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Tantalize Me

By darqangel

"You rest while I shower, ok?"

She nodded and watched him walk into the bathroom. A sigh escaped her lips as she lay back on the bed. Her hand moved absently over the royal blue satin peignoir and teddy as her mind played over the events of the day. He hadn't pressed her. Light touches here and there, faint smiles were the only indications of his desires. She wondered if she would overcome her shyness and ask for what she wanted. They had discussed her fantasy of what was to happen but he made it clear, nothing would happen unless she wanted. She wanted but how much?

She heard the water stop and little butterflies fluttered in her stomach. What would be the best way to show him she's ready? Maybe just blurt it out she thought, then laughed. She'd stutter badly and ruin the whole thing. She jerked up and looked towards her things. A pair of blue stockings peeked at her. They had been a part of the ensemble she was wearing but garters were not her thing and she couldn't wear them without garters. She moved quickly.

His chuckle was enough to let her know he got the idea. She sat on the bed, one stocking tied around her left wrist. The other draped across her feet as she lay on her back atop the bedcovers. She followed his movement with her eyes until he was seated next to her on the bed. He reached over and ran his fingertips across her lips, down her neck and along her collarbone. Her breathing quickened as his path found its way to the valley between her breasts. His fingers moved across her breasts drawing circles around her nipples where they poked through the satin. He leaned down next to her ear.

"I don't take kindly to hints, girl. You must tell me what you want or you get nothing."

To punctuate his intent, his big hand closed over her breasts and squeezed. Her mouth opened but words failed. She tried over and over but the most she could manage was a deep purr of excitement. He continued taunting her with words and his hands. Suddenly he was gone. He moved off the bed. She looked up at him.

"Obviously my presence keeps you from asking what you want. Stand. Tell me."

She righted herself and stood before him. She stared into his eyes for a brief moment, then lowered her gaze.

"Say it."

Softly she spoke. "Please grant me all the wishes we discussed for tonight. Show me what I've been missing."

He silently took her hand and played with the stocking. He untied the stocking and draped it around her neck, slowly pulling it back and forth. He used the stocking to pull her toward him for a kiss. His lips moved lightly then with increasing pressure before slipping his tongue between her lips.

"Relax. I'll be right back."

She tried to relax as she heard him moving around. After what seemed an eternity, he came back and stood over her. He pulled her up and helped remove the peignoir and teddy. He placed his hands on her shoulder and guided her to lay back. Taking the stocking, he tied her hands together above her head and anchored them to the headboard. He moved to her legs and tied them separately using a stretched stocking to anchor them from the legs of the bed. He pulled a silk scarf from his pocket and blindfolded her.

"Now sweetheart. Relax and let me explore you."

She took a deep breath and recited over and over in her head to relax and enjoy. She felt something soft against her face. He moved it down her neck and across her breasts, stopping at her navel. She giggled. He moved further down lingering at the inside of her thighs. She began to shake as if she had chills.

"You're too tense. Let's see what we can do."

He leaned over her and kissed her lightly, nibbling at her lips and down over her chin. As he kissed her, she felt something with a light abrasiveness against her left breast. He moved it back and forth softly causing little tingles to trail through her. The butterflies returned stronger. She felt something wet on her thigh. Slight embarrassment colored her cheeks because she wasn't sure if it was her essence or something else. He moved the abrasive material down her side and back up. She squirmed moving into his touch. She gasped and arched her back as he took her right nipple into his mouth and scraped the left with whatever he had in his hands. There was no doubt in her mind now the wetness she felt came from her body. A low growl escaped her lips as she tried to pull her hands down to touch him and was reminded of the restraints. He chuckled and bit her nipple.

"Do you like this sweetie? You must be patient. This is only the beginning."

He moved away from her and she whimpered. Shortly she felt his hand at her breasts again pulling and tugging her nipples. She felt something against her nipples then a small, sharp pain. She tried to move away.

"Relax sweetie. You will grow accustomed to the clamps, just calm down."

His hands rubbed and petted her. He leaned in to kiss her again and she returned to that place with the butterflies and wetness. She shrieked as she felt something cool and wet drip on her stomach. A deep moan was heard as the cold object met and circled her navel. He moved so he was kneeling between her restrained legs but the ice never lost contact with her skin. He moved the ice down until she felt it at the crevice of her inner thigh and hip. The ice continued moving down her inner thigh to her knee then back up over and over. She writhed from the intense pleasure. The small pain she felt in her nipples combined with the coldness of the ice on her thigh drove her nuts. She gasped as she felt a sharp sting on her thigh. She heard a faint swoosh before two more sharp stings, then the ice returned. She felt sure she was going to cum soon and forced her body to calm down. It was too soon. Her bet was he had so much more in store for her. He moved to the other thigh and began the same sweet torture. Abruptly he left her again and she heard him chuckle at her mournful moan.

"Dear you have no idea what your sounds and reactions do to me. Your body is so sensitive and it is hard from me to maintain my control. I want badly to slide my cock deep into you until you cum but that would be selfish. For now, I only wish to show you the most intense pleasure, but your responsive and sensitive nature pushes at my stability. So my dear I must be a little more aggressive."

She felt him kneel again on the bed. She squirmed causing her legs to open wider. She could smell her arousal.

"Yes baby open for me." She felt ice against her clit and arched away from him.

"No running," she heard him say.

Before she could relax she felt the ice move up and down on her pussy. She felt the ice being pushed inside her and his warm mouth close around her clit. His finger moved inside of her holding the ice while he nibbled and sucked at her clit. She writhed not knowing if she wanted to run or stay. She tensed as he bent his finger and rubbed against her spot. She felt her body tense. She arched upward into his mouth and moaned loudly. He moved away.

"Please, please," she begged.

"You want to cum sweets?"

"Yes I do. Oh gawd yes," she whispered.

"No," he stated. "You will not cum no matter what. Do you understand?"

When she gave no answer, he smacked her on the thigh.

"Do you understand?"

She nodded her head yes and felt him return to his work. She fought hard to control her body. The more he nibbled and stroked, the heavier the pressure inside her. Mentally she had no idea if she was awake or asleep. The euphoria from the intense sensations made her feel as if she would pass out. The little voice inside asked how did she know she hadn't already. She trembled from having to hold her body from falling over the edge. She vaguely heard herself begging for release. That couldn't be her, she never begged. She had to be dreaming. She must have spoken part of that aloud because his answering chuckle caused chills to roll down her spine.

"No this is not a dream. Cum for me baby and you'll see."

It took her a few seconds or minutes, she wasn't sure but as the first orgasm coursed through her she felt her body go stiff as a board. As she began to relax, another intense wave hit her. With each attack on her body the pressure lessened and her body went from trembling to convulsing to shakes. Absently she realized he released her arms and legs. She curled into a ball, shaking and moaning. He curled himself around her and stroked her gently. She heard him whispering to her, soothing. She felt him pull the covers over her and continued comforting her. Never had she thought something could be so great. Awesome was all she could think as she drifted to sleep.

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