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Red Ritual

By Lord Wraith's lil kitten

I am alone.

As I walk thru my house I am consumed by thoughts of my Lord. His smell, his touch, his taste: I so crave his presence. The ache for him grows with every minute that we are apart. I search for things to keep me occupied so that my mind can stay focused. If I do not entertain my mind, I feel as though I will fall into a black hole of fantasies and dreams.

I decide that food sounds pleasing. As I search thru the refrigerator I recall that I purchased a pomegranate 2 days before. The pink outer skin gives no clue to the luscious blood red berries that are hidden inside. I pick up a knife to cut the fruit but become distracted by the blade. I run the blade across my hand, feeling its cold sharpness. I would cut myself but I lack the courage of my convictions. The fantasies start to take over my mind. They are old desires but still powerful and dreamlike.

I dream of a circle of trees at night, there is a full moon above my Lord and me. We sit naked facing each other with only the cold earth below us. There is a roaring fire next to us for warmth and light. My Lord looks so powerful and beautiful with his long dark hair draping his naked torso. Just as I look down I see the cold steel blade in his hand. He draws the blade across his open hand and it begins to bleed. My heart races and I become dizzy with anticipation. He asks for my hand and I give it without hesitation. As he draws the blade across my hand, I cry out, but not from pain. It is a cry of release, as if being set free from bondage. The warmth and smell of the blood puts me into a trance. A trance so deep and strong that it feels as though we are the only two people on earth, the first two in creation.

Between us my Lord places a silver goblet of extraordinary beauty. As I look from the goblet to my Lord I see his eyes shining in the fire light and I know what it is that he wants of me. We grasp our hands together so that our blood, our minds, and our souls can become one. As the blood combines in our hands it falls into the silver goblet. My body is becoming warm all over and I begin to shake. I can see my Lord's body shake and see his chest rise and fall faster and faster. When the goblet is full of our essence my Lord lets go of my hand and picks up the goblet. He asks me if I wish to become one, to always be connected from this life to the next, and to never again be alone. To always be with one another in body, mind, and spirit even in death. As I start to answer he raises his cut hand to my mouth to quiet me.

"Just nod my precious one, do not speak, for it will scare the dark ones to hear an angel speak." The smell of his blood sends me further into my trance and I feel as though I might fall, but I reach deep within for the strength to nod yes. My Lord raises the goblet to his lips and drinks of our blood. When he has drank half of the blood within the goblet he brings the goblet to my lips and whispers, "Drink."

As the warm and salty blood enters my mouth I begin to cry. These are not tears of sadness, but tears of pure joy. I soon realize that I have taken the goblet from his hands and am gulping the blood, holding the goblet upright in my hands. As I finish, my body begins to weaken and I feel myself falling. I drop the goblet, but my Lord catches me before I can hit the ground. As he grips me tightly against his chest he kisses me hard enough to mix pain with pleasure. It feels as though he will suck all the air from my body with this one kiss. To complete our connection we join our bodies and complete our journey this night only to begin on a new journey together.

As I come back to my mind and body, I realize that I had not even cut into the pink fruit sitting on the counter. I then cut into the fruit bearing the red juicy berries hidden inside. I pick one out and place it in my mouth. As the berry bursts and the juice runs down my throat I am taken back to my fantasy. I grab the fruit and shove it into my mouth and begin to suck and bite as hard as I can to obtain the juice just as I did the blood in my fantasy. My body begins to shake and I pray for the presence of my Lord as I suck on this sweet, red, luscious, and now forbidden fruit. As the tears being to stream down my face I now have a clearer understanding of the strength of my love and need for my Lord. I will never again look at a pomegranate without the desire and need for my Lord's blood rising in me like a tidal wave.

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