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Your Present

By Sir Harley

As you walk out from the bar, you realize how cold it is outside. You wrap your arms around your chest and realize that your nipples are already hard from the evening breeze. You almost want to hit yourself for not bringing your coat. "It's ok," you say to yourself; you're only two blocks away. What a night at work huh? But at least you made some money -- good money tonight for once. As you walk from the main strip, away from all the stores and bars, you realize that it a beautiful night out. You take in a breath and realize that you are alone on the street -- unusual for this time of the evening. You become a little nervous, but quickly remember that you have walked home a thousand times before. You quicken your pace; you're only about a block away. You start to hear footsteps behind you. You are relieved that someone else is out here. But are you sure about that though??

Finally, you make it to the front door of your apartment. You put the key in the door, and as you unlock the door someone comes up behind you, covers your mouth with their hand, pulls you close, and wraps their other arm around your waist. "Be quiet, and I won't hurt you," he says. You let out a little cry, but no one can hear you. The voice sounds familiar, but your mind is racing too fast to figure out who it is. Before you can do a thing, he pushes you into your apartment, closes the door, and pins you up against the wall, holding your arms behind you. You feel him right behind you; you can feel his hardness against your ass. He is taller and stronger than you. You start to feel tingling shocks throughout your body, and let out an anguished moan.

"Don't move, don't speak, and don't look at me, you understand?" he says. You realize there is no stopping what is sure to transpire; you have no choice but to listen. You nod in acceptance of his words. He places a blindfold over your eyes and says, "If you promise not to scream, I will remove my hand." Again, you just nod and think, "Do I really have a choice here?" He removes his hand, and you find that you are now able to relax a little. As a matter of fact, you notice you are not as scared anymore. Instead, you are starting to find this predicament erotic for some unknown reason.

His hand abandons your face, only to find its way entangled in your hair. He pulls your head back, exposing the flesh of your throat. You can feel him close, his hardness against you, and it is making you wet. You wonder how this can be turning you on like this -- something so terrifying and real. You can feel his breath on your neck. You can smell his cologne in the air. He bends over and leaves a trail of kisses on your neck. You try your best not to move, but you twitch a little. This gives your assailant pleasure. You can tell by his breathing that he is also becoming aroused which makes you even wetter.

He finally releases your arms, but his hand remains buried deep in your hair keeping you immobilized. His other hand reaches forward, ripping off your blouse, causing the buttons to fly everywhere. He becomes extremely aroused by the sight of your hard nipples. He lets go of your hair and turns you toward him and lets go of your hands. "I am freeing your hands, but do not take off your blindfold," he tells you. You obey his words. He slides his hands over your breasts, pinching your nipples. His touch makes you shiver, sending another tingling feeling all over your body. He lowers himself, though you cannot see, to be eye-level with your breasts. His mouth finds a nipple, and he begins feasting on it. You can feel him biting, pulling, and nipping it. You feel as you are losing your mind -- whimpering, wanting, yearning, craving for more. Your pussy is on fire -- swelling, throbbing, pulsing. You just want him to take you. He rises and finds your lips and kisses you. You kiss back, soon tongues are probing. You move your hand and find his hardness. You hear him groan, and you both know the pleasure you will feel from this encounter. You stroke his hardness as he consumes you with his kisses.

He pulls away and returns to his knees. He starts kissing your stomach, causing you to shake. He continues kissing lower and lower. His hands slide under your skirt, and he realizes you are not wearing any underwear. You can just feel the sexual energy in the room stirring. You feel his warm, strong hands grip your ass. You want him to fuck you so much. You don't know how much more you can take of this. He yanks up your skirt, so that he can see all of you. You can feel the smile on his face as you lean back against the wall that once held you captive. He finds a neatly trimmed pussy -- thick and wet. Such a tantalizing sight to say the least. With one motion, he engulfs your clit and plunges two fingers deep in you. You scream out thinking you are going to cum in seconds.

He devours you -- licking and sucking while thrusting his fingers in and out of you. You start to shake; he knows you are close. You can hear him rustling with his belt. You know you will soon feel the pleasure you crave. He stands and comes close. You can feel his flesh next to yours. You attempt to catch your breath. But in one swift move, he buries himself in you. He stands his full height, impaling you against the wall and knocks you off your feet. You encircle your legs around him. He passionately kisses you while thrusting deeper into you. He is fucking you relentlessly -- fucking you mindless, deeper and deeper with each thrust. "Oh, yes... Oh, God," you repeat over and over. You are ready to cum, and you hear him say, "Come on, honey, cum for me." You erupt into a powerful orgasm; your body convulsing from pleasure.

On the verge of collapse, the two of you slide onto the floor, panting. When he catches his breath, he asks "Honey, are you ok?" You think, "No, could it be?" He removes your blindfold, and you see your lover in front of you. You cannot believe it; the voice was familiar but for some reason you couldn't place it with an owner. All you can do is stare at him, speechless. He kisses you and whispers, "Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I wanted you to have your fantasy." You pull him close and hold him. You almost have tears in your eyes as you say, "I am so lucky to have you, honey, thank you. You are my dream come true."

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