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Domina Weekend, part 2

By Wolfkri

As they drive she reaches over and starts teasing him some more, saying "You're mine, mine, all mine. You're my slut for the whole weekend." Just hearing it drives him crazy. She doesn't even need to touch him - the sound of her voice and the things she is saying are making his body quiver and shake, and he feels almost ready to melt into the passenger seat.

As she rubs her hands over his hard cock, she tells him that cock belongs to her and that only she can touch it, only she can have it cum. She looks at him and says, "I am correct about that my love." He responds by saying, "Yes. Totally."

She takes her hand off his cock and takes his hand, holding it gently and telling him how much she truly loves him. She tells him this weekend he will be the one tending to her, pampering her, pleasing her every way she wants. Most of the time it's her who is always trying to please him - not that she is submissive, it's just the way she is - and how much she cares about and loves him. And he is the same way. It's a partnership, a bond of love so strong, so tight, there is no evil, no cheap thrill that could ever break it.

As they drive along the parkway smiling at one another, she tells him that she's somewhat nervous about it, and hopes that she does well in this role. He assures her that she will do just fine. As he tells her that, he runs his hands through her hair, caressing the side of her face, making her feel reassured. He reminds her of the hard cock that is under his pants still, and how she made him feel with the way she was talking to him. She looks over with a smile and sparkle in her eye, and says, "I love you."

She makes a few stops on the way home, one at an adult shop. He doesn't know what she got because he was not allowed to go in. All he was able to see was the large bag that she placed in the back of the car. A quick stop at the supermarket, and again he was not allowed to go in to see what she bought, he could only see her place a few bags in the back along with the other bag.

She gets back into the car and looks at him saying, "How about Chinese food for dinner, dear?" He responds sure. So one more stop at the Chinese place for some food, and it's home.

They arrive at home, bringing only the Chinese food inside. They sit down to eat and keep smiling at each other. Both their minds are racing and their hearts are beating out of control knowing what's going to happen in a short time.

After they eat she turns to him and asks him if he would do a coffee run. Smiling, he says "No problem sweetie." He grabs his jacket and keys, and then she grabs his hand, pulling him over to her and giving him a passionate kiss before he leaves. After a few minutes he returns from 7-11 with 20 oz. coffees for them both.

They sit there drinking their coffee and smoking a cig, talking about their day at work. Even though they work for the same company they are in different departments. She walks over to him and sits on his lap, looking into his eyes and running her hands through his hair. She kisses him softly on the cheek and tells him to go upstairs and take a shower, and to come back down to the kitchen after he is done. He kisses her on the lips and makes his way to the bathroom for his shower. He looks back and, like always, they blow each other kisses. When he's in the shower his thoughts start to roam again like they did at the office, but not as intensely. He washes himself down, thinking about what she got at the stores they stopped at and wondering what she has planned. It really drives him crazy not knowing.

As he is taking his shower she runs outside to grab the bags and bring them into the house and downstairs. She takes out a box from one bag and places it on the couch, and then puts the bag with its other contents inside a cabinet. Then she goes into the other room and grabs their play bag and puts it behind a chair. She then runs back upstairs because she heard the water stop running in the shower and she doesn't want him to know what she's been doing.

She goes back into the kitchen and reaches into her bag, taking out an envelope with his name written on it. Inside is a letter that she'd drafted up for him while she was at work. She takes a paper out of her bag and gets some tape. Running up the stairs, she tapes the paper onto the door to the bedroom and then goes inside, closing and locking the door behind her.

As he comes out the bathroom in just a robe, his hair still wet but brushed back and neat, he goes to open the bedroom door and finds it locked. Then he notices the note, which says DO NOT ENTER. He smiles, and then he reads in small letters "There is something on the table for you." He goes downstairs, realizing that it's just beginning.

He goes to the kitchen and picks up the envelope, placing it up to his nose to take a sniff from it, noticing that she had scented whatever she placed inside. He opens up the letter and starts to read it to himself. "Darling, you know what is about to happen this weekend. Well my dear, it starts now. I want you to go downstairs. There is a box on the couch, it's for you my darling, and I don't think I need to tell you any more about the box - you should know. Once you are done with that, I want you to grab 12 candles with holders and place them around the room down there, and light them all. Now when you're done with that task, I want you to take the coffee table and put it on the right side of room in that open area so it's out of the way. The last thing I want you to do, when you have completed everything else, is to kneel in the middle of the room. Yes my love, I want you on your knees in the middle of the room. I know you will not disappoint me 'cause I know how much you want to please me today and this weekend, so I want you on your knees waiting for me like the bitch you're going to be for me."

He folds the note neatly and puts it in his robe pocket, then makes his way downstairs to complete all the tasks that she asked. With his heart racing and his mind going numb, he wonders what she's doing upstairs with the door locked. He opens the box and inside is a thong, a black thong. He removes his robe, standing there naked and looking at the thong he's about to put on, then puts the box in the garbage can. He takes another look at the thong and begins to put it on. First one leg and then the other, then he puts his cock in place and places the string in the back up the crack of his ass. Next he gets the candles and starts placing them around the room.

As he's getting things ready downstairs, she's getting herself ready upstairs - doing her hair and make-up, and then she begins to get dressed. She gets the black corset that he got for her for Christmas and puts it on her body, her breasts sticking halfway out of it. She puts on black French-cut panties and a pair of black thigh-high stockings, then she sits down and grabs the thigh-high boots he got for her. She hasn't worn them a lot, and it's taken her some time to get used to wearing them. After getting dressed she sits in front of the mirror smoking a cig and just thinking, getting herself mentally ready. She is physically ready, but needs a few minutes to think and collect her thoughts.

As she sits up there, he is done, and waits on his knees for her in the middle of the room. After a little while, he hears the door shut upstairs and hears her walking down the stairs. Because of the boots with the 5-inch heels she makes a quiet sound, one that is starting to make him feel crazy and making his heart beat even faster. His thoughts are running crazy, wondering when she is finally going to make it down there. Though it only took a short time, it felt like forever to him - he just couldn't stand it much longer waiting there, kneeling, and only wearing a thong. Then he hears her coming into the room, still feeling like a distance away, but as she walks closer to him, he can smell her sweet scent.

She walks over to the stereo and inserts a cd, something erotic and passionate. Finally she walks up behind him, running her fingers through his hair and looking around the room to see if he did everything she'd asked. Finding that he did, she grabs his hair and looks down on him saying, "Good boy, you did everything I asked: the candles, the table, everything my darling."

Hearing that his body almost goes limp. He feels that only her hand in his hair is holding him up. She leans down and gives him a kiss on his forehead, telling him not to move, and she walks over to the bag. She takes a collar and leash from it and walks back over to him. Standing behind him, his breathing becomes deep and heavy as she bends over and places the collar around his neck. As she does this she whispers in his ear, telling him that he must respect this collar that she is placing around his neck, and that as long as he wears it, he must do whatever she says. She adds that she will not hurt him, that this will all be an erotic adventure for both of them. "As long as you wear this, you will always address me as Ms Wolf or Mistress. Do you understand all of this my darling?" He responds, "Yes Ms Wolf," and she smiles and tells him he's a good boy.

She then takes the leash and attaches it to the collar, and she takes the leather handle on the end of the leash and places it in his mouth. Then she walks around him and places her hand under his chin, raising his head so she can see the look in his eyes and he can see her. Leaning down she kisses him lightly, just enough to give him a taste of her lips, and looking down on him she says, "Are you ready my slut? Are you ready to please me?" He responds by saying, "Yes Mistress," and just saying that sends chills through her body and through his.

continued in Part 3

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