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Mountain Hideaway, part 5

By Anonymous

Gently you untie me and help me off the vaulting horse. My knees are weak. You guide me into the bedroom and tuck me into bed, covering me with the blankets and kissing my lips gently, telling me to rest. I smile at you, my eyes closing before you reach the door.

I wake, conscious of being half carried half dragged and become more alert as I realize that you have placed me at the end of the bed. My legs are spread wide, secured by ropes and cuffs to the bedposts. You are lifting me up, securing my wrists to the bedposts in the same way, so that I am standing there at the foot of the bed spread-eagled.

You see me watching you and smile. "Hello pet," you say, "did you rest well?" I nod, still feeling groggy with fatigue. You move to a chair in the room and return carrying a box. You see me looking at it and chuckle softly. "My toy box," you laugh.

Opening the box you remove some large, heavy looking, labia clamps with chains and weights attached to them. You connect them to a bolt on the floor; one by one attach them to me. Giving each one a gentle tug as you do so. I moan softly.

Then, you remove some nipple clamps, also with weights and chains. You attach them, making sure they are firm but not too tight, before pulling the chains on each one outwards attaching them to a loop in the cuffs on my wrists. My nipples are now straining outwards, feeling the weight of my breasts on them as well as the weights from the clamp arrangement, I whimper a little. The pain is not intense, but it is obvious that it will become so with time. Gently, you apply pressure to my inner elbow forcing my outstretched arm to try and bend. As it does the chains tug cruelly at my nipples, I toss my head back, biting my bottom lip, breathing heavily, trying not to cry out, but the movement causes me to stretch the length of my body, tugging at the clamps on my labia. I can't help but yelp this time! You smile at me, knowing that your little demonstration has just shown me how much pain will result from even my slightest movements.

You then move to the bed, sitting yourself in the middle of it, propped up by pillows and smiling wickedly at me. "This is your punishment for cumming all morning without permission," you tell me, giving me your wickedest evil grin. "You have my permission to cum as much as want now," you add, as you untie the robe you are wearing and let me see your wonderfully erect cock. I look at you, my tongue tracing over my lips as I watch you, mesmerized, as you begin stroking yourself.

I can't help myself, my hips start moving in rhythm with your strokes. With each movement I make I whimper and cry out, with each stroke you take you murmur softly watching me react to you while you react to me torturing myself in my lustful need for you. Your hand starts to move faster, as do I. My nipples are pulled so taught, the pain running from them down the nerve endings to my vagina, my juices flowing from me. I am flooding over the labia clamps that are cruelly pulling on me, opening me up only to allow me to feel my emptiness so acutely. I watch you. Needing you so badly, wanting you in me, knowing better then to even think of begging for the privilege. You start to moan, your own nearing climax so evident. I cum and cum and cum. Then as I start to settle, you explode! I watch your seed spilling from you, wanting to drink from you so badly, to taste you. I strain forward towards you no longer caring about the pain. In fact feeling no pain, as my pleasure and pain are so intertwined that they are now inseparable identities. And, I as I climax again, I scream.

You sigh contentedly, looking at the mess you have created and smiling, tie the robe around you and walk out of the room. I hear the shower running. Shortly you return, dressed and refreshed. You remove the clamps and undo my bonds. Gently supporting my body you smile at me and kiss me softly.

Noticing my body trembling, and realizing that for once it is not a sexual response, you remember that it has been a while since I have eaten. You send me to the kitchen to fix myself something while you go and make a phone call.

I am just putting away my washed dishes, feeling much better, as you enter the room and tell me that we are going for a drive. It is obvious that I will not be given a chance to shower or dress. I am naked and smelly, but want to prove myself to you, so I follow you to the car without even one protest. You lead me to the passenger door, but hand me the keys. I open the door and you hop in. Realizing that I am expected to chauffer you; I go to the other side of the car and get into the driver's seat. Buckling up, I feel so exposed as my feet are naturally stretched apart, one on the clutch the other on the accelerator. I start the engine, and, following your directions, drive us further up the mountain to a secluded park.

As we pull up, I notice that Anna, Angie and their two masters are waiting for us. The girls are dressed in midriff tops and very short shorts, hitting a tennis ball back and forth to each other, as the men talk. As we approach, they all stop. The girls are obviously shocked to see the state I am in, but quickly conceal their emotions. Their masters, however, ogle me openly. You instruct me to kneel and I do so, without hesitation. One of the doms asks you how much you would charge to allow him a session with me. I hold my breath, only releasing it slowly as you politely inform him that you are the only man who will ever have the pleasure of me. He is obviously disappointed and a little disgruntled. To take the sting out of your words you offer to have me put on a show for him. He eagerly agrees and you command me to masturbate until I orgasm. I freeze. I look at the two doms. So many emotions racing through my mind, but to my surprise, the strongest is excitement. I suddenly realize how much I want to perform. Not only to please you, but because of an inner need in me. I decide not to examine my emotions, choosing instead to simply obey you. I am so nervous that it takes me an eternity to cum. I am quite exhausted when I do eventually climax, but am blessedly rewarded by its intensity.

You smile at me and place your hand out for me to take, lifting me to my feet and, saying our farewells to the masters, you lead me back to the car. This time you drive. When we get home you lead me to the bathroom instructing me to shower and freshen up before joining you in the lounge room.

As I walk towards you, you look up at me smiling. Your eyes scan my naked body, which is still slightly flushed and pinkish from the warm water and scrubbing it has just been subjected to. I approach the sofa you are sitting on. You spread your knees wider and instruct me to kneel between them. Then, taking another swig from your beer your eyes wander to the television. You are watching football. "Yes!" you cry out as your team scores a goal. I look at up you, my longing showing on my face as my hand tentatively reaches towards your zip. You smile at me and nod your approval. Unbuckling your belt and unzipping your fly quickly I gently remove your cock from your underwear and bowing my head over you, I expertly start bringing it to life. I skim the flat of my teeth over your tip, then gently cup your glans with my teeth, before closing my lips around you tightly, sucking gently for a moment or two before I release you from my mouth and move down your shaft, licking and flicking you with my tongue before working my way back up.

My tongue flicks teasingly near the eye of your cock, not touching it, before starting its journey downwards again. This time, I gently take your balls one at a time into my hot, moist mouth, juggling them with my tongue and sucking them softly for several minutes before releasing them and letting my tongue start its teasing journey back up your shaft towards your eye. Delighted at how hard you are now and at how much power I feel giving you this pleasure, I look at up you and smile broadly.

You look at me, raise one eyebrow and laugh as you take my head and hold it over you, ramming your fully erect cock into my open mouth so deeply that I start to gag. Using both hands you hold me there as I struggle to get free in an attempt to relieve the gagging sensation. Eventually you loosen your hold, letting my mouth move up to just cover the tip of your cock. Looking down at me, you smile and tell me that I can only suck the tip, like a babe suckles her mother. Then with a wicked evil grin you add, "be careful not to make me cum before the game ends, pet, I wouldn't want to miss anything." You give me a wink and chuckle softly, settling back to enjoy your afternoon.

continued in Part 6

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