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Mountain Hideaway, part 8

By Anonymous

You gently raise me from the stool, pulling my skirt down, and kiss me tenderly, hugging me close. I cling to you. Totally spent and suddenly feeling so sad, knowing that our time together is almost over and that in a few short hours we will be heading our separate ways again.

Taking my hand you lead me to the bathroom. We tenderly remove each other's clothes and you turn on the shower, stepping into the cubicle and pulling me in with you. Taking the soap you lather me all over. I lower my head as tears slowly flow down my face. I try to stifle them, not wanting you to see my distress. Feeling the tenseness in my body, you cup my chin in your hand and raise my face to yours. Closing my eyes, I hope to block out the pain I am feeling in my heart, knowing that if I looked at you right now, I would just start sobbing.

You gather me close to you and hold me tight. Kissing the top of my head, caressing my body, whispering in my ear, "Hush little one, we will meet again soon, I promise." The kindness in your voice is my undoing, before I know it I am sobbing uncontrollably.

Turning off the shower, you shepherd me out and dry me off, before asking me to dry you. I do so as I try to control my tears. Then taking my hand you lead me to the bedroom. I notice that the pulleys and ropes have all been dismantled, wondering fleetingly by whom, as you gently push me down onto the bed, falling eagerly on top of me.

Suddenly your lips are pushing against mine bruising them as your tongue parts my lips and pushes its way greedily into my mouth. Simultaneously your knee wedges between mine forcing my legs apart as you slide your hips between them and enter my pussy without delay. Your hand slides underneath me and your finger penetrates my anus. I whimper in pleasure as you completely fill me, taking control of all my orifices at once. I wrap my legs around your hips, interlock the fingers of my left hand into your hair as the nails of my right hand rake down your back as I move my hips against yours, the two of us in perfect unison.

Seeing you carry the last of our things to the car, I turn and take one last look at the cottage that will be forever etched in my memory. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, I walk over to where you are standing beside my car waiting, holding the door open for me. I hold my breath trying so hard not to cry as I hop into the driver's seat and put on my seat belt. Our goodbyes have all been said, I tell myself, "just go!"

Sensing my need not to drag out our parting, you close the door and bending through the window, you kiss me lightly on the lips saying softly "Drive carefully lil one." I nod, start the engine and slowly drive away, careful not to sneak a final peek at you as I head back to my empty vanilla existence.

Arriving at my apartment, I open the door and turn on the light. Standing in the doorway, I take in the sight before me disbelievingly. Flowers everywhere! Colours, fragrances, blooms of every kind imaginable fill the tiny lounge room. I close the door behind me and quickly look for a card. It is there nestled amongst a beautiful spray of deep red roses.

I read it over and over again. Laughing, crying, giggling, heart pounding as I quickly run to my room, throwing open my wardrobe. My mind is racing as I begin to plan what to pack for our next meeting, the details of which are clearly written on your card.

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