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Domina Weekend, part 9

By Wolfkri

Finally she removes the dildo from him, slides her nails along his back and smiles - not only at him but also about what she's doing. She knows that she's taken both of them to another level in their relationship.

Standing up and looking down on him, she tells him not to move and walks away from him. Once again remaining still he thinks what now? where has she gone and what's going to do next? These thoughts excite him more then ever now. He hears her rumbling around behind him then approaching him once again. She picks up his leash and walks him over to the chair where she sits down.

Once again, her body is covered by the nightgown. She pulls him closer with the leash and he kneels in front of her, smiling up at her. She leans toward his face, runs her finger across his lips, and informs him with her sensual voice what he must do, "Come here bitch. I want you to use your lips to untie my gown." "Yes Mistress," he responds. She kisses him gently and guides him by his hair as he begins to untie her gown, without have any trouble.

Once he undoes the second tie, she spreads her gown apart exposing her bare breasts. He looks at her beautiful full, firm, soft breasts, waiting to be worshipped. She asks, "Do you like my breasts? Do you want to worship them my little bitch?" He responds with desire in his voice, "Yes Mistress."

She guides his head to her breasts and he gently kisses each one and tells her how beautiful they are. He gently circles her right nipple with his tongue and he can feel it get hard. Moving his hand to her left breast, he caresses it with his fingertips, gently rubbing the nipple, and then squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger. He knows how much she enjoys that and he hears a light moan coming from her.

As he licks the tip of her other nipple, gently squeezing his lips around it, she moans louder. He has always enjoyed kissing and touching her breast, so for him to worship them is even better for him. She pulls him by his hair between her breasts and squeezes them against his face. "You like that bitch, don't you? You like your face between my breasts?" He responds in a low voice, "Yes Mistress." She tells him to keep worshipping them and he does. One after the other he sucks and licks her nipples, sliding his tongue up and down between them.

She is becoming more and more aroused by his soft warm moist lips as he gently squeezes them one then the other nipple between his lips, the tip of his tongue against the tips, while he cups and squeezes the other breast with his hand. Moving back and forth between them, her moans become deeper, and she keeps talking to him between her moans. "Worship my tits bitch." Her mind and body are very excited - it's almost too much for her. She's enjoying it immensely, each moist touch from his lips sends her to another level.

She pulls his head away from her breasts. Her nipples are very hard and sticking out more then they normally do when he plays with them. She tells him to finish untying her gown, and catching his breath, he slowly moves down to the next string and unties it, still using just his mouth. He comes to the last one and unties it, but before she opens her gown all the way, she looks at him, reaches down and kisses him on the cheek and lets him know how good he makes her feel. She reminds him once again that she loves him.

Before she opens her gown she says to him, "Now bitch, you are my bitch, correct?" He nods and tells her, "Yes Mistress." Smiling down at him, she says "Now I have something for you to worship." Opening the gown very slowly, teasing him, she lifts one leg and slides it over his shoulder. Then, moving it closer to his face, she places her foot on his lips and tells him, "You know what to do bitch."

Without waiting he places a gentle kiss on her foot, and then takes a toe inside his mouth and starts to suck on it. While he does, she opens her gown all the way, exposing herself totally. She reaches down with her hand and grabs another dildo that she has strapped on, this one a little bigger and thicker, and she tells him to look at what she has for him. Her toe still in his mouth, he looks down, and his eyes open wider as they focus in on what's now in her hand.

Taking him by his hair and looking him straight in the eyes, her eyes sparkle as she tells him, "Now bitch, worship this." She pulls his head down and as he takes a deep breath and wraps his lips around it. He does his best to take it all, but is unable to. But he slides his lips down as far as they will go, and slides his tongue up and down the big dildo.

"You like that bitch, don't you? You like my cock - you want to worship it, don't you bitch?" His mouth full, he can't answer but he nods his head and moans. As he sucks he feels a sight vibration from the dildo in his mouth, and he realizes that it's also a clit vibrator. She slides down in the chair and lifts her legs over its arms so she can get better enjoy the sensations.

She tells him what a good bitch he is and how much she enjoys seeing him suck. He nods his head once again and slides his hands up and down her inner thighs. She takes the dildo and strokes it, looking down on him with fire in her eyes. She can't believe how wonderful this all is. She turns the vibrator up another notch, which he feels inside his mouth. It's almost too much to suck on, but he goes on sucking it, stroking, enjoying the moment. As she gets more exited by the strapon, she knows that now is the time to take it someplace else, to take them to the next level.

Pulling him up by the leash, she walks him over to the end of the bed and pushes him face-down on the bed. His ass is still lubed from before but she takes more lube and runs it up and down the dildo. Then she slides it up and down his ass and asks what he wants. He responds, "Please fuck me, fuck me please!" as she runs her nails down his back. "My bitch wants to be fucked some more. How bad does my bitch want it?" "I want it bad, please Mistress fuck me!"

Sliding just the head of the dildo inside him, she tells him that now his ass is her pussy, and that she's going to fuck her pussy real good. He lets out a moan. He never thought things would get to this level, but he's enjoying the ride she's taking him on and doesn't want to let go of it. Pushing the strapon deeper into him she listens to his moans and tells him that he is her bitch now and that she's going to fuck him really good. Almost all the way in and she asks, "Do you want it all bitch?" He responds, "Yes Mistress" with total submission in his voice.

She slams the dildo straight into him, grinds it inside him, and turns up the vibrator. Pulling his hair as she fucks him, "You're my bitch, and mine only!" she shouts. "Now take this cock into my pussy!" His mind melts more from the way she's speaking to him. Once again she's taken both of them further, and both want to go further still.

The feelings get more intense for the both of them as she turns the vibrator higher and fucks him harder, both of them moaning with pleasure and feeding off each other's moans and body reactions. No longer to stand, her legs are like rubber and the feeling of the vibrating dildo as she fucks him is very intense and powerful. She grabs hold of the leash and turns him around, throwing him on the bed face up. She crawls onto the bed and spreads his legs apart and, rubbing the dildo on his ass, tells him "I am going to fuck you more, bitch."

Sliding the dildo back into his ass she shouts, "Bitch you love it when I fuck your ass, don't you?" He can't speak, he only makes sounds that have never come from him before. Turning the vibrator up more and more, he's almost ready to faint from the feeling of it. Taking the dildo all the way in, the vibrator all the way up, she grabs his own cock. Her pussy is wet, throbbing, almost ready to explode. His cock grows harder with every stroke from her, his ass and her clit vibrating, she continues slamming the dildo into him. Both are just able to moan.

Stroking, slamming and vibrating they come to where they've worked toward. She tells him that she is going to cum, and shouts to him, "Cum bitch, cum bitch, cum with me!" Both of them cum at the same time - still slamming it into him while she screams in pleasure, he screams along with her. His cum shoots all over his chest and her wetness pours out between the straps.

She leans up against the bedpost with her eyes closed and her breathing deep, and he lays motionless, both of them drained. Once able to move she crawls between his legs, rubbing them, and he looks at her with a sparkle in his eyes. She leans down and slides her forefinger over his cum, taking some of it off his chest and licking it. Then she holds her finger to his lips and slides it into his mouth so he can suck the rest of his cum off of it.

She goes into the bathroom and comes back with a wet and a dry towel. She cleans him off, kissing his chest while she does, and telling him how much she loves him. He looks up and tells her that he loves her with all his heart. Pulling the blanket over both them, she holds his hand and asks did all that bother him, did anything she did or say bother him. He smiles at her and says, "No. Not at all, I really thought you were wonderful."

Removing the collar from his neck, their relationship has gone to a new level; they have taken their desire to the edge, enjoying every moment of it. She kisses his lips and tells him, "We're sleeping in tomorrow." And with that, laying side by side like always, their night comes to an end.

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