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Domina Weekend, part 5

By Wolfkri

She places the vibrator back in the bag and leads him to another position on the floor, on all fours and sideways to her. Rubbing his back and ass with her hand, she gets the crop, runs it inside his legs and gives him a few whacks on the ass with it. Then she comes up with something. She removes his blindfold and gets up off the couch, holding his leash in one hand and the crop in the other.

Smiling down at him, she says, "You know my sweetness, I always wanted to have my own pony when I was a child, and since I never got one, you will be that pony. Right now me and my pony are going to go for a walk." Pulling on the leash and whacking him gently with the crop she says, "Giddy up sweetness," and she walks him around the room giving him gentle whacks with the crop and telling him he's a good pony. Then she orders him to trot. He does the best he can, but he's not really able to get a trot going so she gives him a good whack with the crop. Still not good enough for her, she gives him another stinging whack with the crop and this time he does move into a little trot. He's doing the best he can, but he's never done anything like this before; he's never played something like this at all. But he trots around the room like a little pony and she keeps giving him whacks with the crop, telling him how good he is doing, even bending over to pat his back.

Finally she pulls on the leash like a set of reins, tells him to stop, and places herself over him, his body between her legs. Slowly she descends down onto him, gently placing herself on his back. She runs her hands through his hair and he can feel her flesh upon his, he can feel her partly bare backside on his back, and she knows this. Pulling him by the hair she asks him, "Do you like the feeling of my backside? Do enjoy feeling my flesh as it rubs against you my sweetness?" He responds with a sigh and a moan. "Yes Mistress, very much so." His knees begin to get weak and shake - not because she is hurting him, but because of the feeling she's giving him, and again she uses it to her advantage. She slowly slides herself off of him, and he feels her flesh sliding against his, and he feels a little wetness from her pussy through her panties, and he can only drop his head and sigh gently.

Sitting back on the couch with him kneeling at her feet, she pulls him between her legs and gives him a soft gentle kiss on his lips. He tastes her lips, feeling the softness of them upon his own, and his mind is now slipping more toward the edge, if not almost over it. Looking down upon his limp body she knows he is at her mercy - she could do anything now, ask for anything and he would do it. She is in complete control. Reaching over, she slides her hand over his cheek gently, and then gives him a few gentle slaps across his cheek.

She gets up and stands in front of him and she pulls the leash up, pulling his head higher, bringing it close to her pussy. Taking his head she pushes it against her pussy, giving him a treat, letting him take in the scent. He can feel the wetness of her panties on his face, and though he's not able to taste it, still his mind melts. Looking down at him she asks, "You like that pussy, don't you sweetness? "Yes Mistress," he responds. "And I bet you want to taste it and fuck it, don't you slut?" Again he responds, "Yes Mistress." "Then maybe you shall, but before I even think of letting you taste and fuck my beautiful pussy, I want to do something. I want you to feel something. I want you to open yourself to me, as I do with you."

He tries to think but he really doesn't have a clue what she means, but he's at the point where it won't matter, anything she does to him he'll take and enjoy, and it will bring him closer to the edge. Going back to the couch, she tells him to turn around so that ass that she's made hers is facing her. Her hands run over that ass of hers, slapping it gently and spreading the cheeks. She leans over and kisses it gently, and he lets out a moan from the feel of her soft lips and their wetness. Sliding her fingers under his thong, she slowly pulls it down and removes it, still kissing his flesh. Reaching around with her hands she feels the inside of his thighs, and as she moves closer and closer to his cock that is now hers, his head drops.

The feeling of her hand really excites him. The cock begins to grow and gets harder by the second as she slides her fingernails over his balls, sending a chill through his body. Gently she grabs them and asks him, "Who do these belong to?" "They are yours Mistress," he responds. "Good my sweetness, that is so correct, they are mine." Moving closer to him, she lays herself over his back, takes her hand and places it on that hard cock of hers and again asks him, "Who does this cock belong to?" "It's yours Mistress." "That's right, it's mine. And you know something else my sweetness, you do not cum unless I say so. Do you understand that?" Just as he is replying, "Yes Mistress," she grabs it and gives it a little pull and a squeeze just to make sure he knows that cock is hers.

Then she comes up with a new idea. She pulls him up to his knees and turns him around, and holding that hard cock, she grabs her lip paint pencil and smiling, she writes her name on it. As she strokes that cock he gets more and more excited, the cock is throbbing at this point. She sees his reaction and tells him not to cum, and stroking it more, she gently licks the head of it. His body is ready to fall; if she keeps this up, nothing will hold him up. Knowing this, and knowing his body and his reactions, she stops.

Taking her seat back on the couch, she tells him to get back into position again, and she reaches for the bag, pulling it closer to her. Reaching in and pulling out some KY gel, she squeezes some out onto her fingers and slides them up the crack of that ass. He feels the cold gel on his flesh and it sends cold chills into his body, making him jolt. She places some KY around the opening of his ass and gently slides her finger barely into it, lubing it, getting it ready for something, and he now does have a clue what is about to happen. Pulling her finger out, she reaches for another vibrator, this one not as thick as the last one. Slapping his ass once again, she takes some more KY gel and rubs it on the vibrator, getting it nice and lubed up to make sure it slides right in.

She slides the vibrator up the crack of his ass as she pulls his hair and tells him that he is about to get fucked with a vibrator, that now it's his turn to get fucked, "What do you think about that my sweetness? Now I'm going to fuck you with something hard, just like you always fuck me. You're going to know what it's like to be fucked." Slowly and gently she begins to insert the vibrator into that ass, slowly turning up the vibration of it, and she asks him, "How does it feel slut? You like it, don't you?" There is no way he could disagree with her because it does feel good, and he responds again by saying, "Yes Mistress." Slowly she pulls it out and then back in, turning it around inside of him. Then she holds it still and tells him that he is to fuck it, and fuck it now. Moving back and forth he fucks that vibrator really good, grinding on it, and she tells him what a good slut he is.

She reaches around and grabs her cock and strokes it as she fucks his ass some more, and he is almost at the point of no return, almost ready to explode. She reminds him that he is not to cum unless she says so, and she's not about to let him cum just yet. "Don't even let yourself cum - that cum is mine, and I say when to let it out." Pushing him further out into the room she gets between his legs and places the vibrator right by her pussy and starts to fuck him some more. His head drops to the floor, the rest of his body is ready to drop, and his moans get louder and louder by the moment. Hearing them excites her even more; she is enjoying every bit of this. Stroking that throbbing cock and fucking him, she can feel his body react to it. She knows that he is ready to explode, so she removes the vibrator from him and he drops to the floor, unable to hold himself up.

She can do nothing but smile. She reaches down and caresses him, and sitting on the floor next to him, she gives him a few moments to get some of his thoughts back, but she makes sure most of them stay on that edge. Running her hand over his ass, she whispers to him, "Did you like being fucked? Did it feel good?" Barely able to speak, softly he says, "Yes Mistress, it felt very sensual and erotic. " "Good my sweetness, I'll keep that in mind, that you enjoy having that ass fucked."

They both stand and she wraps her arms around him, kissing his neck and looking into his eyes, she sees straight into him. His eyes are glazed and glassy, like he's not even there; his mind is in a place it's never gone before. He's almost having an out of body experience, one that feels so intense all he can do is want more. His hunger for it will grow and only she can feed that hunger.

She then leads him up to the bedroom to where she will finally take him, take his mind and body well over the edge. She lays him on the bed, taking the cuffs and locking them together and to headboard of the bed. Then she attaches his ankles to the bedpost so he cannot move at all. Reaching into the bag once again, she pulls out the fur pieces and a few other toys, including a long feather that she runs over every inch of his body. She slides it over his cock, and again he gets excited. Noticing this she says, "Oh my sweetness, look at you - just barely touching you and look what happens to my cock." Thinking that she shouldn't let him have his pleasure just yet she stops touching his cock and only touches the skin around it: his inner thigh, his legs, his feet. She strokes the feather up and down, making circles around his nipples, which get hard from the feather's touch.

She lays the feather down and reaches for another toy to tease him with, this time a pair of soft fur gloves. She gets up on the bed, straddling his legs and slides her gloved hands up and down his chest and across his nipples with the soft fur. Her cock throbs more and more by the second, and to make things worse, as she bends over and teases his nipples, she's also rubbing the cock with her body. All he can do is suffer at her hands, at her pleasure. As she slides her hands down, her body also slides down, rubbing more on that hard throbbing cock, driving him even more crazy, and she knows this. Looking at him with a wicked smile she slowly slides down his body, the fur gloves rubbing along his skin, getting closer and closer to that hard cock until she finally wraps her hands around it.

Gently she squeezes and strokes it and rubs his balls. His body tries to shake but can't because he's totally bonded to the bed, and she teases him more and more. She grabs that cock and plays with it, flicking it, caressing it, and finally she removes the gloves. Though she isn't done with him, his body has a moment to relax without being tormented. Walking to the head of the bed, she runs her nails across his face and looks down at him, saying sensually, "Do you want me, my sweetness? Do you want to taste me, my love? Do you want to feel the inside of me, my slut?" Without waiting he cries out, "Yes Mistress, please!" She responds by saying, "Oh sweetness, beg, beg. Beg to me my darling sweetness." And he begs again, "Please Mistress, please." Still not good enough for her, she begins to walk away, saying, "If you don't do better my sweetness, I'm not going to let you even touch me for the rest of the night."

He now begs like his life depends on it. "Please Mistress! Please don't leave. Please let me feel you, please let my feel your beautiful body. Please let me taste your wonderful juices. I need to feed, I'm so hungry for you and your touch!" Hearing the desire in his voice, she turns and comes back to him. Looking down on him and smiling, she lays a soft gentle kiss on his forehead and then places a blindfold over his eyes. Once again he can only hear her moving around the room. He hears her rustling through the bag, and then he hears her let out a slight moan. Whatever she pulled out must excite her with pleasure. She moves onto the bed once again, and as he feels her body close to him, he feels her looking down on him. Softly she speaks, "Are you ready for me my sweetness?" "Yes Mistress," he responds. Again she asks, "Are you ready to taste me?" Once again he replies, "Yes Mistress."

continued in Part 6

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