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Mountain Hideaway, part 3

By Anonymous

I look at you with sheer terror plainly etched on my face. I then look nervously at the two other doms, then back at you. About to protest, I see a look of disappointment flicker across your face, my heart aches. Instead of arguing, I take a deep breath, and, trying not to give way to the tears I feel building behind my eyes, I get on all fours and crawl towards the two girls.

They both kneel down on the floor as I approach them, smiling encouragingly at me. I give them a weak little smile in return, trying to block the thought of the other two doms from my mind. Concentrating only on you and on my need to please you. Stealing a look across at you I am rewarded by the smile on your face. I cheer up a little and let the girls lie me down on my back, on the floor. Angie spreads my legs and positions herself between them, whilst Anna kneels behind my head then leans over me extending her mouth to my breasts and slowly takes one of my nipples into her mouth and sucks it gently while her fingers caress, tease and pinch my other nipple. Her free hand caresses my soft belly. In this position Anna's breasts are falling right across my face, nipples brushing against my lips. I sigh softly and raise my hand to cup her left breast and guide it to my mouth, my tongue licking it and teasing it to hardness, before taking it into my warm, moist mouth.

Angie lies down with her body flat between my thighs, necessitating me to open my legs wide to accommodate her. I shiver as she just lies there, obviously inspecting my sex. Her fingers probing and playing, parting my pussy lips then tracing a path over my perineum down to my anus. Idly she presses her finger gently against my tight hole and I moan softly. She then traces her finger back up and inserts it deep within me, gently sliding it back and forth. I move my body against her finger instinctively. Then one finger becomes two, then three. I start to move harder and faster, my hips gyrating in time with her thrusts.

Anna moves her mouth across to my other breast and I do the same to her. We are both nibbling each other's nipples and sucking so hard. Anna removes her hand from my stomach and from the corner of my eye I see it move to her clit. As she starts to pleasure herself she bites harder on my nipple. I cry out, arching my back upwards, giving Angie the opportunity she was waiting for to remove her fingers and place her mouth hard against me as she starts sucking my clit.

Moaning and writhing, I forget all about my audience. All inhibitions are gone, as I lose myself in the pleasure of their touch. I reach my hand down and grab a big handful of Angie's thick black hair, forcing her face to stay close to my throbbing pussy as I grind it against her mouth. I feel my body tensing, my orgasm about to burst free, when suddenly I remember the welts on my buttocks and look across at you. My eyes plead for permission to cum. You smile at me approvingly, but shake your head no. I groan, biting my lip so hard, trying to keep my orgasm at bay.

Anna starts to cum and as she does so she sucks my nipple so hard that I scream. The heat and tension in my pussy become almost unbearable, as I gasp for breath concentrating with every fibre of my being not to orgasm as Angie continues to suck my clit and starts to probe my anus with her finger, pushing it in a little and leaving it there for a short while before starting to manipulate it round and round, spreading my sphincter muscles wider and wider. I shudder and bite my tongue hard, using the pain to distract me from orgasm. I look across at you again hoping to catch your eye, but you are not looking me. You are watching the dom with the short blond hair as he stands and walks towards us.

He reaches down and lifts Angie onto her knees, her ass high in the air. I feel her smile against my clit as she sighs happily, her warm breath sending new sensations up my spine. Spreading her legs and knees he kneels behind her and starts to slowly and rhythmically take her anally. She moans deeply into my pussy. I moan deeply in response and look at you again. You are watching me intently now.

"Please Sir," I beg you huskily, "pleaaassseee let me cum." You just smile and shake your head no. I feel tears slide down my cheeks. Wanting to please you so much, yet fearing I will fail you and cum without permission yet again. Suddenly, Anna takes her mouth off my breasts and raises her breasts from my mouth. I look at her and see the reason why immediately. Her bald headed dom is standing next to her, his erect cock straining out from his unzipped fly. He has a handful of her hair in one hand and places the other on her chin guiding her mouth roughly towards him. She smiles at him and eagerly takes his cock into her mouth.

Angie moves her mouth from my sex, and gets on all fours, pushing back harder and faster against her master as he fucks her.

I look towards you again, uncertainly. You stand and walk towards me gesturing me to follow you as you walk down the hallway towards the bedroom. Rolling over onto all fours I crawl down the hall after you. You wait for me at the door, closing it behind me as I enter. Then you raise me up and take me into your arms kissing me deeply, raising my left leg up to your hip, then my right, so that they both wrap around your waist and lock into place behind you. You walk me to the bed, gently bending at the edge of it and placing me onto the side of the mattress as you untwine from legs from your body.

Rolling me over onto my belly you gently pull both of my hands down behind my back, wrists together, and removing a small piece of cord from the beside drawer you use it to bind my hands. Placing your hands on my hips you pull me back towards you so that my bottom is just over the edge of the mattress. You reach under the bed and pull out a spreader bar and proceed to secure my ankles to it, spreading my legs painfully wide. Then kneeling behind me, you take my bound wrists in one of your hands pushing them up into the middle of my back, forcing my elbows to bend then pushing them up even further until I feel my arm muscles straining. I whimper. Using your other hand, you apply lots of lube to my behind, then after wiping your hand clean you run it through my hair, obviously delighting in the feel of my shorn pate. I feel the pressure of your cock pushing against my anus and groan delightedly, as I feel the moisture escape from my pussy and flood down my inner thighs.

Pushing harder you gently force open my sphincter muscles and slide your hard cock into me, moving it slowly in and out. I shudder all over. "Please Sir," I beg, "Pleasssssssee let me cum!" You ignore me. "Pleasssssssssseee Sir! Please let me cum," I plead. Chuckling softly you start to pump harder and faster, your breathing ragged as your excitement increases and you near your own climax.

"PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", I scream at you, sobbing as my need starts to totally overwhelm me. "PLEAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAY I CUM?" You ram into me over and over, so hard and fast and then you groan deeply. "YES! Cum now my pet, cum for Master!!!"

I scream as my ecstasy overpowers me and I lose all control, moving on you so fast. My juices start squirting out of me so hard as I surrender my orgasm to you. Tremors vibrate throughout my body.

Slowly, I begin to relax, my breathing steadying as I become aware again of my surroundings. Your cock is still in my ass, and as you start to remove it I feel your seed leaking from me. You ease the pressure on my arms then gently let go of them, as you roll me over onto my back and bow your head to my dripping my wet pussy, sucking my juices, drinking from me. I lie there in state of total bliss and awe. Wondering how I got to be so lucky. As if sensing my thoughts you look up and smile at me, saying, "It will get much better than this, my dear."

continued in Part 4

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