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A Pony Tale, part 6

By PonyGirlUK

If they say that dogs look like their owners, the opposite could be said of ponies and their owners. It was hard to tell who exactly were the owners and who were the spectators.

Lucinda couldn't resist being drawn to the incessantly stroking thing between Cat Suit's legs. The obnoxious little finger and the rubber suit inside her thighs were soaked with her vaginal secretions, and Lucinda could smell the musty tanginess as she approached. She now saw that the cat suit was latex and the tightly laced corset was boned leather. Up close it seemed even more incredible that her waist could be reduced so far.

The girl had her eyes half closed and looked stoned as she swayed, still trying to stay on the podium. Lucinda guessed that the stiff corset must have been a great help in keeping her upright.

Her owner had to be the guy who looked like a biker - straggly ponytail and droopy moustache. Lucinda had ambivalent feelings about how someone could let the person they love be subjected to the sort of humiliation and discomfort that his pony was undergoing. Maybe they weren't lovers? In which case, why would she want to do this? Stupid question L! She only had to look at the girl's eyes to see the pleasure she was experiencing.

Biker man smiled at Lucinda. "Hi" he said, glancing up at his pony. "You like?"

He had a slight accent, German or Dutch Lucinda guessed. "She's lovely and what an amazing outfit. I can't get over how narrow her waist is."

"46 centimetres" he said proudly. "That's about 18 inches or so, we try to get to 45 centimetres normally."

The man reached up from behind and put his hands around her constricted waist and caressed her hips. She gave a little shudder and immediately arched her back such that she thrust down on the dildo and its clitoral stimulator.

"She's trained to be held like this and taken from behind. Only then has she permission to climax" he explained casually, as though he was demonstrating how to use some sort of household appliance. From her soft moans and the glistening pole between her legs, it was clear that it was not the only way she could reach orgasm.

Lucinda swallowed at his candidness and changed the subject. "Er, how long has she been a pony?"

"Two years or so I guess, we are doing BDSM ever since we meet though."

Lucinda had to ask... "Er, I hope you don't think me rude, but... are you lovers?"

The man smiled widely, "We have been married six years and have two children and, yes, we are lovers. More of lovers now than before, I think." He gave his wife's waist a little squeeze and she smiled and mumbled something incoherent.

Lucinda felt a bit happier about her agreeing to Peter's proposal and smiled at him.

The biker man asked, "And you? Are you into the scene?"

Peter answered for them. "Not BDSM, but we've been discussing pony play."

The man nodded and held out his hand, "Good luck to you both with whatever you decide." He added, "If you ever need to talk to us about anything please get in touch via Charles... Wolfgang and Sabine."

They both thanked him and moved to along the line of ponies.

Lucinda was keen to take a closer look at El but so were most of the women in the room and some of the men it seemed, and they crowded around the tall stallion. His owner was a surprisingly ordinary looking woman in her mid forties or so.

Peter noticed Lucinda looking and whispered, "I hear she's one of the most experienced working-pony trainers in Europe, people send their stallions to her from all over the world."

"You mean she's not his owner?"

"No. It is very common to have someone different to train your pony, especially where there is a relationship. It's often impossible for the owner to be objective enough to view the pony only as a horse."

Peter indicated Wood Spirit. "She has no owner at the moment and is being trained at Charles's stables. Charles will probably auction her at the Berkshire Trials. I'd imagine he'll get a good price, she's a very quick learner... and very pretty too. Nice small tits, a good feature in a pony girl."

"Auction?" Lucinda asked, ignoring his comment about the girl's breasts. Lucinda's were about the same size and the compliment did not go unnoticed.

"Yes, it covers the investment Charles has made in her. There are many rich owners who don't want the hassle of finding and breaking in a pony and they're prepared to pay for that service."

Lucinda was astonished that actual money changed hands. It made perfect sense but put a level of seriousness on the whole business that scared her.

Peter seemed to sense her unease. "There is what's known as a 24/7 relationship. That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, total commitment. Many subs - er, submissives - are desperate for that level of control."

Lucinda had guessed they weren't underwater craft but appreciated the explanation.

She looked at Wood Spirit and tried to imagine how someone could give herself to that extreme. What about friends? Family? Work? It saddened her to think that being sold to someone unknown was more important.

"Does that mean I'm a sub now?"

Peter laughed. "Not unless you want to be. A pony is not necessarily submissive. Ok, she will obey orders and incur displeasure if she disobeys but one of the important features is the wild spirit that she possesses and the degree of wilfulness that implies. And you, my darling," he kissed her cheek, "have that in spades!"

Lucinda frowned.

"Just think about real ponies and horses when you consider pony play. Stubborn as a mule? Frisky? Skittish? Headstrong? Highly strung? And, on the other hand: sleek, beautiful, runs like the wind, a winner, thoroughbred."

Lucinda got his point and further warmed to the idea although she added her own childhood memories to the list: mucking out, peeing on your feet, biting, kicking, throwing... whopping great dicks!

She suddenly had a terrible thought.

"I'm not eating sodding pony nuts!"

Peter grinned, "I dunno what pony nuts are! I just hope they're not what I think."

She blanched, "God no! Ugh! I know I chatter but my mouth is not that big!"

A man with silver-grey hair and a long beard who looked like he'd stepped from a Wild West Show stood with his arms around the two blonde show ponies. They were both extremely pretty and, from the way they nuzzled and rubbed against the man, he was more than just their owner.

Lucinda wanted to talk more about the boy/girl pony but felt an arm on her shoulders and turned to see Charles smiling at her. "Well?" he said.

"Déjà vu," thought Lucinda. She looked at him with renewed interest. Rather than appearing as the rather old fashioned creep she'd encountered earlier, Lucinda now saw that his paternal nature was genuine care and his chauvinistic arrogance stemmed from being used to giving orders and expecting them to be carried out.

"They're lovely!" Lucinda exclaimed. "The whole thing is still a bit overwhelming but I'm beginning to understand. I'd like to thank you for making my first visit so pleasant."

She emphasised the "first".

"So, we will have the pleasure of your delightful company again?"

"Oh yes, I think so" Lucinda grinned.

Charles kissed her hand again. "That is the best news I've heard this week. I'm honoured that I have been instrumental in my small way."

He clicked his tongue and Princess of the Night trotted over to them. She stood obediently at Charles's side.

Now that Lucinda had a closer view she noticed that the woman was possibly older than she first suspected. Laughter lines around her eyes and the twinkle in them made her all the more attractive. Lucinda still envied her lack of cellulite and marvelled at her fitness.

"You're her owner?" Lucinda asked.

"Oh yes, Princess and I go back a long way." He kissed her on the forehead.

Lucinda looked at the woman, "You, er... I mean she, looks stunning." Lucinda felt uncomfortable talking about her in the third person when she was standing right next to her.

"Thank you" said Charles, "I'm sure she appreciates your comments."

Lucinda felt slightly embarrassed and added, "With a figure like that you should market this as a diet! The Pony Plan Diet," she giggled.

Charles failed to see the humour and said "Beauty comes from the right mindset not out of a book. That takes years of care and dedication and can't be picked up as a fad."

"I'm sorry, I was joking" Lucinda mumbled but was gratified to see Princess give her a little wink and grin as she raised an eyebrow and glanced at Charles.

Charles checked his watch. "We need to get things going again" he said.

"Eek!" exclaimed Lucinda to Peter. "I need the loo first. Where are they?"

"Far end on the left" said Charles pointing to a door next to where the ponies had been before.

Lucinda pecked Peter on the cheek, "Don't start without me!" she laughed as she moved off.

"You have five minutes and no more!" she heard Charles shout as she worked her way through the crowd.

As she sat on the loo she reflected upon the decision she'd made.

continued in part 7

Copyright © 1997 PonyGirlUK
You are granted the right to download, copy and print the work or part works for your personal use only. You may copy the contents to bulletin-boards, newsgroups and similar fora provided this copyright notice is included with the copy and the work is complete and unmodified in any way. Note: these works contain material of an explicit adult nature, you are responsible for any copies you make of them and hereby indemnify the author and all her agents of any action arising from the misuse deliberately or otherwise of those copies.

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