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A Pony Tale, part 3

By PonyGirlUK

They entered the adjacent railway arch. The room here, however, was twice as deep as the one they had just left. She realised that the first archway was divided roughly halfway along, a door to her left obviously led to this rear area where sounds of frantic activity could be heard.

Lucinda was astonished at the number of people in the room. There must have been over seventy men and women seated in small clusters along the side where they now stood. The remaining space formed a small arena.

The audience's dress ranged from "average-evening-out" like her and Peter to "out-outrage-the-outrageous"; she had never seen so much leather, latex and metalwork up this close before.

Charles noticed her gawping. "Ah. Remember this is usually a fetish-cum-BDSM club. Tonight is a Pony Club special we lay on from time to time for the regular members. They are kind enough to host the event for us in exchange for an insight into what we like to do." He winked, "It's also a great opportunity to recruit new ponies."

Lucinda thought how much she'd like to see what the "regular members" did someday, especially the man (woman?) under a table nearby. He/she was totally clad in black rubber and seemed to only have a small pipe for breathing. She would have thought it was a blow-up sex doll if the body had not been moving. Lucinda shook her head in amazement.

Two trestle tables were arranged at the far end to their right. These were covered with green baize and formed a semi-formal sort of "top table". The five dignitaries there were more conventionally attired and were intently comparing pieces of paper in front of them.

Lucinda was bemused when Charles led her and Peter to two of the three remaining empty seats at the end of this table. She turned to Peter. "What the...?" she began.

Peter merely shrugged and grinned sheepishly. "I guess we're sort of guests of honour".

Lucinda frowned and nodded her thanks to Charles who held her chair for her.

The "Let's go and have a meal and I'll take you to a special kind of club I know" comment from Peter that he'd delivered so casually the previous weekend began to seem far more elaborate than his tone then indicated.

Lucinda had, irrationally, put his quiet contemplation that night down to post-coital bliss after the frantic hour of wonderfully energetic sex that preceded it. She now realised he was thinking about far wider things than a mental action-replay of their chapter (ok few paragraphs) of the Kama Sutra.

Upon reflection it was the animal lust they'd both felt that had stimulated the suggestion.

Lucinda regarded herself as a liberated woman of the nineties and, like all fully paid up members of the Cosmo "40-ways-to-greater-climaxes" club, generally enjoyed controlling her orgasms from above. Deep down though she had a traditionalist streak and still found that it was immensely erotic to be on her back with her ankles resting on the shoulders of a still very fit ex-college footballer who was squishing her clitoris under his two hundred plus pounds as he tried to drive his more than adequate prick and surrounding accoutrements through the bed, the floor and the flat below.

Afterwards, as they lay spooned together, her breasts still tingling and her clit recovering from being a pancake, she muttered "That was yummy, I felt like a mare in heat."

She felt his prick jump before he spoke - again proving the true site of the male intellect.

"Really? In what way?"

"Well... rough. Abandoned. Out of control. It's nice occasionally."

"Oh I agree... very much."

With that she thought he'd gone off to male après sex zombie land and snuggled up to savour the warm inner glow and the gloop of semen trickling down her thigh. About ten minutes later as she was starting to drift off herself he came out with his comment and refused to elaborate further.

Now, a week later, she started to understand some of his plans. What excited her and also made her a trifle uneasy was the exact role she was to play in these.

The lights dimmed and left only the centre of the room illuminated by some spotlights. She discovered later that the premises were a general-purpose hall that were often used by local theatrical and drama groups, some members of which were present that evening.

One of these, a man in his late forties clad in black leather trousers, black singlet and matching 70's chunky gold chain, rose from a table to her left.

"Hi everyone and welcome. Tonight, as many of you know, we have a Pony meeting. Charles Hamilton-Pearce..." he waved at Charles who was still standing behind his chair, "has kindly offered to explain to us what Pony play is about and hold a sort of mini-Gymkhana here tonight.

"Ladies and gentleman, Doms and Subs, Charles Hamilton-Pearce!"

A ripple of applause followed and Charles strode to the centre of the room. "Thank you George, plus thanks to Melissa and Kate for arranging things for us."

Two women at George's table smiled and nodded.

"I thought I'd split the evening into three parts. Firstly, to explain what a pony is and some of the things they wear.

"Second to hold the Gymkhana as George explained. I have to point out that this is very reduced and serves mainly as a demonstration as we have already completed a lot of the judging.

"Finally, a rather special display from two of our best ponies.

"There will be a short interval halfway through the event when you can inspect the ponies, chat to their owners and ask questions.

"I hope that for those of you who already enjoy an alternative lifestyle this will add an extra dimension to your pleasures and..." to Lucinda's horror he looked directly at her, "for those who are new to all of this, it will stimulate you to find out more.

"OK, what is a pony?" He clapped his hands.

A young lad, dressed as a groom complete with flat cap, rolled a small inverted half-barrel like they have in circuses up to Charles and let it fall next to him.

Lucinda was intrigued as she heard the clip clop of hooves and saw a woman pulling a cart in a similar way to a rickshaw. A man sat bolt upright in the cart and cracked a long whip over the woman's head. The cart drew up in the centre of the arena.

The woman was stunning to look at. Tall with well-defined muscles, she looked to be in her late twenties, about the same age as Lucinda but with no sodding cellulite, Lucinda noticed grudgingly. She wore long black, thigh-length boots that had hooves rather than conventional toecaps. These, in addition to the tapering heels, elevated her to well above the height of Charles.

Her harness had horizontal leather straps that went around her waist and below her, again perfect, breasts. Further straps crossed between her breasts giving them the potential of support she plainly did not need. Straps below went down over her groin to frame and draw attention to her completely shaved sex. A further, central strap split her labia in what seemed to be an excruciatingly tight manner to the extent that it vanished at the centre. Lucinda instinctively squirmed as she was reminded of "butt-floss" thongs beloved of so many French women on holiday.

Lucinda could not see her arms as these were held in some way behind her back. This had the effect of forcing her to thrust her breasts further outwards. Her prominent nipples were pierced and carried two large rings. Lucinda's own nipples tingled uncomfortably as she noticed that the ends of a pair of reins were attached to the rings and the reins passed through two further rings on the ends of a thick black bit that was forced between her teeth by an elaborate bridle.

A long, black plume rose up from the forehead part of the bridle and complemented a long mane of almost black hair. Her dark eye make-up gave her a sultry, mysterious aura and she seemed oblivious to her surroundings, almost serene as she stared directly ahead.

Charles walked to the cart. It was a two-wheeled affair, somewhat like a chariot. The shafts were attached to the sides of the pony girl's harness at waist height. Lucinda could now see that her arms were bound and crossed behind her and that she held two short handles on the top of each shaft.

"This is a typical pony and trap configuration" Charles announced. "Physical fitness is very important in a pony and exercises such as pulling loads when trotting and walking help build stamina. Great physical strength is the main feature of working ponies that we will see later; however, the more elegant ponies such as Princess of the Night here are normally used for dressage or 'show'."

He put his hand near the woman's cheek and she nuzzled it.

"Princess here has been a dressage champion for many years and is one of my best ponies thanks to my top trainer, James."

He beckoned to the driver of the cart. "James, over to you."

James placed his whip in a stand on the cart and alighted.

"Good evening everyone. You'll notice that I was using the whip when I entered. This is merely an audible device to catch the pony's attention. It is very rare that a good trainer should ever need to use the whip directly on the pony except in situations where they get carried away with themselves. Although some of the working ponies seem to demand more direct physical control!"

James nodded to the groom who ran over and unhitched the cart. He then gripped the reins above Princess's nipple rings and led her to the upturned barrel. She stood on it proudly looking into the distance.

"You will notice that I have used reins attached both to the bit and her breasts. We use this technique for breaking in young fillies as it gives a greater level of control until they are used to responding to just the bridle.

"For the young stallions the reins are attached to their testes."

A few gasps, both eager and alarmed, came from some of the men in the audience. One woman cheered which brought laughter from the others.

James chuckled and went on "You'd be amazed how fast a runaway pony will stop after a sharp tug on those!"

Charles stepped forward, "James, if I might interject?"


"A question we are often asked is 'are there only pony girls?' The answer is most definitely not. Pony play is very popular in the gay male scene as well as het and we also have male ponies crossing as pony girls - one is here tonight and another is a female 'stallion'."

James continued, "The bridle and harness are essential items of tack. Although the pony is plainly still human, in fact it's some of the human features that are important." He caressed Princess's left breast to make his point. "She still needs to be reminded that she is a pony."

He reached up and pulled back Princess's lips to show the thick bar seated firmly at the rear of her mouth.

"The bit prevents chatter and forces the pony to use body language to communicate. Well-trained ponies will cease trying to use speech the moment the bridle is fitted and the bit is often not necessary. Unlike a real horse's bit, or snaffle, which sits on the soft part of the gums, we take care not to damage a human pony's teeth. This bit is made from a steel bar coated with rubber."

James tapped Princess's hip and she turned around. He indicated her bound arms. "Again, the need to restrain a fundamentally human feature. Ponies may not use their hands even to eat and drink. You will have noticed the pony boots," which he tapped. "Pony gloves are also available, sorry about the advert, outside. As are all the other clothes and devices you'll see tonight."

The audience chuckled.

"Pony gloves are used to extend the arms and constrain the hands in situations where the pony needs to be four legged for stability.. I believe we shall be seeing this later?"

Charles nodded and smiled. Lucinda also noticed that Princess shifted slightly on her podium and her nipples hardened.

James bent Princess forwards towards him and turned her so that her rear was clearly visible to the top table and the audience to Lucinda's left. As she leant over Lucinda could see that the crotch strap passed up to the belt of the harness at the back where a buckle held it tight.

Projecting from between her buttocks was a long dark tail that matched the colour of her hair. James reached around her hips and stroked and pulled at this as the pony rested her chest on his shoulder.

"The famous tail!" he grinned. "The stuff of pony fantasies everywhere."

Lucinda felt herself blush as Peter playfully squeezed her knee. She whispered to him "Well I didn't know!"

James continued, "The butt plug is another essential training device as you will well know from BDSM play. It focuses attention and helps posture. In pony play we have the added attraction of the tail." He lifted Princess's tail and let it fall in a cascade around her upper thighs.

"This further enhances the feeling for the pony, draws an observer's attention to the fact the pony is plugged, and looks divine!"

James reached up and undid the crotch strap buckle. The strap was split and fell away leaving the tail to emerge from her anus with only the small oval collar of the butt plug visible externally. James gripped this and twisted the plug as he pulled. Princess didn't even flinch, as a tapered plug larger than the one Lucinda had seen outside emerged with a sudden rush.

Lucinda gasped, as did some of the audience. It looked like a large pink pear that flared into the collar before the tail. James showed this to the audience and, after repositioning the curved tip at her still gaping anus, thrust it back inside her rectum. The pony wiggled her hips slightly and relaxed.

James smacked her rump lightly and Princess stood up and turned again to face the audience. The crotch strap dangled from the base of her pubis.

"With male ponies we often use a cock and ball, or CB, harness to gain the ponies complete and undivided attention and to show them how to control their sexual urges.

"With pony girls we may control the clitoris..." He pulled the end of the dangling strap up and Lucinda now saw that it passed though a ring that pierced Princess's clitoral hood, "...like this or with a butterfly vibrator."

Lucinda turned to Peter. "A what?"

Peter raised an eyebrow at her. "Hmmm, later my darling, later." He had an evil glint in his eye. Lucinda was discovering quite what a sheltered life she'd had.

"The most obvious control, however, is the dildo" James stated.

He gently pulled the strap up and the pony swayed slightly thrusting her pelvis forward to ease the tugging at her clitoris. This had the effect of forcing her labia open to reveal the end of something nestling in her vulva. James slid his fingers into her.

With a flourish he extracted a long phallic object covered with tiny black "fingers" that glistened in the spotlights. Again, Lucinda was astonished at its size and that Princess could even stand still with that and the plug up her, let alone pull a cart.

"Like most aspects of sexual or erotic BDSM, climax control is a key ingredient. The constant reminder of how close the release could be helps to heighten an already unnatural experience and pushes the pony further into sub-space."

Lucinda was beginning to lose plot with all the psycho-babble but noticed many of the audience nodding sagely. She shrugged and gazed at the rounded curves of Princess's hips and tried to imagine how both of the objects nestled deep inside her must feel.

James turned to the audience, prickly phallus in hand and almost bowed.

"If there are any questions I'd be delighted to answer them afterwards, but I feel we should get into the show. Thank you."

The audience clapped and James smacked Princess on her rump whereupon she skipped off the podium and out of the room to more applause.

Charles re-entered the arena. "Thank you James and the lovely Princess of the Night."

Another ripple of applause followed then he went on, "As I explained, there is not time to do a full event justice so we are going to show just some of the highlights this evening. A full pony event lasts most of a day or even a weekend, usually with some evening... er... diversions. More of this later."

He called out, "Please lead on the ponies!"

continued in part 4

Copyright © 1997 PonyGirlUK
You are granted the right to download, copy and print the work or part works for your personal use only. You may copy the contents to bulletin-boards, newsgroups and similar fora provided this copyright notice is included with the copy and the work is complete and unmodified in any way. Note: these works contain material of an explicit adult nature, you are responsible for any copies you make of them and hereby indemnify the author and all her agents of any action arising from the misuse deliberately or otherwise of those copies.

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