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School Master

By Desiree M. Hossack

As the end of the spring semester nears, your students are busily preparing for final exams. You have spent a great deal of time teaching them the fine art of being a total whore for a man and are quite satisfied with their ability to suck cock. Although they still have another year before they complete their schooling, you are pleased with their accomplishments thus far. You are confident that they will all pass their final exams with flying colors.

You walk into your classroom and smile. You are pleased at the sight of ten lovely whores who have all done their very best to look beautiful and sexy for you. You think to yourself they all look so delicious you have no idea where to start, but you are certain that you will sample each of them today.

You stand before the class and explain, "Today I will be testing some of your whorish skills. For the first exercise each of you will walk up here, kneel before me, and beg me to suck my cock. If I think you have begged me properly I will let you suck it."

You look out and see the excitement of the girls each anticipating having your cock in their mouths. You are quite pleased with the ambiance of cock lust filling the room. You begin again, "We will start at the right and you each will come up here one at a time until I ask you to take your seat again. Then whoever I think sucked my cock the best I will call back up at the end and cum all over your slutty face."

Again you can see the excitement on the girls' faces as they turn toward each other smiling. They don't talk, laugh or giggle like other girls would because they do not wish to displease you. You have a reputation for having your classroom under control at all times and this would be quite obvious to any observer. Today was certainly no exception.

"We will now begin."

The first girl stands up and walks to the front of the class. She is rather tall and thin with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in a very short silky blue dress. She stands before you, head bowed.

"Where does a whore belong?" you ask.

"On her knees, Sir," she replies softly.

She bends down to her knees before you.

"May I unfasten your pants, Sir?"

"Yes, you may, slut," you answer.

She unfastens your pants and reaches in and takes out your big hard cock. The whole class sighs simultaneously.

"Please, Sir, may I suck your beautiful cock?" she asks sweetly.

She asked so sweetly that you cannot imagine refusing her in good conscience and so you allow her to suck your cock. She brings it into her throat very deeply right away. You think she did that quite well. To test her further you hold her head by the hair and thrust your big hard cock in and out of her slutty mouth forcefully several times. She takes it well and seems to be enjoying it. "Very good," you tell her.

"You may stop and allow the next slut to try."

The next girl stands up, a petite girl with dark hair, slightly wavy, dressed in a gold gown which clings to her every curve. She walks up toward the front of the class and stands before you.

"On your knees, whore," you demand.

She quickly falls to her knees. She looks up at you and asks, "Please, Sir, I so need to suck your cock."

"Then suck it, slut, and suck it good," you tell her.

She moans as she takes your cock into her mouth and you can tell that she truly loves cock. She sucks it hard and fast bringing it in as far as she can. Again putting her to the test you grab her by the head and ram your cock into her hard. She moans louder.

"Excellent, you may go take your seat now and give the next slut a turn."

Several more lovely sluts proceed to take their turns sucking your cock. You are very proud of your sluts, they all do such a lovely job. It's hard to choose the best cocksucker. But then as the last student comes up to you, you realize who the best cocksucker is.

The last student to come to the front of the class is a dark haired beauty, tall and very shapely, with long dark hair, big dark eyes, and a full slutty mouth that seems to beg for cock. She wears a brown suede dress that fits her so tight it looks as if it were her second skin. You notice her cleavage and think God she has beautiful tits. Your cock seems to grow harder if possible at the mere sight of her. She walks up to you and kneels before you. You are pleased she knows her place. She looks up at you with her pouty lips and says, "Sir, please will you honor my whorish lips with your big hard cock? I need cock, I need it desperately."

"You may suck my cock, whore."

She replies, "Oh, thank you, Sir, thank you so much."

She opens her mouth and licks the head of your cock with a couple of teasing licks, then she proceeds to lick the shaft until she reaches your balls where she licks and sucks. She is moaning the whole time like a true slut who really loves cock with a passion. Then she licks her way back up the shaft and brings your cock into her mouth, slowly bringing it down her throat. You grab her by the hair and shove your cock down her throat and she moans even louder. Then she reaches her hand up under her dress and fingers her clit and immediately starts cumming as she does. You rip her head away from your cock and she begins to cry, "Please, Sir, please let me finish. I need it, I need your cum all over me. I am only happy when I am sucking cock."

"Yes, slut, since you have done such a good job sucking my cock you may finish the job. You will enjoy a nice hot cum bath as your reward."

"Thank you, Sir, thank you so much. You wont regret it, I promise."

You are sure she's right about that. You shove your hard cock back into her full slutty lips and let her work her whorish magic on your cock. She sucks it so deep even you are surprised, and the head of your cock feels so good squeezing into her cock-hungry throat. When you are ready to cum you pull your cock from her mouth, having to pull her head away very forcefully as she fights you to keep sucking your cock. She watches as your cock pumps out long streams of creamy white cum all over her beautiful face and sexy lips. She fights to catch as much as she can with her tongue and then she uses her finger to begin scraping off more to lick off of her fingers. You rub your cock all over her face gathering up as much of the cum as your cock will hold and shove it back into her cum-thirsty mouth and let her suck it clean for you. As soon as your cock reenters her mouth she begins to moan. You think to yourself this one's a natural, she can't help herself, she needs cock. I might save this one to keep for myself once she graduates next summer.

Once she has your cock milked and cleaned you send her back to her seat. You tell your class, "I am very proud of how well you all did on the first exercise. Tomorrow we will begin Exercise Two. In the meantime if any of you would like to sign up for the summer program where you can earn extra credit toward the fall semester, there is a sign up sheet in the back of the class. You may sign up on your way out."

If this goes as well as past years they will all sign up. Then you will have 10 lovely whores coming to your house daily completing all of your chores for you, serving you in every conceivable fashion and parading around looking deliciously slutty for you.

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