clear the table. I look at you and you nod your approval for me to help them. The other masters and you rise from the table and move into the lounge room.

The girls are both very petite and pretty. I feel out of place and awkward next to them, being so tall and large. The redhead smiles at me shyly and asks me my name. "Leah," I tell her. "Hi Leah, I'm Anna," she tells me, "and this Angie." Angie winks, and looks at me, her shiny black hair whipping around her face. "Like the hairdo I gave you?" she asks. I laugh back, a little nervously. "Yes," I respond smiling, "nice and cool for summer." We continue to chat as we put away the dishes and then prepare tea and coffee for our masters. The girls place the cups and beverages on a tray and take them to the lounge room. I follow them out, still nervous of appearing before their masters so totally naked.

You beckon me to you, and indicate that I should kneel by your feet. Anna and Angie serve their masters their coffee and then move to the centre of the room. They start to embrace and kiss each other passionately. I look on in wonder, suddenly realizing that this must be a regular duty for them. Putting on a show after dinner for their masters. Their hands start sliding over each other's body, caressing smooth shoulders, rounded breasts, hard nipples. Sliding down further, fingers delving into navels. Then Angie's hand moves to Anna's hips, then buttocks, her finger tracing down the valley between them and finding its way to her tight little rosebud. A sigh escapes Anna's lips and I hear it echoed on my own lips. Both girls smile and look at me. I tense totally, careful not to look at you or even glance in your direction, although I can feel you staring hard at me.

Then Anna moves her hand over Angie's mound, gently pushing her fingers between her legs. Angie parts her legs slightly, stretches her head backwards as far as she can as she licks her lips and moans softly as Anna's fingers start to slide against her pussy lips. I am so engrossed; I barely notice my own moan, until your voice cuts through the air like a knife. "Join them my pet," you say.

continued in Part 3

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