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Mountain Hideaway, part 6

By Anonymous

Finally the game ends! It seems to me that it was the longest football game ever. My cheek muscles are so sore from sucking you continuously during the game, not having been allowed to stop or make you cum even during half time or ad breaks.

I look at up you as my left hand cups your balls squeezing them slightly as I start to move my mouth further down your cock taking it deep into my throat. You smile at me, grabbing my hair, pulling my mouth off you. You keep pulling my hair upwards until I stand. Then as I stand before you, you place your hands on my hips and turn me around so that my back is to you. Gently pull my hips downwards, bringing my ass down towards your lap. I gasp involuntarily as I feel your hard, moist cock pushing against my rosebud. Your hands, still on my hips, keep pulling me down on top of you, gently but insistently. Letting out a deep breath, I force my body to relax and pushing down hard on you I take your cock into my anus, groaning with pleasure as you push deep inside me, pulling me down until my ass is resting on your lap, taking you into me completely. You then move your hands down to my knees spreading them apart as you spread your own knees too, then instruct me to twine my legs around yours.

Placing your left hand firmly in the small of my back you push my body slightly forwards, then put both your hands on my hips again, guiding me up off you slightly before pushing me back down again, hard! I groan and quickly grasping what you want me to do, I start to move against you; lifting off you then plunging back down. My breath is ragged, my pussy saturated, my desire unchecked, as I move on you harder and faster, literally ramming you. Slowly your hands creep down to my knees spreading my legs wider still as I continue to fuck you. Your left hand starts to play with my clit; pulling back its hood and extending it, then flicking it. I moan so loudly. You laugh and lean close to my ear murmuring "don't you dare cum." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " I moan, "pleasssssssseee sir, pleassssssssssse let me cum!" "No," you say firmly. You then abruptly lift me off you and place me in a heap at your feet.

I move onto all fours and turn around to look at you enquiringly. You smile and hold your cock out towards me, opening your mouth by way of instruction. Crawling closer to you, I resume my earlier position between your legs then take your cock into my mouth tasting my acrid ass juices on it. I start to suck you hard and fast, as I deep-throat you. You moan with pleasure, leaning back against the couch, plunging your hips towards my mouth, as your hands firmly grip my shoulders. I feel my excitement growing with yours and look up at you pleadingly with my eyes. You smile at me, tug my hair hard and say, "CUM" as you explode into my mouth. I cum. Almost choking, I remind my body to swallow your hot life-giving semen as I cream the floor and my inner thighs, experiencing my own powerful release.

Finally, our breathing starts to slow as our orgasms start to subside. I lick my tongue over my teeth, and around my lips, making sure I savour and swallow every drop of you. I smile up at you, as I gently tuck your cock back in and zip your fly, then buckle your belt.

You pat your knees, smiling encouragingly at me. I quickly climb onto your lap and cuddle in close, resting my head on your shoulder as you stroke my hair and gently start kissing me. I twist in your lap so that I am facing you, my legs either side of your hips, and we start to kiss deeply, just taking our time; tongues playing with each other's as we gently run our hands over each other's bodies in a sweet caress.

Eventually, you break our kiss, saying that you are famished. Quickly, I take the hint and softly pad into the kitchen to fix you some dinner. As I prepare your meal lovingly, I cannot help but recall all that has happened so far this weekend. I try to remember a time in my life when I have ever felt happier and realize that there just isn't one.

I set the table informing you that your meal is ready. I place your meal before you. Kneeling on the floor beside you, I accept my food from you. When you have finished I quickly clear your plate and clean the table, promising you a treat for dessert. I return with a platter of fruit containing pieces of peeled and chopped paw-paw, rock melon and fresh strawberries and carrying a large can of whipped cream.

You laugh as I sit on the table before you, totally naked still, my knees bent up high with my feet flat on the table and legs spread wide, the fruit platter between my feet. I hand you the can. You shake it then smiling and chuckling at me you slowly shake your head in semi-disbelief and insert the nozzle into my vagina filling it with the cold frothy cream. Picking up a strawberry you dip it deep inside my creamy pussy and then take it to your lips, blowing me a kiss before eating it. I grin at you, pleased at your obvious amusement with my dessert. I sit watching you happily, thinking how much you mean to me, as you continue eating your fill.

When the fruit is finished, you push the empty platter out of the way and, putting your hands on my ass, gently pull me towards you to the edge of the table. Pushing back your chair slightly, you bend forward and proceed to lick and suck my pussy clean. I tremble and start to move my pelvis against your mouth. When you are satisfied that I am clean you sit up and, pushing your chair further back, you stand informing me that you have things to attend to. You ask me to knock on the bedroom door before entering, once I have finished cleaning up the kitchen.

Reluctantly I watch you leave me, and get up and start cleaning the dishes. I then walk to the bedroom and knock on the door, awaiting your permission to enter. You open the door and smile at me. The room is in almost total darkness, lit only by the many candles adorning every available bench space. It seems so romantic, that I sigh contentedly and follow you into the bedroom, lying down on the middle of bed as you instruct me to do with a simple gesture.

Smiling a crooked little smile, you lean down and kiss my lips as you simultaneously take my hands and stretch them above my head, securing my wrists together to the headboard. You then reach up for the rope attached to the pulley on the top left support of the bed. Pulling it down you secure my left ankle to the cuff attached to the end of the rope. You then do the same with my right ankle on the right side of the bed, spreading my legs so very wide. You then smile at me wickedly and pull the rope on the left side, raising my left leg high in the air, then walking to the other side of the bed do the same with my right leg. I am lying on the bed, hands stretched above my head secured to the headboard, legs spread wide apart, stretched up high with my feet pointing towards the ceiling. I look at you, belatedly realizing that maybe romance wasn't your intention after all.

You open your toy box and bring out a red ball gag. My eyes meet yours, pleading. You know I hate gags, and I look at you imploring you not to use one now. "It is for the best pet," you tell me, "with this in your mouth, you will be protected from biting your tongue or lips." I look at you, wondering what on earth you are planning to do. You bend down and kiss me lovingly, then straighten up slightly and hover the fingers of your right hand above my pussy, your left hand holding the ball gag just above my mouth.

"Open your mouth," you instruct me softly. I hesitate and you quickly thrust three fingers deep inside me. I cry out and as I do so you push the ball gag into my mouth. You remove your fingers from me and secure the gag in place. Then, taking a blindfold from your toy box, you cover my eyes.

You leave the room, but return shortly afterwards carrying something that makes a "chinking" sound. I wonder what on earth you are up to. You approach me, not saying a word, but I can feel your delight, it is radiating from you, filling the room, filling my senses. Although I cannot see a thing, I can imagine your smile, knowing that whatever it is you are about to do, it is something that you anticipate we will both enjoy immensely.

Moving your right hand between my legs, you spread my lower lips, inserting a piece of tubular ice deep inside me with your left hand. My body jerks, and I cry out as the intense cold hits the hot inner lining of my vagina. I feel my nipples instantly hardening. You laugh with delight and quickly insert another piece of ice, then another and another. I am whimpering so much, feeling the melting ice pouring out of me, down over my anus and onto the bed beneath me. You repeat the process placing ice into my anus next. Then leaning over me, your lips take hold of my left nipple and suck it hard into your mouth, greeting it with the intense cold of more ice. I cry out again. You keep this up - alternating between putting ice in my pussy, then my anus, then sucking my nipples with ice in your mouth - for what seems like hours, but for what is only ten minutes in reality.

Then you move away from me. I can tell from the sound of your footsteps that you have not left the room. Returning beside me you again spread my lower lips with your left hand. I wait for more ice, wondering why the smell of burning wax is suddenly so strong. Then I feel it. Like in a dream it lands against my exposed flesh and also drips onto my clit. I scream. My body jerks and strains and struggles against my bonds, but to no avail. The burning pain lasts for only a few seconds before fading to a pleasant warmth. I shudder. My body is so alive. I am so alive. It is amazing. You move up to my nipples and repeat the process on them. This time I am ready for it, welcoming the sensation of hot/warm wax on my chilled nipples. My nerves are stretched to their limits and all of my senses are heightened.

After awhile you move to the foot of the bed and position yourself above me, your face is near mine. My legs are still raised high suspended from the top bed rails giving you complete access to both my holes. You nestle on top of me then reach up to remove my gag and blindfold. "How was that lil one?" you ask. "Amazing," I pant in reply. You smile at me and kiss me tenderly, then nuzzle my neck as you gently press your incredibly hard cock against my rosebud. I gasp in delight, as you look down and watch my eyes haze over as you proceed to take me anally while lying on top of me. "Pleeaaassseeeee," I whisper weakly, my voice so soft and shaking, the tremor in it matching the trembling of my body and the quivering of my clit. "Pleasseeeeeee Sir, may I cum?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," you moan softly, pumping me harder and faster, "not yet lil one, not yet." I start to whimper, knowing that I have no self control left, biting my lip trying to hold my orgasm back, knowing that I will fail. You watch me pumping me harder and faster, moving your hand to my clit and rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger. I try to arch my back, my arms and legs straining painfully against my bonds. Suddenly you cum. I feel your hot juice squirt deep inside me, and I cum with you, unable to resist, knowing I will be punished, yet - in that instant - caring not. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," you moan again as you collapse on top of me. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," I sigh happily.

You rest your head against my breasts, and I shut my eyes, exhausted and just so blissfully happy.

continued in Part 7

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