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Domina Weekend, part 3

By Wolfkri

She takes a seat on the couch, crossing her legs and looking at him as he kneels in the middle of the room. She can't help but to be turned on. Throughout her life she has always been the one doing the pleasing, but what he has bought to her and taught her is how to be in control and how to give up the control - and to feel safe about it. Now she feels so safe with him and safe with herself to play this role.

As she looks at him she smiles, chills running up and down her body, and softly she says, "Come crawl to me my darling, come over here in front of me." He gets down on all fours and begins to crawl to her. Watching him crawl she gets even more turned on, thinking to herself how good this all feels, to have the one she loves crawling to her.

When he gets in front of her he remains there on all fours waiting for her next command. She grasps him gently by the hair, pulls his head up and takes the handle of the leash out of his mouth, placing it around her wrist so she can have a good hold of it. She looks at him and asks, "Do you like the boots?" "Yes Ms Wolf." "Good my darling, since you like them so much I want for you to worship them, I want for you to lick them, kiss them." "Yes Mistress," he responds, and begins slowly and gently kissing her boots, going back and forth between them. She watches him and tells him, "That's my boy, keep going. Don't stop you lil slut, I know you like it. I know you like the taste of my boot on your lips."

He now is really going crazy, he is enjoying every second of it; something deep inside of him always enjoyed being dominated in this way. He starts to lick her boot, taking it upon his tongue, going up and down both boots - enjoying it all, moaning and sighing, As she sits there she smiles, enjoying it even more. She then takes one boot, places it on his chest, and tells him to stop licking it. "I know you're enjoying this, and so am I. Now I want you to take the heel and suck it, and suck it good. Suck it like I suck on that hard cock of yours." He takes the boot heel in his mouth and begins sucking on it, running his tongue around it. She just smiles and watches him, telling him not to stop. "Keep sucking on it bitch." He keeps sucking on it like she has sucked on his cock, sliding it in and out of his mouth. She takes her other heel and tells him to suck on that one, nice and slow. "And let me see that tongue licking it also." He licks and sucks the other heel and begins really going off on it. As each second goes by he enjoys it more and more, and the smile on her face tells him she is enjoying it also.

He takes the heel of her boot into his mouth, making circular motions around it with his tongue and sucking slowly on it. At the same time, he rubs the boot with his hand, and his moans get deeper and longer. After awhile she tells him to stop and she picks herself up off the couch - there's so much more to do, so much she wants to do. So much more teasing.

She looks down at him and tells him to crawl at her side, as she pulls up the slack on the leash - not pulling it hard enough to choke him, just enough to keep a tight hold on him. She walks him to the middle of the room and tells him to stay on all fours. Since she enjoyed having her boot kissed and licked she orders him to do it again, this time as she stands, looking down on him. Then she tells him to stop, and she places the handle of the leash back in his mouth, and tells him not to move. "Yes Mistress," he responds again, not moving at all.

She walks to the cabinet, pulls out their digital camera, and walks back over to him. She tells him to start kissing her boot again. They have often enjoyed taking pictures of themselves "in action", so he starts licking her boot again, but this time she's taking pictures of it. Knowing this gets him even more turned on and he starts licking them harder, enjoying it like he was licking her pussy. His licking sounds and his moans get louder, and she looks down while he licks, saying, "You like licking my boots don't you?" He responds that he does, and she continues, "You enjoy the taste?" "Yes Mistress," he responds again. "And you look so good doing it," she says. "Not only that, but I can feel it, my lil slut. I can feel your licks through my boots, I can feel your tongue, I can almost feel the wetness of your tongue."

He licks even more, enjoying worshiping her boots and tasting the latex on his tongue. She reaches down, takes the handle of the leash and pulls him up, telling him to get on his knees. "Yes Mistress," he responds as he kneels in front of her. She reaches down and pulls on his hair, bending his head back so that he's looking up at her. Not saying a word he looks up at her, his breathing deep and his mind melting, and he wants so much to feel her lips upon his. Pulling his head back even more, a sigh comes from him and she says, "Do you want to feel my lips? Do you want to feel the wetness of them my darling?" Looking up at her he can't help but moan, and he stutters softly, "Yes Mistress, please."

She bends over more, closer to his lips, and the beauty of her hair shines off one of the candles as it falls down, lightly touching his face. She looks him in the eyes and says, "Beg better, my darling." Softly and gently he begs her again, "Please may I feel your lips?" and again she pulls his head back, even farther this time. Looking down on him and glaring into his eyes, she moves her lips still closer to his, and again she denies him the taste of her lips. Again he begs, with desperation in his voice, "Oh please. May I just feel your lips?" She looks at him with those beautiful brown eyes and bends down even more, and in her soft and sensual voice she says, "Oh my darling, that is better. I love it when I hear you beg," and then she moves her lips over his, barely touching them, and then she gives him a little extra by running her tongue across his lips. It takes his mind and heart on a journey, taking him little by little to the edge.

Now that she has taken him a few more steps towards the edge of his sanity, his body starts to shake gently and his mind wonders what else is to come. What else does she have in mind for him? He has always enjoyed the unknown: it's one of the biggest turn-ons for him, mentally and physically. To be in the enigma has always made him feel high and given him the rush he hungers for.

She pulls up on the leash and feeling the pull, he stands to his feet. She walks behind his bare body and slides her nails down his back, sending more chills throughout his body. She knows how much he enjoys it. Still behind him, she wraps the leash around her hand and grabs a handful of hair. She whispers in his ear again in her soft voice, asking him if he wants her to stop now, or does he want more? He answers, "Yes Ma'am. Please don't stop." Enjoying the sound of his voice and hearing the desire in it just adds more fuel to her fire.

Holding his hair in one hand, she reaches around with her other and begins caressing his chest with her nails and slightly pinching his nipples, which get hard with each touch. She begins kissing his neck very sensually, nibbling on it, and with her fingers she pinches his nipples a little harder. She squeezes them between her thumb and finger, making circular motions around them, and his legs weaken at each touch. Just holding himself up is getting harder and harder. She whispers in his ear, asking him if he is ok, and in a soft weak voice he responds, "Yes Ma'am." She walks around him and kisses him gently on the lips; then running her hand down his cheek she smiles at him, telling him how much she loves and cherishes him.

"Now my dear," she says, "come with me." She pulls the leash and he follows behind her.

continued in Part 4

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