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A Night at the Bar

By sallultie

I admit that once in awhile I like to misbehave. I always get caught and I always get punished, and even though I usually like the punishment (most of it anyway), I really hate to disappoint my master so I try very hard to be good. But I don't always succeed.

I talked back to Master last night and got my ass whipped for it. I loved the whipping at first, but then it went on until my ass was raw and tears were streaming down my face, and Master said he didn't want to whip me so bad but that I needed to be taught a lesson. Then he made me sleep alone and he told me I had to stay in and be by myself all the next day and night and think about why I disobey him.

I've thought about it all day and I really don't know why I do it, it's like something just gets inside me and makes me be bad even when I don't want to be. Sometimes I do it to get his attention or to get a nice flogging, but I made up my mind to do better and I promised myself that I would be a better slave for him -- I'd show him the respect I feel for him and I wouldn't be naughty anymore. But then after it got dark, I heard his car leave and I started to feel left out. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt. I'd vowed to behave better, and I should have been able to go out with him!

After a couple hours I started to get angry at being left alone, so I decided to sneak out and have fun anyway. I knew I shouldn't do it, and something inside me warned me not to, but I couldn't help it. I dressed in a too-small white tank top and my shortest miniskirt, a black leather one, with black heels and no bra or panties. Master loves it when I dress like a slut for him, but he doesn't like me to go out like that, especially without him. But my mind was made up: if he was going to ignore me, I'd just go ahead and make my own fun.

I drove around a little while and ended up at a small dark bar near the edge of town. As I walked in I knew all eyes were on me, and I couldn't help showing off. I moved suggestively and threw my shoulders back so my large breasts stood out even further, knowing my nipples were clearly visible through the tight shirt. I perched on a stool, barely able to keep my ass covered by the short skirt and I ordered a coke. I sucked on the straw and teased it with my tongue as I looked around the place.

There weren't a lot of people there, and a nicely dressed couple gave me a dirty look as they got up to leave. A few of the men turned their eyes away nervously when I looked at them but some licked their lips and kept staring back when my eyes met theirs. There weren't many women in the bar, but the ones who were there turned away from me and tried to get their date's and husband's attention. The women were disgusted by me, and jealous too.

Then someone I hadn't noticed before approached me from a dark corner, and one of the guys who was licking his lips while he leered also approached me. Now I had a man on either side of me buying me drinks and chatting me up and of course, staring at me. I looked at the bulge in the jeans of one and in the suit pants of the other as they both asked me what I'm doing later. I love making them swagger and strut for me, so I teased them a bit before I said, "Well, let's say we all go somewhere quiet and find something fun we could all do together."

They were both taken aback, telling me they're not fags and that they each wanted me for themselves. I kept teasing them both for awhile, then I finally said, "Well, too bad you feel that way," and I arched my back and stretched, uncrossing my legs on the tiny bar stool. I could feel their eyes popping out of their heads and I said, "Ok, if you're sure, but I know we could have a good time... after all I have lots of places to put these," and I lightly brushed the front of their pants. "Or you could take turns while the other one watches... but, if you don't want to, you don't want to." They both rearranged themselves as they reached into their pockets and pulled out their keys, both of them saying "All right, let's go!" Just then I heard a voice behind me that said very quietly and very sternly, "Slut."

I jumped in fear and my heart pounded as my master went on, "You're just a common slut aren't you?" The two guys figured they were there first and they told him to get lost. I was frozen with fear wondering what was going to happen. My master simply said, "Tell them who I am, slut."

"This is my master, I belong to him," I said. The two guys were confused and reached to pull me towards them. "Show them, slave," Master said as I slipped off the barstool. "Yes sir," and I pulled my skirt up over my ass and they both gasped when they saw the welts on it. The few people still in the bar left then, uncomfortable and disgusted. The bartender was standing down at the end of the bar taking it all in.

"What were you doing, slave?" Master asked me, and I bowed my head and said very quietly, "Master, I asked these men to fuck my pussy and my ass." He asked me why. "Because I am a worthless slut who doesn't know any better." He asked who my cunt and my ass belong to and I replied, "My cunt belongs to you, Master. My ass belongs to you, Master." The guy in the suit whispered "Wow..." and the one in the jeans let out a long low whistle, but they didn't move.

"Did I tell you to share the cunt and ass that belong to me with strangers tonight, slave?" Master asked. "No sir, I'm sorry." I was terrified. I knew I'd gone too far this time. I was breathing in short gasps as I bent over the bar stool and offered my bare ass for my punishment. Master laughed and said he wasn't about to get thrown in jail over a dirty whore like me and that he'll save my whipping for later. But then he spread my ass cheeks roughly with his hands and shoved a large plug into my hole. I cried out in pain but managed to say, "Thank you Master."

He stood me up and I was surprised to feel the long tails of a ponyplug brushing the back of my thighs. The bartender chuckled. Then Master pulled the rest of my skirt up so it was all bunched around my waist, and my pussy was exposed for them all to see. Master grabbed it roughly and said, "Tell them again who this belongs to, slut." I said once again, "My cunt belongs to you, Master." Then he shoved four fingers roughly into my pussy and said, "I figured as much. See what a dirty wet slut you are?" He held his slick, wet fingers in my face and made me lick them clean one by one.

Master turned to the two guys and told them he must apologize for his slut's bad behavior, that she shouldn't have offered what wasn't hers to give. He said he hoped there weren't any hard feelings and the two guys kind of mumbled, not knowing what to say. They were totally impressed by him by that time and not about to try their "we saw her first" routine now. Master went on, telling them it wasn't their fault the slut promised them something she shouldn't have, and he'd see if he could make it up to them somehow.

He grabbed my wrists and cuffed them behind me, thrusting my breasts out in front of me, my nipples pushing against the taut fabric of the almost see-thru shirt. "She does have good tits though, doesn't she?" he asked the two guys as he pinched my nipples hard. They both agreed immediately and then he said, "They look good this way, but I think we can make them better," and he pulled my left nipple so hard and so far that I whimpered. After a few unbearable seconds he let go of my nipple suddenly but he still held my shirt pulled way out in a tight point. He took something from his pocket and snip, he cut off the point of the shirt that he held in his hand. The shirt sprang back and my tit bounced out through the hole he'd cut. I whimpered again but remained motionless, fearful of making it worse.

Master kneaded my exposed tit roughly and said, "Yes, much better, don't you think?" The two guys were like kids in a candy store watching this and they both said, "Hell yeah, that's hot!" Master knew how humiliated I felt and he was loving it. He pulled the other nipple out hard and far but this time he turned me so the guys could see through the sleevehole of the stretched out tanktop before he let go of my breast. It flopped back as he let go, my nipple stinging, then he cut another hole in my shirt and it sprang back. Both of my breasts were now hanging out through holes in my shirt, my nipples red and hard. "Yeah, these are good titties," Master said, grabbing one in each hand so hard that I gasped. He squeezed and kneaded them so roughly I knew they'd be covered with bruises, and at the same time I could feel my pussy throbbing from being used and humiliated by him like this, with others watching. I was completely in his control now and would do anything he asked me to.

Then Master walked me to a clear space on the floor and told me to drop to my knees, which of course I did right away, with my knees apart as he'd taught me. "Shake out your pretty tail, slut," he said and I shook my ass so the ponytail untangled from my feet and streamed down behind me again. It was a long tail and I had to shake hard. Each time I felt my ass clenching the plug tighter inside it, and with each shake I could smell the aroma of my pussy juices in the air. Master said, "I shouldn't let these guys go home with nothing after they've been promised so much -- that wouldn't be polite, isn't that right slut?" "Yes, Master," I replied quietly.

"Open your slut mouth," and I opened my mouth wide, realizing how pathetic I must look and knowing I deserved nothing less. He walked over to the bar and told the two guys that he'd let me blow them if they want, and the bartender too if he'd just pour a drink for everyone first. Of course the guys were happy to accept his offer at this point and they each fucked my mouth while Master sat quietly watching and sipping his drink. The guy in the suit went first, driving his hard cock roughly between my lips. After about a dozen hard rams, he came right into my mouth and I looked to Master for guidance. He just stared back at me for a moment as I was nearly choking and some of the guy's cum dribbled down my chin. Then Master nodded once slowly, so I swallowed the hot mouthful, gagging and gasping for air.

Then the guy in the jeans took his place and fucked my mouth harder and longer than the first, forcing his long cock deep into the back of my throat over and over until tears streamed down my face. Then he pulled out and shot his cum all over my face and hair. Finally the bartender had a turn, and he pumped my mouth faster and harder and longer than either of the others. When he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, he shot his cum all over my exposed tits and the remains of my shirt, shooting spurt after spurt until I was soaked and dripping.

I remained there silently on my knees as they all joined Master again at the bar, my lips raw and my throat aching, my arms sore from the strain of being cuffed behind me through all this. Now I felt like the true slut I'd only been playing at earlier and I was sure Master was pleased at how well I'd obeyed and accepted my punishment. The guys each thanked him for his generosity and ordered another round of drinks, but he stood up and said he was taking the whore home now, and I started to look forward to his sweet aftercare and a long hot bath.

He walked over to me and the three guys all turned around to watch, hoping to learn some tips from a true master. He stood in front of me for a moment and shook his head as he looked down at me, then he roughly pulled me to my feet by my hair and said, "So you got what you came looking for, didn't you slut?" In a voice hoarse from so much cock ramming my throat I said, "I'm very sorry Master, I couldn't help myself. I'm just a horny slut who needs your discipline to control me. Thank you for punishing me as I deserved and for humiliating me like the cheap slut I am. I exist only for your amusement and pleasure, sir."

From the corner of my eye I could see all three of the guys who'd just fucked my mouth were staring wide-eyed and I was so proud to be owned by such a strong and controlling master. I turned around and could barely hold out my hands to be uncuffed, my arms and back were so sore. Master laughed and said, "That wasn't your punishment slut, and those cuffs aren't coming off yet. That was only fulfilling the promise you made to these nice gentlemen, and we always live up to our promises. You will however be punished for making those promises, since you offered things that aren't yours to give. Your punishment awaits you when you get home, and it will be severe." I shuddered with fear at the fate that awaited me and whispered meekly, "Yes sir, as I deserve." Then he said goodbye to the men who'd used me and he pushed me towards the door. I resisted, knowing it would just make things worse, but surely he didn't expect me to go outside like that? A loud hard slap on my ass made me realize that's exactly what he expected, and my ass stung and throbbed around the plug jammed into it as I walked to the door.

Although the bar's parking lot was all but deserted and it was very late, it was right off a highway that still had a steady stream of cars traveling in both directions. The cold night air attacked my exposed nipples and licked at the dampness on my thighs and pussy. It dried my cum-soaked hair into stiff strands and plastered my cum-soaked shirt to my skin around the tit holes cut out of it. I looked around for Master's car, the buttplug's ponytail swishing across the back of my thighs with each step. I'd never felt so used by my master as this degradation was making me feel, but I'd never behaved quite this badly before either. "Walk out to the end of the parking lot," he said and I obeyed, walking towards the stream of headlights going by in both directions. "I parked a little ways away, but we'll have a nice walk, won't we?"

As we approached the highway he told me to turn right and then we were walking down the shoulder of the busy highway side by side, with me closest to the roadway. It's a dark highway with no streetlights but I knew I could be seen in the headlights of cars as they approached from both directions. Most cars just drove by but a few noticed me and slowed down. Some rolled down their windows to stare and whistle, and a few shouted vulgar catcalls at me. I was wondering how far away the car was and how much longer I'd have to endure this.

Master sensed my shame and told me to just keep walking, and to hold my head up proudly because I'd finally become the total slut that I was always meant to be. "Yes sir," I said, as more and more cars drove by and ogled me. Every now and then one of them braked suddenly and then more people saw me as they slowed down behind the car that stopped. I realized what a spectacle I must be: cars approaching from the front saw my big tits sticking out of my cut-up shirt and my skirt bunched up at my waist showing my pussy, then when they moved slowly past they saw my handcuffs and my bare ass with the ponytail sticking out of it. Cars approaching from behind got the same show but in the opposite order. Shame nearly overwhelmed me and I was grateful they couldn't see the dried cum all over my face and hair and tits in the dark. But I loved it too, I loved being the slutty roadside attraction that people will remember and talk about for years, and the cold air licked deliciously at the new wetness oozing down the inside of my thighs.

Finally I saw Master's car and as lusty as I felt, I was overwhelmed with relief at putting an end to this degradation. As he opened the door he said, "I knew a long walk in the night air would do you some good, slut," and he laughed, telling me to get into the front seat on my knees facing backwards. I obeyed and shook out my tail once again before settling my ass down on my heels. "Oh no you don't!" he said, and he pulled me up to my knees and pushed me against the seatback, grabbing my tits and pulling them onto the top of the seatback. The door slammed and he got in the driver's side door, looking me over as he started the car. "Let's drive home through town," he said, starting the car. I thought of the busy fully-lit nightspot areas he planned to travel through and then he said, "Your punishment will begin when we arrive home."

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