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A Pony Tale, part 8

By PonyGirlUK

Princess of the Night was on all fours.

Her arms had been extended to form pony-like forelegs complete with hooves that matched her boots. These allowed her to walk in a surprisingly effective way with her tail and head proudly raised, and she wiggled her hips and tossed her head as she trotted in.

Lucinda, like the rest of the audience, was pleased to see El now resplendent in his naked glory. The attributes that earned him the title of stallion were more than adequate and his thick prick hung languidly between his legs. Again, someone had been liberal with the baby oil and his entire body glistened in the lights.

Although they both wore bridles, neither had a bit nor reins.

The groom pulled their bridles to lead them to opposite ends of the room and left them. Princess slowly wandered about casually ignoring the proceedings and El started to swagger and flex like a wrestler limbering up before a bout.

Charles announced, "Thank you for your indulgence tonight. I hope we've managed to inform, entertain and intrigue you a little.

"The final piece is not an event but a reward for our winning stallion from earlier. His prize, if you haven't already guessed, is to be a stud for the delectable Princess."

He gestured at her but she merely pawed at a spot on the ground.

"As you can see, she is not particularly interested. Her stud will have to arouse her heat first and then claim his reward.

"Ladies and gentlemen..."

The crowd cheered and Charles backed off to leave the two magnificent looking ponies alone together.

Princess continued to inspect the floor as El trotted noisily around on the other side of the arena occasionally banging his hooves on the ground and snorting.

The girl swung her head to see what all the noise was about and tossed her long mane in total indifference before turning her back on him. Lucinda noticed that this time, however, she was standing with her rear feet further apart and thrusting her rump back as she swung her hips suggestively.

Her tail swished across the tops of her bare legs and exposed flashes of her sex to him. She was clearly aroused and her inner labia and vulva peeked seductively from between her outer lips. Lucinda's own legs tensed and she pressed herself into her seat as she imagined how that must have felt with the tail fanning a gentle breeze over her sensitive parts.

Princess was not the only one aroused. El's member slowly filled with blood and hung thick and heavy between his legs as he kept his gaze glued to her rear. He sauntered across the arena, his penis and balls swaying from side to side.

As he invaded her space, she snorted and trotted a few steps sway from him then resumed her sexual display and detailed inspection of the ground.

Undaunted, El followed, each time reducing the distance between them as she started to only give a little skip at each approach and arched her back slightly more on every pause. Eventually she stopped and looked back at him.

He pretended not to notice she'd stopped and, instead, he walked straight past her and just bumped her thigh with his hip. She skipped on again and he repeated the action a few more times until she managed to bump him first.

He grinned and rubbed his hip along the side of her body causing her to stagger a little.

Again this was repeated a couple of times and she pushed with her forelegs to hold her ground and turned her head to face him. He stopped halfway along her side, bent his head to her neck and started to nuzzle her.

She dropped her head and rolled her shoulders in pleasure and met his nuzzles with nuzzles of her own. Their nuzzling turned to kisses and licking of each other's face, neck and ears until he was almost leaning across her back and they were locked in a long passionate kiss.

Still licking and gently nipping her neck and back he worked his hips nearer to her front until he was in line with her shoulders.

He was now fully, and very impressively, erect in the space between them. His glans shone in the light like a small fist in a purple silk glove and the veined foreskin withdrew over his thick shaft. She could not fail to see his arousal and pawed the ground a few times as she swung her hips harder. She slid her feet further apart and gave little thrusts with her rear.

The audience could clearly see every detail of her swollen lips and the dark entrance between them. The smell of her musk reached the stallion and, nostrils flaring, he also started to paw the ground and worked his head towards her hips.

She suddenly jumped and giggled as he nipped a ticklish part of her waist then resumed her inviting pose. He had turned completely and they now stood side by side facing in opposite directions. He slid his tongue down the outside of her thigh until he could place his left palm on the floor to steady himself. He flicked her tail over her hip with his other hand before placing that on the floor. She twisted her fully exposed rump with the little base of her tail sticking proudly out of her anus towards him and rubbed her mane along his lower back and hips.

Lucinda smiled as she counted nine legs.

Now Princess had stopped her swaying, and she slid her forelegs outwards and arched her back like a stretching cat. She held this position and El rubbed his face along her thigh and up towards his prize. He kissed and nipped the sensitive inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes and moaned, her trembling sex only inches above him.

Lucinda was almost moaning too as she felt a corresponding need in her own clitoris.

Infuriatingly, he merely stood up behind her and placed his palms on her cheeks and started to buffet her rump and thighs with the head of his penis as he sought to enter her.

She gave a little squeal of disappointment and skipped forwards a few paces then turned to face him.

It was his turn to act coy now.

He placed his feet apart, stood upright with his back half turned to Lucinda, held his hands behind him and stared into the distance.

The sight of his dimpled buttocks made Lucinda slip her hand under her skirt and start to give herself the relief that Princess had been denied. Her eyes flicked between those tensed muscles and his engorged penis that jutted proudly into the space before him. Lucinda placed a fingertip just above her little button.

Suddenly, she her wrist was gripped and Peter tugged her hand away.

"Later" he reminded her with a grin and she pouted.


"Pay attention you little hussy," he whispered.

Princess peered at El from under her fringe. She frowned and wiggled her rear impatiently.

The audience giggled as she peered at his huge erection and cocked her head to one side. She took a noisy step nearer, stopped and peered again, this time swishing her tail wildly. Liking what she saw, she minced around in front of him then rubbed her head and body along his loins giving his prick a playful tap with her hip as she passed.

He stiffened his jaw, and his erection Lucinda noticed, and continued to stare into space.

Princess frowned again, nudged his glans with her forehead and backed away to watch the reaction. This caused another little giggle then she repeated the action - his expression showed continued indifference but the quivering of his prick suggested otherwise.

Princess trotted around him in a circle, all the time remaining in contact with his body until she stopped and nuzzled his buttocks and hips with her head and cheek. Her tongue flicked at his anus where his tail entered him and he gasped. She grinned and moved around to his balls, letting her hair stroke and caress him there as she licked the base of his shaft.

Her actions were stimulating her as much as him. She locked her legs and thrust her rear backwards with her tail quivering like his erection. The two of them were only paces from the top table and Lucinda could plainly see that the pony girl's inner lips were as wet and puffy as her own felt.

Princess wiggled her hips around until she presented her rump to the rest of the audience. As she did this, her attention moved up his shaft until she could run her tongue tip around the edge of his glans. He had the grace to groan but still remained impassive. She shrugged, lifted her head, took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide and swallowed a good fifty percent of his shaft.

Lucinda was amazed she could do that without choking. From her vantage point, she could see Princess's throat was filled with his penis and still she eased a little more in.

She looked up at him adoringly and fluttered her eyelashes.

He glanced down then away again, but wore a slight smile.

She moved her head back and allowed her lips to trail saliva along the exposed length in one sloppy, sensuous suck.

She stopped with her lips giving the very tip a little kiss, looked up at him and cocked her head; he met her gaze, put his hands behind his head and thrust slightly. Her eyes lit up and she rocked forward and sank down on his shaft again, this time taking even more of him into her throat.

"Oh my God!" Lucinda murmured.

Lucinda tore her eyes away. You could have heard a pin drop. Everyone was riveted to the tableau before them and Lucinda noticed a few hands playing with their partner's or their own genitals, sometimes both. Recently chastised, Lucinda had to content herself with rubbing her thighs together.

Even with her mouth and throat stuffed, Princess cocked her head again and looked quizzically at her stud. The thought "Hello Mr. President" flashed through Lucinda's mind and she suppressed a giggle. El smiled at his mare and nodded before taking a step back.

Princess jumped and turned at the same time, landing simultaneously on all four feet. She maneuvered into a comfortable position, then straightened and locked her legs and arms. She turned and faced him and thrust her inviting sex backwards.

He rolled his hips and positioned himself between her legs, his hands still locked behind his neck. He flexed his knees and buffeted her belly and clitoris again with his penis.

It was Princess's turn to moan. She dropped her head and tried to meet his thrusting with her own until his entire prick was covered with her juices and the rhythm became more frantic.

Lucinda was transfixed as the couple jousted before her. Princess's breasts hung in the space below her and bounced and jiggled with each movement, her nipple rings catching the light.

El then started to alternately smack her buttocks with each sway; this further aroused them both and the audience started to clap along with the smacks.

Suddenly he could bear it no longer. He rocked his hips back, parted her labia with his thumbs and sank his entire length to the hilt as he arched his back and thrust upwards.

The crowd cheered and Lucinda was convinced that Princess's rear feet left the ground as she let out a squeal of delight.

The pony girl regained her balance and sat back on each of his jolting thrusts. The wet sound of their coupling and the slapping of his balls filled the room. The crowd clapped louder with each thrust and some of the spectators rose to their feet calling out words of encouragement... as if they really needed any.

Lucinda couldn't have stood if she'd tried to. She felt like a jelly and sank further into a hyper-aroused puddle as she fully appreciated why the stallions were rewarded for their stamina.

The guy was unstoppable. He drove into the girl again and again, and really did lift her off the ground such that only her vagina and hands supported her on many occasions. From the sounds of pleasure she emitted in rising and falling waves, Lucinda concluded that she had probably climaxed from the very first penetration and was being held in a state of near continuous orgasm.

Lucinda was very, very jealous.

"Oh my God!" she muttered again. "This is fucking amazing!"

Peter laughed, amused by the blatantly obvious observation she'd just made.

"Amazing fucking too, my darling."

Lucinda found herself joining in the chanting and bit on her knuckle as she also rose unsteadily to her feet.

Suddenly El threw his head and magnificent mane back, gritted his teeth and presented a profile of clenched jaw and utter bliss. His back arched, he lifted her hips towards him and, knees bent, her feet hung trembling in the air as he pumped his semen deep inside her. The crowd let out a huge roar and applauded.

Some bright spark shouted "More!" and everyone laughed as Princess gave an exasperated, dazed look from a tangle of sweat-soaked hair.

The pair held their position until everyone had quieted down and the pair had regained their breath, then Princess sank to her elbows and knees and slid off his gradually deflating shaft.

A few sighs of delight came from the audience and another laugh and ripple of applause followed as a huge dollop of spent semen dripped out of her and splattered on the floor between her ankles.

"That'll take some explaining to the caretaker" thought Lucinda and was absurdly reminded of the joke about "Come Dancing".

El smiled and bowed and held out a hand to Princess to help her to her human feet, only this time she rested one fore-hoof on El's shoulder to steady herself. Then she beamed at the audience, crossed one hoofed foot over the other ankle and gave a little curtsey that caused another milky droplet to hit the floor. The crown applauded wildly again with many more cries of "More!" and "Encore!"

Lucinda half expected a little girl dressed in a tutu to appear carrying a huge bouquet of flowers at any moment. Instead Charles appeared like the director of a Corps de Ballet and thanked the pair who bowed/curtsied once more and trotted off hand in hoof.

"That's it folks. Thank you once again. I wish you all a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you at the Berkshire Trials. Goodnight."

Lucinda clapped and turned to Peter as the lights came on.

"Don't you dare say 'Well?'  she warned.

As his mouth opened mutely, she added, "You have me. Hook, line and sopping wet sinker. I want that!" she pointed at where the two had performed, "Now!"

He beamed and hugged her to him. "Your wish is my command my little Princess."

She grinned, "No. I've thought of a name. Lucky Lady. Because I am. I have you."

"Aw" he said and shuffled his feet.

She grinned, hooked her arm into his and snuggled against him.

She noticed he still had her panties in his hands and had twisted them into a thin rope.

She was reminded of her vulnerability and state of arousal. "Now" she said, "about these living daylights that demand some serious attention..."

Copyright © 1997 PonyGirlUK
You are granted the right to download, copy and print the work or part works for your personal use only. You may copy the contents to bulletin-boards, newsgroups and similar fora provided this copyright notice is included with the copy and the work is complete and unmodified in any way. Note: these works contain material of an explicit adult nature, you are responsible for any copies you make of them and hereby indemnify the author and all her agents of any action arising from the misuse deliberately or otherwise of those copies.

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