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Power Play

By darqangel

"Come to me my sweet."

She looked up at the command in his voice and stood there. An impish grin crossed her lips and the glint in her eyes was pure defiance.

"Come to me. NOW!"

She shivered at the smoldering agitation in his voice but remained rooted to her spot. She flinched, almost taking a step back as he began to move toward her. She raised her chin stubbornly and looked him directly in the eyes as he came to stand mere centimeters from her. His warm breath fanning her cheeks causing a flush. She hated the effect he had on her body. It always gave her away.

His hand came up and caressed her soft cheeks. The contrast of his golden skin against the deep cocoa of hers making the caress more sensual. His hand moved down her neck to her nape where his fingers nested in her hair. He gripped her hair causing a faint whimper to come from her parted lips.

"When I call you I expect to hear, 'Yes Master' and a sense of urgency as your feet move. Do we understand?"

She stared into his eyes. Not answering.

He growled. "I see I am going to have to teach you again who is in control."

He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her across the room, coming to a modified saw horse. He had strategically placed restraints and engineered the back legs in a V-shape and slanted so that when restrained her ass would be in the air. He reached for the scoop collar of her sundress and ripped it down the front. Smiling as he looked down at the smooth ebony skin.

"At least you came prepared. I would hate to have to double the punishment had you chosen to wear underwear and had not shaved."

He slowly rubbed her shoulders as he removed the torn dress. As if he were unable to resist, his hand moved from her shoulder over her full breasts, across her abdomen and down to the silky skin of her inner thigh. His fingers whispered against the growing moistness of her sex. Laughing to himself as she gasped and whimpered when his fingers came close but did not touch.

He moved her to the back of the horse and pushed her torso down over the front. Laying himself over her back until he had her secure in the restraints. Roughly pulling either of her legs apart and placing them in the restraints. He moved to her head and pulled it up. Kneeling so that his lips were inches from hers, he kissed her softly. "You will remember this lesson. I told you being a brat only irritates me."

He stepped away from her and opened a drawer in the table next to the horse. She heard a faint click then a distinctive buzz. She swallowed and prayed it wasn't the huge one. She was unable to catch a glimpse of it because he walked directly behind her and began to finger her clit. She wiggled and moved her hips toward his touch. She screeched as he forcefully pushed the vibe into her damp pussy. He moved it in and out then pushed it in to the hilt.

"Now hold that right there slut."

She clenched her pussy around the vibe and chewed on her bottom lip. She chanted in her head to keep her concentration centered on holding it inside. She heard the cabinet open and absently wondered if he was getting the paddle or his favorite crop. She squirmed as his hand rubbed her exposed ass. A shiver ran up her spine as she felt the cold, smooth wood replace his hand. The paddle.

Before she could brace as the paddle was raised from her skin, she felt the sharp sting on her cheeks. Two rapid strikes. "Thank you Master. Am I worthy for another?"

"Ahhhh little one do not fret. You are and you shall."

He rubbed the paddle over her cheeks again and raised it quickly delivering two more rapid blows. She gasped and had to recover quickly as the vibe almost slipped from her.

He began to alternately strike each cheek every fifteen seconds. She felt the burning. She tightened her pussy around the vibe as she became more wet and it grew harder to hold it.

He rubbed her ass. "Oh sweet slut, do not tighten those cheeks that way. It will not feel good under the paddle. Are you having trouble protecting my toy?"

Unable to utter a word she shook her head no. She heard him lay the paddle down and approach her again. Sighing she hoped this was the end. Spankings always drove her over the edge. She was mistaken. She felt his fingers part her ass and one began to trace her anus. She moaned. He was making her pay. He knew her too well. She felt her pussy begin to give and tightened up as his finger slid slowly into her ass. She moaned deep in her throat as he stroked her ass. She felt herself going over the edge as he inserted another and continued stroking.

As if he sensed what she was about to do, he leaned to her ear. "If you cum sweet one I will not be happy."

She nodded and forced her body to back away from the orgasm. She began to take slow deep breaths.

"Good girl. I am pleased."

"Yes Master," she whispered.

He continued stroking her ass and rotated his hand so that his thumb rested on her clit. She whimpered, almost crying, as his thumb began a slow dance with her clit. She rested her head on the bottom of the horse, growing very weak as her body fought hard against her mind to release.

"See my little one. It is I who am in control not you. When I call you shall come without hesitation. See how your body responds to me? So should your mind. I will not teach this lesson again. You are mine. I own you. Didn't we agree on that slut?"

She nodded.

"Excuse me I did not hear you."

Faintly, "Yes Master."

"Very good. Now would you like to feel Master? Do you want to cum for Master?"

His words drove her crazy. She began to cry. Begging him she muttered, "Please Master. May I cum?"

She heard him chuckle as he unzipped. She moaned as he replaced the vibe with his own hard dick and began a fierce, forceful invasion.


"Please Master," she cried as she trembled violently.

She absently heard him grunt as he stroked her soaked, quivering pussy. He gripped her hips painfully and stopped suddenly. Pulling himself from her, he walked to stand over her head. She whined and cried as she listened to him stroke his dick. She only half felt his hot cum splash onto her head. Shaking with the need to cum and begging hoarsely for release, she watched through glazed eyes as he zipped his pants.

"I am pleased slut. Now think about what I have taught you." He walked from the room leaving her.

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