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Mountain Hideaway, part 7

By Anonymous

I squirm, feeling strangely restless, but still really tired and wanting to continue sleeping. I roll over trying to sleep on but feel a strange sensation, insistent and persistent, keeping me awake. Reluctantly, I allow my senses to refocus bringing me back to consciousness. I hear the soft buzzing sounds at the same time that I become aware that the feeling of restlessness is being caused by vibrations in my pussy and anus.

My mind starts processing the information that is slowly filtering into it. I open my eyes and see you standing above me, two remote controls in your hands, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Analysis done, my brain tells me that I have a vibrator strapped to my clit and a vibrating butt plug inside my anus. I look at you and I grin, thinking to myself "this will be fun".

You see the look on my face and laugh, knowing that you are about to shatter my ideas of a nice, comfortable, little sex scene. "Get up sleepy head," you tell me, "The markets are on today and we're going." Your smile broadens as my dawning comprehension shows on my face. You wink and point to the clothes neatly set out on the dresser. "Five minutes, no more!" you instruct me as you turn off the vibes and leave the room humming happily.

I hop out of bed, walk to the dresser and slip on the short denim skirt and tight cotton midriff top you have placed there for me. To my dismay there is no underwear to be seen. Going to the bathroom I comb my hair, wash my face and brush my teeth quickly before joining you in the lounge room. You walk to the door and I follow you out to the car.

As I slide onto the passenger seat, I realize just how short the skirt is as it slips up so high that I can see the edge of the wing of the little butterfly clit vibrator. I blush. Feeling stupid for blushing after all I have been through this weekend, but being too embarrassed to control it. I see that you notice my discomfort as you start the car. Glancing down at my almost exposed clit you give me a wickedly evil grin and drive off towards the nearby town.

The markets are so crowded! People and stalls everywhere. You park the car and walk around to my side of the car to open the door. I look up at you swallowing nervously. You raise your eyebrow at me, a look of impatience stealing across your face. Taking a deep breath I hop out of the car, feeling a cool breeze between my legs as I unavoidably expose myself in the process. I hear a gasp and look up. About 5 metres away are two young men - early 20's, just standing and chatting. One of them has gone as red as I am and is staring right at me with a foolish grin on his face. I look at you in dismay. Noticing that I have just experienced the first witnessing of my state of undress you smile at me and take your time closing the car door, making a great show of locking the car and checking that it is locked, before slowly leading the way towards the stalls.

I feel my inner thighs becoming sticky, and feel the heat in my face increasing. You stop at every stall we pass by. Looking at something, showing me a particular item that takes your fancy, making the tour of the markets drag on for an eternity. At one stall you decide to purchase a set of pottery coffee mugs. As you open your wallet a card falls out of it. You look at me, waiting. I bend down to pick it up for you, being careful to crouch and not just bend from the waist. Just as my hand reaches out to touch the card, I squeal and lose my balance, almost falling, before quickly steadying myself, picking up the card and standing again. I look at you in disbelief as the quiet humming sounds reverberate in my ears and through my private parts.

You smile cheekily, take your coffee cups from the vendor and hand them to me to carry before continuing on. Trying to control the blush on my cheeks I follow you, clasping the coffee mugs close against me, using the task of carrying them as a distraction against the sensations racing through my body. I feel thin trickles of moisture running down my legs towards my knees, hoping fervently that no one else will notice; knowing that you have. Without saying a word, you turn off the vibes again.

Further down the rows of stalls there is a tent sent up containing tables and chairs for people to sit and enjoy a coffee. You lead us to a table in the middle of the tent, and pulling out a chair gesture for me to sit. I remain standing and look at you as you sit across from me. You stare at me hard, your eyes fixing on mine as I stand there watching you. Taking a deep breath, I sit as my skirt rises up so high letting the cool morning air hit the moistness between my legs. I quickly squeeze my knees tight together. "Open them my pet," you whisper as you lean across the table, "open them wide." Looking at you, seeing that this time my punishment for cumming without permission is meant to be exactly that. I comply, hoping that my willingness to obey will lessen the time you spend humiliating me in this way.

A young girl brings our coffee to us. I watch her self-consciously, looking for any signs that she too can smell my scent as it permeates the air around us. She quietly serves us and leaves. You watch me as you sip your coffee. I place my cup to my lips about to take a cautious sip in case it is too hot, when suddenly the vibes start up again. I jump, sloshing the coffee around in my cup. Luckily none of it spills. You look at me innocently, as you continue drinking your beverage. I put my cup down, not trusting myself to hold it steady. Chuckling you turn off the vibes again, and encourage me to drink up. After finishing our coffee, we continue our shopping without further incident, return to the car and drive "home".

Once we are back inside the cottage, you walk up to me and put your hand up my skirt, removing the clit vibrator as you gently kiss my lips. I sigh in relief, waiting for you to remove the butt plug too, but you don't. Instead you tell me you are going to have a bath and would appreciate lunch being served as soon as you are finished. You turn on the butt plug remote as you walk off to the bathroom.

Quickly, I chop up the salad items for lunch presenting them nicely on a plate with some cold chicken; I place your meal on the table just as you walk into the kitchen. "Mmmmm," you say appreciatively as you sit down ready to eat. I move towards you intending to take my usual place at your feet. You look at me and shake your head, pointing to the high stool sitting in the corner. I walk over and sit on it, feeling my skirt ride up again. Looking at me you instruct me to open my legs and play with myself for your pleasure. Your emphasis, on whose pleasure it is for, leaves me doubting that I will be permitted to cum.

You finish eating and rise from the table and walk towards me. Standing in front of me, you turn off the vibrating butt plug. You then tell me to stand up, raise my skirt to my waist and bend over the stool. I do so, my breath quickening, my heart racing. You gently remove the plug. I hear the sound of your fly unzipping and brace myself as you hold my hips tightly and start taking me anally for the umpteenth time that weekend. I moan with pleasure, but feel oddly dissatisfied as I realize that you have not entered my pussy for more then a few seconds the entire weekend. You start to slap my ass hard, making it red and swollen. I feel the heat coursing through me, the sting intensifying my pleasure as you fuck me hard. My body starts to convulse, and belatedly I remember my need for permission to cum. "Please Sir?" I almost scream. You give a snort of laughter as you start to cum. "Yes", you say, as we begin to climax together.

continued in Part 8

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