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Mountain Hideaway, part 4

By Anonymous

As I feel the first stirrings of my consciousness returning, I go to stretch my body languidly and find that I cannot move. My eyes snap open! I am lying on my back on the bed, tied spread-eagled. I hear you whistling contentedly as you walk down the hallway.

You enter the room carrying a tray with a bowl of warm water and shaving gear on it. Setting your burden down on the bedside table you smile at me, leaning over to gently kiss my lips as your hand tugs playfully at my pubic hairs. "Mmmmmmmm, time for these to go," you say to me. Taking some large scissors off the tray you smile wickedly at me and place them, blades closed, against my pussy lips sliding them gently backwards and forwards. I gasp at the touch of cold steel against my tender flesh, my heart racing, my vision blurring slightly, as you watch me knowingly. You rest the scissors on my sex and slowly open the blades. I hold my breath. Your eyes lock onto mine as you gently snip the hairs from between my legs. You laugh softly as you notice my wetness, then move the scissors upwards, trimming all of my pubic hair as close as you can.

Next you take the shaving soap and work up a good thick lather on my pubic stubble, before taking the razor and carefully shaving me completely. I watch you as you concentrate on your task, your eyes never leaving my pussy as you take your time, noticing how my breath becomes increasingly more shallow with every stroke of the blade, smiling at how easily the razor moves over my sex with the combination of the soap and my juices. When you are finished, you take a warm washer and gently wash me, removing the loose hairs and remaining soap.

You rub your hand over my smooth soft pussy, admiring your handy work and bend down to plant a tender kiss on my clit. I moan softly and you see my lust so very evident in my eyes. "Not yet my girl," you chuckle as you rise from the bed, returning the shaving gear to the tray and walking out of the room.

I eagerly await your return. Memories of last night flooding my mind, the anticipation of what today has in store for me sending my blood pulsing hotly through my body. A good ten minutes goes by and still you haven't returned. I wonder where you are, what you are doing. Suddenly you are before me again, having snuck in so quietly that I didn't hear you until you were right beside me. I start, letting out a small cry. You smile at me, enjoying my discomfiture.

Gently you untie me and sit me up on the edge of the bed. "It is a beautiful day" you say, "let's go outside." Mortified I look at you. I am totally naked and there are no clothes in sight. Standing in front of me you hold your hand out to me. Trembling, I take it and get up off the bed and accompany you out of the cottage's back door to the little private garden.

The first thing I notice is a single chair and a small outdoor table, upon which is a folded newspaper, a china mug and a pot of freshly brewed coffee. My eyes are then drawn to an old wooden vaulting horse sitting in the middle of the garden.

I start to tremble as you lead me to it and gently bend me over it. Spreading my legs wide, you secure my ankles to the corresponding legs of the vaulting horse. Then you instruct me to stretch my hands under the horse towards you.

As I do so you place a soft leather bondage cuff on each wrist, then tie my left wrist to my left ankle and my right wrist to my right ankle, pulling me taut over the belly of the horse. My anus and pussy are totally exposed, my heavy bosoms dangling in mid air. You smile happily, then walk around to my head and place a large piece of duct tape firmly across my mouth.

You take a set of double action remote control vibrators and, lubricating them well, insert one into my pussy and gently push the other past my tight sphincter muscle. I moan softly as you do so, the blood rushing to my face, both from humiliation and the angle of my head.

Then you sit at the table, unfold the newspaper and take a sip of your coffee. My morning of wondrous torture begins as you casually read the paper and switch on the dials of the remote control.

I gasp as I feel the first vibration start in my pussy. Slow at first, then gradually increasing in speed. Then, the anal vibe starts. You leave it set on low. Just gently making me aware of its presence and let me stay that way for close to 30 minutes. Looking up at me now and then, smiling as you see the goose bumps covering my flesh and the glistening wetness running down my inner thighs. My continuous whimpers of ecstasy like music to your ears.

Suddenly you turn off both vibes. I breathe a sigh of relief, acutely aware that I did not have permission to cum, was in no position to ask for permission, and yet had been only moments away from climax.

You then walk over to me. Although I cannot see what you are doing behind me, you remove a leather fanny strapper from the rear pocket of your jeans. You slap it against the palm of your hand, laughing gently as I jump and let out a frightened yelp. You then gently start to apply it to my dripping wet sex, the moisture making the leather sting more than usual. I moan loudly, feeling the first waves of orgasmic convulsions start to overcome me as you mercilessly bring me on to one of many non-approved orgasms.

Finally you stop. Noting my utter exhaustion from the lag of my body, you throw the strapper down on the ground, and then unzip your trousers. Placing your hands firmly on my hips and moving close to me, you press your hard cock against my tight rosebud.

I moan deeply. Wanting you and needing you so much, yet having absolutely no energy to participate, knowing that I am completely at your mercy, an object for your pleasure. My heart thumps hard against my breast as the thought of being used by you in this way excites my fatigued body. I feel you gently pressing into my pussy, ever so slowly and deeply. I let out a groan that quickly alternates to a whimper of protest as you withdraw from me. You then ram you cum-lubricated cock hard and deep into my anus. My body attempts to jerk upwards only to be cruelly held in place by my restraints. I start to scream, the tape on my mouth muffling my cries. You pound into me relentlessly, and to my utter amazement and your sheer delight I start to cum again.

continued in Part 5

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