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A Walk in the Woods

By sallultie

I knew that I wasn't supposed to leave the house but the sun beckoned to me through the window all morning as I did the assignments my master had left for me. I always enjoy these duties because my master is good to me when I do them well, and I'm usually rewarded with a trinket or an orgasm, and sometimes I'm even allowed to sleep without being bound to the bedposts. When I fail or I don't do everything just right or even if master is just in a bad mood, sometimes he flogs me or puts me to bed face-down and spread-eagled, and he punishes my ass through the night.

My master makes me go naked at all times inside the house and the feeling of freedom feels good as I go about my duties. I was just finishing my chores near the open window, and the combination of the warm sun on my full breasts and a cool breeze from the window made my nipples hard. I toyed with them and looked out into the nearby woods and realized I'd finished my assignments early and had several hours until my master would return.

It was a beautiful warm day and the woods looked so inviting, I decided to go out for just a little while. I usually follow directions very well but I have very little self control; I need my master to control me or I get into trouble. He'd only told me once that I wasn't ever to go out without permission but as I stood at the open window fondling my breasts, I convinced myself that he wouldn't really mind if I only went into the woods and didn't see anyone. I'd be back before he arrived home anyway, so I slipped through the door and crossed the grass toward the trees.

My master leads me naked by a leash to the car sometimes to go to sex parties or to drive me to deserted spots to torture me, but I'd never been out of the house naked alone or during the day before. The warm ground felt good to my feet and the grasses and weeds grew higher and tickled my legs as I approached the woods. The house was set back from the road but not too far. I knew nobody was around and I didn't hear any cars approaching, but I knew I could be seen from the road if anyone should drive by so I ran quickly into the woods. My heavy breasts bounced as I ran and the feeling of doing something forbidden along with the chance of being seen excited me as I reached the cool shade of the trees.

I was starting to breathe heavily as I got deeper into the woods, even though I was walking leisurely. The sun through the trees felt so good on my tits that I'd been playing with them as I walked, and my other hand was caressing the soft skin of my ass and my thighs. I reached down to my pussy and wasn't surprised to find it very wet, and I liked the way my legs moved against my hand on my clit as I walked on. The air was so fresh and the sun so warm, my body tingled with so many sensations as I became more aroused.

I stopped walking and plunged the fingers of my left hand deep into my wet pussy then rubbed my juices all over my nipples while my right hand went to work below. I kept doing this, alternating hands and watching my hard nipples glisten in the sunshine with my wetness. I kept getting more turned on, and wetter and wetter. I was never allowed to come without my master's permission and I was just enjoying the sensations when I suddenly heard a movement behind the trees. I hadn't heard any cars approach and while I knew nobody could be there, the feeling of doing something so forbidden and of being watched while I did it made me explode with pleasure and I came so very hard right there on the spot!

It felt exquisite, but I was surprised at how quickly I'd lost control. Normally my master brings me right to the verge but doesn't let me come; he tortures me for hours like this until I beg and plead with him for release. I had never come without his permission since my first days with him, when I learned how harshly I could be punished for cumming without permission. My legs were weak and my pussy throbbed wanting more, but I tried to get myself under control. I licked the delicious juices off my fingers and began to walk back toward the house, realizing what a mistake I'd made and wondering what my master would do if he found out.

I hadn't realized how deep into the woods I'd roamed but I knew the way and I was sure I'd be back long before my master returned. I listened to the birds and squirrels and insects, and I laughed at myself for being so startled by them that I'd cum right there. I knew I'd been naughty but I didn't think I'd done anything really wrong, so I decided I would keep my secret and not confess to my master what I'd done. I would pay extra attention to his commands when he returned and do every task for him better than ever, and I looked forward to servicing his desires when he arrived home later. I felt like a good sub again and I stroked my breasts gently as I walked back, enjoying the warm skin under my hands and the beautiful day around me.

Suddenly something was thrown over my head from behind and my arms were grabbed roughly and pinned behind me. I stumbled but I was being held so tightly I didn't fall. I was being half pulled, half dragged backwards as I stumbled and staggered along, my legs and feet getting scraped by the rough rocks. I had been listening for cars but had heard none -- I didn't even know who had captured me. I cried out but my cries were muffled under the thick blanket or coat that covered my head, and then my face was struck through the blanket and I knew that meant I didn't dare scream. I thought it must be my master but I wondered if maybe it was a stranger. Either way I knew I was in serious trouble.

Farther and farther we went, I could feel sunlight and shade on my skin but I couldn't tell if I was being dragged toward the house or deeper into the woods. I struggled to stay on my feet as I was pulled quickly along, my arms aching when we stopped suddenly. I was pushed roughly against a tree, the bark scraping my nipples, and then my hands were quickly tied together behind me, thrusting my breasts out. Then I was pushed firmly against the tree once again and my legs were forced apart by my captor's knee. I could hear heavy panting behind me as my ass was grasped firmly by a large hand that pushed my belly and pussy hard against the tree. The hand stayed firmly on my ass as my ankles were quickly fastened wide apart to cuffs that must have been attached to stakes in the ground.

Again I wondered who this was and what they would do to me as I realized this had been planned and prepared in advance. My body trembled with fear and pain as the bark bit deeper into my soft skin. The blanket was pulled quickly off my head and I gulped a deep breath of much needed air. I was somewhere in full sunlight that made me blink hard after the darkness of the blanket, and then I was in darkness again, this time by a tight blindfold that was quickly arranged while a hand covered my mouth. My entire body was being pushed hard into the tree as my assailant continued to arrange me, putting a gag in my mouth and tying it roughly behind my head.

Next my hands were untied in one quick movement and then they were grabbed, pulled high above me and tied together again, this time in what felt like leather cuffs. I was pulled up onto my toes and thought I couldn't be pulled any higher when I heard a clink of metal on metal and my wrists were attached to something on the tree and the hand released them. I was still on my toes and forced to stay on them since I was pulled so tightly, and my sore nipples and open pussy were scraped even more against the rough bark of the tree.

Finally my assailant spoke to me, very quietly and very sternly. "You have been a very bad girl." I recognized my master's voice as he went on, "You know you disobeyed me and you know you will pay." I shuddered in fear -- I was partly relieved to find out it was indeed my master who had captured me, but partly terrified since I knew he was capable of worse than a stranger might have done to me. I struggled to try to apologize and beg for mercy but he slapped my ass hard and told me to shut up, saying sluts like me who can't follow directions should stay quiet and take what's given to them. Habit made me attempt to say "Yes sir" through my gag but I was struck again and he said, "I won't tell you again to keep quiet."

I nodded and heard my master's footsteps walking all around me, and then behind me where I heard rustling and clinking, and I awaited my fate for what seemed an eternity. I could feel the cool air on my exposed ass that burned where he'd slapped it, and the breeze was licking my open pussy that was getting wetter than ever in spite of my terror.

He suddenly whispered very close to my ear, "Now you will find out what happens when you disobey your master. You are to be punished severely for leaving the house. You know that you shouldn't have done that, don't you?" I nodded as he went on, "But you did it anyway, you came out here thinking you were alone and then you fucked yourself like the nasty slut that you are, didn't you?" I nodded again as his whisper turned to a growl. "You fucked yourself until you came like a whore. You came without permission from your master. And you liked it."

I whimpered then because it was all true. "You are a very bad girl who used your body for your own pleasure and you know that is forbidden. Your body belongs to ME and is only to be used for MY pleasure and MY desires! I watched you, I saw how much you enjoyed it and now you will pay!!" I felt ashamed at being so stupid and careless, for disobeying and for thinking I could get away with it, and as I trembled wondering how he would punish me, it began.

WHACK what felt like a riding crop struck my ass, hard. I writhed and ground against the tree seeking escape from which there was none. WHACK again and again and again. With each stroke my ass burned, my skin scraped raw as I ground into the tree, but at the same time waves of pain washed over me, I felt a burning pleasure and my pussy dribbled down my legs. WHACK WHACK WHACK so many times I lost count, my tears flowing behind the blindfold as I took the punishment I deserved. My ass was raw and each stroke hurt more than the one before until I thought I couldn't take any more, and then my master finally stopped and my tautly stretched body began to relax just a bit.

I thought he would release me and take me home when he spoke again, "That was for leaving the house," and I knew it was far from over. "You took pleasure in your own body, you dirty slut, and you liked it, I know you did. I watched you and I could tell how much you liked it. Let's see if you like this as much..." He pushed my raw ass cheeks apart and rammed a large dildo inside me. I screamed in pain and tried to relax my ass to take it but it was so tense from the whipping I couldn't. He slid the dildo in and out several times whispering, "How do you like it now, slut? Now it's for MY pleasure alone as it should always be." I whimpered and accepted what was true as the giant dong was left stuffed in my asshole.

Then he reached between my legs into my dripping cunt and grabbed it hard saying, "This is not for you either, slut. This is mine and only mine, it's only here for what I want to do with it." He plunged his fingers roughly up my cunt and groped around inside me, causing spasms of lust that echoed around the dildo in my ass, and I writhed in a frenzy of pleasure and pain, I couldn't tell which. His fingers jerked roughly out of me and he smeared the wetness from them all over the parts of my face not covered by the blindfold and gag and then he plunged in deep and hard again and ran them roughly through my hair, pasting it to my wet face. "Bad girls like you who like their nectar so much should wear it for all to see," he said as he continued to dip into my wetness and smear it on my face and hair.

I accepted all of this because I was the slut he said I was and I had proved it just an hour before. I felt ashamed and humiliated but I knew I deserved this. It made me wetter and wetter to be punished for what I'd done and I accepted my punishment gratefully no matter how painful or humiliating. Then suddenly he reached around me and attached something around my waist and pulled it tight. It was some sort of belt but I could feel things dangling from it on my ass and thighs, even against my knees. I thought my master had used all his toys on me but this was something new and I panted with anticipation and fear as he stepped around me.

From the other side of the tree he reached around and pulled one of the dangling parts toward him. I could feel it tugging and then he grabbed my tits and pulled them outwards, pulling me even harder against the tree, and he attached a clamp to first one nipple and then the other and I was tethered to the tree by my own tits, unable to move without excruciating pain. "That will do," he said as he walked back around behind me.

I could feel his eyes on me and I imagined how I looked as he inspected me: naked in the sunlight, gagged and blindfolded, hanging on a tree by my wrists pulled up high, spread-eagled on my toes with a giant dong stuck in my red welted ass and tied to the tree by my own raw nipples. He chuckled and said, "You're almost ready now, slut" and no sooner than I wondered what else he could do, I felt more movement from the belt and he spread my cunt open even farther.

"This is for cumming without permission," he said as he jammed another dildo into my pussy. It was huge, and he forced it all the way into my wetness. Just as I felt it starting to slip back out, he pulled something up against my hips in front and I heard metal clips, and then again up my ass crack on either side of the giant dildo stuck in there. Two more clicks and the dong was firmly planted deep inside my throbbing cunt.

"This is for thinking you could deceive me," he said as he reached under me and with yet another item from the belt he attached a small tight clamp onto my clit. I screamed into my gag with ecstacy and agony and I thought I would pass out then and there.

"And this, my dirty little slut," he whispered close to my ear, "This is so you remember to never ever disobey me again." He stepped away and I heard more sounds, shuffling feet and murmurs of other voices! My helpless frenzy heightened as I heard my master say, "You see, it's not so hard to control a little slut like this, you just need to make sure they know what's good for them!" Three or four other male voices chimed in approvingly. All of this was being watched! I strained against my bindings in shame trying to hide myself, but of course I couldn't move and it was too late anyway: apparently every step of this scene had been witnessed and I didn't know it! The throbbing in my cunt and my ass and my tits intensified as I realized I'd been tied and whipped and filled in front of unknown eyes. I was so close to cumming but I knew I didn't dare, and I just hovered on the edge of ecstacy and shame, spread and stuffed in full daylight, on display for all of them.

I shivered as I heard my master approach me again. "So have you figured it out yet, you disobedient little cunt? Today was the day I was going to show you off to my friends and let them see how well trained you are, and maybe lend you to them for a while if they found you desirable enough or if they wanted to experiment with new techniques or toys on you. But instead you chose this day to make your master look bad, didn't you?" WHACK the flogger hit hard on my back and its tails wrapped around to sting my stretched tit. I jumped in surprise and both my cunt and my ass tightened around the giant dongs jammed into them as he went on calmly. "You deserve to be sold for disobeying me today of all days, and I'm tempted to just hand you over to the highest bidder. But you're such a horny selfish slut I probably couldn't even give you away."

WHACK came the flogger again from the other side so both breasts were now burning painfully with the rest of my body. I heard murmurs of approval behind me and I cringed. He flogged me five more times from each side, and then he flogged my ass and my wet, open cunt so many times I lost count, each time the many tails finding new flesh to strike amid the dildos and chains and clamps. I shuddered as wave after wave of intense pain and fear and desire mixed together until I couldn't tell them apart. But I didn't come, I wouldn't come until my master told me to, if indeed he would let me come at all. It was unbearable.

Then he spoke again, this time to the others. "This little cunt deserves no mercy, but I'm enjoying this exhibition. I like how she looks today, so helpless and available. I think I'll keep her after all. I've gotten some new ideas for ways to use her and I think she's learned her lesson today. But if any of you want to play with her later as we'd planned, you're welcome to her. Let's go back to the house and meet the others. We can leave her here to think things over and they can come out to see her if they want," and with that they all chuckled and began to walk away.

I heard two cars approaching out on the road, slowing down and turning into the driveway, and then another, and I wondered how much more I'd be subjected to today, and for how many eyes or hands or cocks. I feared how much more I'd have to endure, but I looked forward to it greedily as much as I feared it. My pussy juices dribbled down my legs and my body writhed as I realized once again how much I would endure to please my master, and how much I wanted him to use me however he wanted, even if that meant letting his friends use me too.

Just then I heard footsteps approaching again and my stretched, clamped nipples screamed as my master pulled hard on my hair and jerked my head back. "You began very badly today but you took your punishment like a good slave, so you may cum after I leave, if you're still feeling like the selfish little horny slut that you are. But you'll do it like you did earlier, by yourself and alone, and this time you'll remember who owns you, and who controls you, and who you cum for," and with a hard slap on my burning ass he started to walk away again. I trembled in relief and I knew I could stand it no matter how long he made me wait there, bound and clamped, my cunt and clit and ass and tits all throbbing and burning, on the edge of more ecstasy than I'd ever imagined... but I knew I could stand it without cumming and he would be pleased when he came to fetch me later.

Then I heard a small click and I heard him chuckle as he walked away, and both of the gigantic dildos stuffed into me began to vibrate incredibly fast. I could feel their pulses carry through to the clamps on my throbbing clit and my burning nipples, and I pressed myself even harder into the roughness of the tree as I came and came and came harder than I'd ever cum before, moaning and screaming into my gag, and then I was cumming again and again, harder each time, helpless against the delicious torture that went on and on and on until I couldn't stand it anymore. And still it continued, and somehow I knew they were all watching me from the windows of the house and talking about what they would do to me later, laughing as I kept cumming again and again and again.

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