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A Pony Tale, part 7

By PonyGirlUK

On the one hand, it was definitely weird and in some ways quite creepy. On the other hand, it could be a great laugh and everyone she'd met was so nice. The main thing was that it was something that Peter wanted dearly for her to do.

She had the distinct impression that if she'd said no their relationship would have stalled, which made her concerned about how much he loved her.

Did she love him?

She couldn't easily answer that. She was very fond of him and it was great to have someone around to share her life with. She knew that one day he'd be going back to the States when his contract finished. As things currently stood she would not have gone with him and she knew he wouldn't have stayed in the UK to be with her. For the time being she still needed her own space and the current situation was fine. But, maybe, things might develop into something more enduring in time.

In the meantime, here was a chance to have a lot of fun, and a lot of sex it seemed, without getting over hung up on "relationships" and "commitment", the rocky areas upon which her love life had previously foundered.

Plus, she reminded herself, some super boots!

Yup, she mentally high-fived herself, it was to be.

She dried herself and stood up. Then, hitching up her skirt and sucking in her waist she peered down at herself. She'd always had great legs and, after a bikini wax, she'd have a dainty little pussy to match.

Suddenly she had an idea and grinned. She let her panties drop, stepped out of them and put them in her bag. Then she folded the waistband of her skirt inside to take an inch or so off the length and smoothed it straight.

"I may as well start performing now" she thought and opened the cubicle door.

"Hi" said the reflection of the girl who was retouching her make-up in the mirror.

"Er... Hi" said Lucinda. "I'm sorry, I hadn't realised anyone was waiting." There was only the one cubicle.

"No problem, I only wanted to check my face. Your first time here?"

"Yes. It's been quite an eye-opener" she smiled, getting her brush from her bag. She moved next to the girl to share the mirror. "May I?"

"Sure." She moved across, "It can be quite a shock. But you seem to be quite excited by it all. You're grinning like a Cheshire Cat!"

Lucinda beamed as she brushed her hair, "That obvious eh? My boyfriend has asked me if I'll be his pony girl."

The girl, who was in her late teens or early twenties, also beamed and turned to her, "Hey. That's cool! What did you say?"

"Thank you, and yes. I will be. I mean, I have. Now. For certain."

Before Lucinda could think the girl hugged her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. Lucinda blinked.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist it. You look such a great couple and I'm really pleased for you... and jealous too! If you ever need another pony to play with..."

Lucinda was speechless. She looked at the girl who was unashamedly staring straight at her.

"You'll make a very pretty pony, your boyfriend is a very lucky guy."

Lucinda felt her paranoia return a little. "Do you know him?"

"Me? No way. I saw you both on the top table and," she smiled sheepishly, "...followed you in here." Her face softened and Lucinda thought she was about to kiss her again. "I was serious about another pony to play with."

"Er yes. Ok. I'm not sure. Things are moving very fast for me."

"No probs." She reached into her bag and slipped a business card into Lucinda's hand. "I'm Caro, Caroline, give me a call if you'd like to meet."

Lucinda looked at the card. "Pleased to meet you Caro, I'm Lucinda." She didn't know whether to shake hands or kiss the girl. Instead she changed the subject. "We should be getting back, I guess."

The girl laughed. "Sure. Take care." She winked as Lucinda squeezed past her.

As the door to the ladies' loo closed behind her, Lucinda stopped in the corridor and took a deep breath.

Wow. Was that a pick up? She felt a delicious tingle in her loins. Maybe a threesome wasn't such a bad idea. Stop it girl! She chided herself.

But, hang on. A few hours ago you were Little Miss Innocent and now you've just seen a guy with weights dangling from his willy, a happily married woman having multiple climaxes in public, and been standing knickerless in the loo in a BDSM club while flirting with a lesbian!

And you've agreed to become a pony girl.

She smiled. Too bloody right I have. Peter was not the only lucky one tonight.

She took a deep breath. Put her hand on the door handle. Bye, bye innocence, make way for Lucky Lady!

Lucinda was alarmed to find that the events had already restarted.

None of the ponies were left in the room and the two punishment stands had gone. In their place were a set of small jumps and what looked like traffic cones arranged in a pattern.

Charles had noticed Lucinda's entrance and stopped his delivery.

"One moment ladies and gentleman, we'll be ready to start in a minute."

He folded his arms and looked at her. "Bastard!" thought Lucinda. "I'll show you."

She sent thanks to wherever her deportment mistress, Miss Reid, was today and remembered the mantra she'd drummed into all of her "gels".

"Shoulders back, waist in, head up, eyes straight ahead, one foot in front of the other and walk, walk, walk..." with the tap of her cane on the floor.

Lucinda added, "...and wiggle your pretty little pony butt."

She hitched her bag up onto her shoulder, fixed her eyes on Peter and sashayed the length of the room between Charles and the row of tables before him. The thought of all those eyes watching her and the knowledge that her nakedness was covered by the skimpiest of skirts made her tingle with excitement.

As she neared Peter, Charles turned to commence his announcements and a final wicked thought came to her. She reached into her bag and extracted her panties, then let them trickle through her fingers onto the table before Peter as she executed a beautiful turn, sat down and crossed her legs. She smiled sweetly at the dozens of faces watching her and half nodded to Charles with a "pray continue" look.

"Thank you" he said before he could catch himself, and went on to announce some domestic arrangements and details about future meetings.

Peter surreptitiously slipped the panties off the table.

"What's got into you?" he whispered. "Are you OK?"

"I'm great thanks. Is there a problem?" she batted her eyelashes innocently.

"Er no, not at all. You seem somehow different. That was a very sexy entrance, you made quite an impression."

Lucinda grinned and nuzzled his face with her cheek. "I'm practising."

Peter kissed her. "So you're sure then?"

"Absolutely. One hundred percent." She added "I was also propositioned by a sweet young thing in the loo."

"You're kidding?"

Lucinda produced the girl's card from her hand bag and showed him, "Her name's Caroline."

"Shit!" he murmured.

Peter played with her panties. "And these?"

Lucinda shrugged, uncrossed her legs and parted her thighs. "I forgot to put them on again."

He looked at the card and then to her, "You didn't?"

She wondered what he was on about then laughed. "No!"

She took his wrist, placed his hand up her skirt and whispered to him, "Tonight, my precious. This is all yours."

He gulped and started to stroke her but she firmly removed his hand, "Later, lover boy. We have a show to watch."

With that she turned her attention to the arena. It was the turn of the circus ponies.

They skipped out side by side and executed opposite laps of the arena before coming to rest next to Charles.

"The jumps and obstacles form a course which the ponies have to complete. Like their equine counterparts, they compete against the clock and accrue penalty times for any faults. Additional points are awarded or deducted for poise, style and general demeanour."

The two ponies strutted their stuff and jumped over poles and fences and weaved and turned in the tight space. As they jumped over the fence nearest her, their tiny skirts rose and Lucinda noticed that like her, they also wore no undergarments, but she failed to identify precisely where their chains were attached.

After a ripple of applause, the cross pony was led away and blinkers were attached to his partner's bridle. The grooms then cleared away the jumps and left the cones in a zigzag down the centre of the room.

Charles explained, "These particular blinkers completely blindfold the pony. You notice that she has had her reins attached and it is only via these that she will know where to go. Her trainer will guide her through the course and, in a normal session, reward or punish her appropriately."

The groom locked her wrists together behind her back in the arms folded pose Lucinda had seen earlier. The girl worked the bit in her mouth until she was satisfied then nodded her head a couple of times.

One of the grooms took up the slack in the reins and clicked his tongue.

He guided her via the cones and back again until the audience clapped as the course was completed. She was rewarded with words of praise and slapped affectionately on the rump.

Charles went on to explain how the events previously demonstrated worked in a larger arena and outside. The grooms, meanwhile, cleared the area and returned leading Princess and El.

Lucinda was spellbound.

continued in part 8

Copyright © 1997 PonyGirlUK
You are granted the right to download, copy and print the work or part works for your personal use only. You may copy the contents to bulletin-boards, newsgroups and similar fora provided this copyright notice is included with the copy and the work is complete and unmodified in any way. Note: these works contain material of an explicit adult nature, you are responsible for any copies you make of them and hereby indemnify the author and all her agents of any action arising from the misuse deliberately or otherwise of those copies.

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