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Domina Weekend, part 8

By Wolfkri

Hearing that she's out of the shower he shuts everything down, grabs some shorts from the laundry room and makes his way upstairs to shower. In the shower he cleans every inch of his body, knowing that is what she wants, and he thinks to himself about that evil smile she had on her face before she came upstairs. Wondering about it, again his mind goes round and round. In the bedroom she waits for him. Sitting there with the collar in her hand, she patiently waits for him to come out of the shower.

Drying his body off and looking at himself in the mirror, his thoughts still run wild. He doesn't know what will happen when he goes into the bedroom - will they just go to bed? Will they make passionate love, or will she bind his body again and use it for her pleasure? To him it doesn't matter because his place this weekend is to do nothing but please her in any way she wants. Walking out of the bathroom in just his shorts, he comes to the bedroom door. Placing his hand on the doorknob, he doesn't turn it yet but think for another moment what he is about to walk into.

Then he enters the room which is very dimly lit with a few candles. He sees her sitting in the chair with the collar in one hand and riding crop in the other. She points at the ground with the crop and he knows what this means. He gets down on all fours and crawls to her. Kneeling at her feet she places the collar around his neck and says to him, "Now my dear, you are going to be my bitch. You're going to know what it's like to be done, to be fucked like some bitch. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress."

Looking down at him and rubbing her hands up and down his back, she says, "It's time for you to know what it's like to have this done to you, to know what us women go through and how it feels to be the bitch."

Telling him to get up on his knees, she looks down at him and smiles. "I was going to blindfold you but then I thought it would be better that you see it." He wonders what she means by that. She starts to untie her nightgown, beginning at bottom of it and working her way up, then stopping just below her breasts. She leans over to kiss him and caress his face, and then she sits back and begins to open her nightgown and expose herself to him.

He sees the glaze in her eyes, the joy she's getting from him being on his knees in front of her. She tells him "I have something for you. " He looks bewildered at her, wondering what it is. She grabs him by the hair on top of his head and pulls his head down, making him look down between her legs. Surprised, he sees that she's wearing a strapon dildo - the same dildo she used on him last night. It's no bigger then 5 inches long and not too thick, but now it has a set of balls attached to it.

Firmly she says, "I want you to suck it, and suck it good. Think about all the women in your life who've sucked your cock, and think about how I suck your cock. Now you'll know how they and I feel and what it's like. Now start sucking."

He doesn't put up a fight when she guides his face to it. Slowly he places his lips around it. "That's right baby. Put it in your mouth and suck that cock," she says, holding him by his hair and pulling him on to it. "Come on bitch, suck it. You can do better than that."

The tone of her voice sends chills through his body and turns on a switch inside of him that he sends his mouth down the dild until it fills his mouth. He puts his hand on its balls, which he can see excites her further and she lets him know how good he is doing, "That's right bitch. Feel those balls, suck that cock." Then she grabs him with both hands and sends his mouth up and down the dildo.

For some reason he is enjoying this. He would never suck a real cock, but this is different, it's the power thing that excites him and drives him crazy. Knowing that he is her bitch.

She tells him to use his tongue so he slides it up and down the dildo, nice and slow, giving it gentle licks as she gently strokes his hair. Spreading her legs wider and placing them on the arms of the chairs, he sends his lips down on the dildo. Sucking on it and pressing his hand against the balls, it rubs up against her clit exciting her even more.

Not wanting to get too excited she pulls his hands away from the dildo. She holds his wrists against her body so he can't use them and tells him to keep sucking. Even without using his hands he seems to be really enjoying it, sucking every inch of it. She looks down at him and tells him what a good slut he is. Using his lips, his tongue, he seems to get better the more he does it. Playing the role of the bitch seems to fit him - but that's because of her, it's her power that does it.

He doesn't want to stop but she pulls him up and holds him, kissing his neck and whispering in his ear, "I love you."

She gets up from her chair and gets the leash. Attaching it to his collar she tells him, "Now you're my bitch dog, the bitch dog that's in heat." Walking him around the room, she whacks him with the crop when he stops or slows down. Training him, telling him firmly what she wants him to do and how to walk. The sound of her firm voice makes him do everything she says, and he embraces her power.

After a few times around the room, she leads him to the middle of the room and tells him to stay. He keeps still as she sets a stool behind him and sits on it. She rubs his ass with the crop, gives it a whack, and rubs it some more. He starts to whimper and every whimper that comes from him arouses her even more.

Picking up her bag, she takes an anal toy from it, one made for anal training. He can only wait for whatever it is, wanting it as his heart beats faster and chills run up and down his body. She slides some lube up the crack of his ass, and the chill of it makes him jump a little. She gives him a whack and tells him to keep still. "Yes Mistress."

Sliding the tip of her finger inside his ass to lube it, she slowly slides the toy inside him. It's long but somewhat thin, with a handle on the end for a good grip. Still holding the leash, she sends the toy into him, sliding it in and out and twisting it inside him. A moan comes from him and his heads drops down to the floor as he feels it being turned inside of him. It feels so good.

He asks "Please, deeper. Please I want to feel it deeper." She sends it a little deeper, being very careful, and she places the leash through his legs and pulls gently on it so that it rubs against his balls.

Then she pulls the toy from him and again tells him not to move. Moving the stool, she stands behind him and gently kicks at his legs to spread them apart a little more. Kneeling down behind him she grabs him by his hair, "Now bitch I am going to mount you like the bitch dog that you are."

She grabs the cheeks of his ass, spreads them apart, and guides the strapon inside of him. She enters him gently, stopping at the head of it and teasing him with it, asking him if he wants it all. He responds, "Yes Mistress please, give it all to me." With a firm voice she says, "Beg bitch, or I'll take it out and leave you here like this until I'm ready to let you get into the bed. Or maybe I'll have you sleep on the floor like a dog."

Not wanting that, he begs with desperation in his voice, "Please Mistress, give to me. Please, I want you to fuck me!" She asks, "What are you now?" Not knowing what to say he stays silent, and firmly she says, "You know what you are. You're my bitch dog. So now tell me, what are you?" Softly he replies, "I am your bitch dog." She can't really hear him clearly and she whacks him on the ass. "What are you?" This time he speaks clearly, "I am your bitch dog." "That's right, you are," she says to him.

Feeling her again slide the strapon dildo inside him, he starts to pant and breathe heavily just like a bitch dog in heat. Feeling her hands around his hips as she sends the dildo deeper, he is enjoying being mounted like a dog, being done doggie-style. Grinding it inside of him deeper and pressing herself against him, she pulls on his hips to drive it deeper and she starts fucking him hard and fas. Moaning and whimpering louder, he begs for her not to stop. He lets her know how good it feels and the more he does, the more she gets off.

Now she's really fallen into her role and is enjoying everything about it. It sends her soaring, mentally and physically. She can't believe it how she's fallen into it - talking the way she is, and the things she's saying - never before did she ever say things like this to him, not while having sex. She never thought she could do it, but here she was, taking the power and letting it flow from within her. Her voice firm but erotic, strong yet sensual; every time she calls him her bitch dog, she enjoys saying it just as much as he enjoys hearing it.

Now still fucking him, he's taking it, moaning with his head down on the floor. She reaches around and grabs his cock, stroking it, getting it harder while not missing a thrust into him. Again she shouts to him "You're my bitch dog!" and barely able to speak, he answer her again, "Yes Mistress." She drops herself onto his back, gently grinding the dildo inside him. Running her hand through his hair she tells him, "I love you my bitch dog. You are so mine. I own you now."

continued in Part 9

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